polar bears n.
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  1. POLAR BEARS Adryana nunzia fedrick

  2. habitats The climate effects the habitats, because it gets to hot and the ice melts. The polar bears will have to swim and if they swim to long they may get to tired and drown. The CO2 is causing global warming witch is causing the ice to melt.

  3. when they lose their homes The polar bears will die, because they live on the ice and there will be no more ice. When the polar bears swim for a long time they get tired and drown. Bye!!! bye!!!

  4. Contribute with climate change The humans effect the climate because we produce so much CO2. the CO2 is causing global warming. Global warming is causing the ice to melt.

  5. “climate change” and “carbon footprint” Climate change is a big change of weather. Global worming is part of climate change. Carbon footprint is the amount of CO2 we leave behind after some activities.

  6. Saving the ice We could start riding our bike to the store instead of driving. This will create less CO2 so less polar bears die. Our bikes don’t create CO2 and our cars do so we will save a lot more polar bears.

  7. Saving animals! I suggest we reduce littering. I mean really its not that hard to pick up trash. Bend down pick it up and walk to the trash can. Just think picking up one piece of trash save hundreds of animals.