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POLAR Online

POLAR Online

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POLAR Online

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  1. POLAR Online How to register and make an online booking

  2. Contents POLAR Online The best way to sell Holland America Line Online help and training Register for POLAR Online 7 Quick steps for creating a booking Powerful booking management features Booking search and booking list

  3. POLAR Online The best way to sell Holland America Line Help and training available online and by phone Seven easy steps to create a booking Powerful booking management features Booking search and booking lists More selling and management features than any other tool Access to the best fares: all past guest, agency and group fares Easily manage group bookings Easy to learn and lightning fast

  4. Online Help & Training Available throughout POLAR Online Click HELP for “how to” guides and policy information Help topics include Every step of the booking process “How to” guides for all booking and modifying features Policies and procedures POLAR Online help line 1-800-544-9032

  5. Register for POLAR Online Go to Select “Register your agency”

  6. Register for POLAR Online • Registration for POLAR Online is through OneSource • Fill in the required information. • Print, sign and date the form. Your agency owner or designated manager must complete this registration form. • Submit your form to the contact provided either by fax or mail. It will be processed by the next business day. • You will receive an email notifying you of your new POLAR Online user name and password.

  7. Register for POLAR Online Adding a user (only available to owner or supervisor level profile) Select agency profile under New Reservations to begin the process

  8. Register for POLAR Online Adding a user (continued) Select “Add A User” to create additional logins for agents in your office Existing registered users will be displayed along with their permission type

  9. Register for POLAR Online Adding a user (continued) Input users information. NOTE: A valid email address is required for each user

  10. Register for POLAR Online F.A.Q Q: Who is registered as my agency owner/ administrator? A: Contact OneSource at 800-544-9032 and they can verify who is the registered agency owner. Q: My registered agency owner/administrator is no longer with the company. How can I have this changed? A: On agency letterhead, advise reason for change and who will be the new registered owner/administrator. Be sure to include a new registration email address. Fax this information to OneSource’s Revenue Support at 661-753-0180.

  11. 7 Quick Steps for Creating a Booking Step 1: Sailing Search Enter membership information for the best quotes Search for Member # by phone number

  12. 7 Quick Steps for creating a booking Step 1 (continued): Sailing search screen Select a cruise or cruisetour search Search for a cruise… …or a cruise tour Search by date or price

  13. 7 Quick Steps for Creating a Booking Step 2: Availability by Price For cruises and cruisetours Results are sorted by price Research numerous departures with the same date and destination

  14. 7 Quick Steps for Creating a Booking Step 2 (continued): Availability by date Review category availability Select a departure to see the fares View itinerary details Review category status and berth capacity

  15. 7 Quick Steps for Creating a Booking Step 3: Category pricing Category Pricing – Best Buy No need to call reservations, POLAR Online displays all fares Best buy always provides the best FIT quote Create fare comparison to compare promos by category View the promo codes that append to your bookings Category pricing - Groups Select from multiple groups: your agency, headquarters or consortiums View the group promo and amenity codes that append to your FIT bookings Clone bookings to quickly add multiple staterooms to a group Easily remove “automatic upgrades” to keep staterooms together.

  16. 7 Quick Steps for Creating a Booking Step 3 (continued): Category pricing Best buy FIT quotes Pricing for existing groups Promotion code by category Use fare comparisons button for a list of available promotions

  17. 7 Quick Steps for Creating a Booking Step 3 (continued): Pricing, Fare comparisons Use best buy to quickly find the best deal Fare list includes the best promotions available like past passenger and flash Select two promos for comparison pricing

  18. 7 Quick Steps for Creating a Booking Step 4: Passenger pricing detail Present the complete quote Adjust transfers and cancellation protection Included section will list any group amenities or bonus commission codes Passenger pricing will display complete breakdown, commission and payment option details

  19. 7 Quick Steps for Creating a Booking Step 5: Up-sell Category Increase your commissions! We’ve made your sales pitch easy! Speaking points illustrate the cost and benefit for your client to upgrade.

  20. 7 Quick Steps for Creating a Booking Step 6: Cabin Selection Option #1: Select a cabin. You can select up to three for making multiple reservations Option #2: Request a specific cabin

  21. 7 Quick Steps to Creating a Booking Step 7: Add passenger names – the final step! Add cross reference ID’s for multiple cabins Easily remove auto-upgrades to keep staterooms together Guest information is automatically completed if you input member numbers

  22. 7 Quick Steps for Creating a Booking Step 7 (continued): Add Passenger Names Enter guests names Cross reference bookings decline automatic upgrades Dining and bedding options

  23. Booking Management Features Save time using POLAR Online to modify your bookings Extend options Rebook features quickly change sailing, category or promo Set up “auto-charge” of final payment to your client’s card Manage pre and post cruise packages Submit required immigration information Add gifts like wine, flowers or onboard credit

  24. Booking Management Features Booking is confirmed! Send confirmation (agent and guest) to any agency email or fax Helpful booking information and modification links

  25. Booking Management Features Booking Information Manage passenger data Change the departure date, promotion or category Extend booking option Cross reference bookings

  26. Booking Search and Booking List Retrieve and manage all bookings including bookings made via POLAR Online, any GDS online booking tool or over the phone. Create a list of all agency bookings on a voyage Booking lists make it easier than ever to manage multiple bookings on a sailing View balance and option status within the booking list

  27. Booking Search and Booking List Retrieve a booking or booking list Retrieve a specific booking number Create a list of your agency’s bookings by inputting the voyage… …or ship and sail date

  28. Booking Search and Booking List Filter options and summary information Sort your booking list by status, group number or gateway city Includes last name, booking number, group, status ,cabin information, ship/sail date and gateway city

  29. Booking Search and Booking List Booking List: Payment Information Payment status by booking Check the payment status of multiple bookings at once