polar bears n.
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Polar Bears

Polar Bears

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Polar Bears

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  1. Polar Bears By: Elizabeth Munderloh

  2. Interesting Facts

  3. Interesting Facts • Polar bears are very interesting animals! Polar bears’ cubs can weigh up to 200 pounds from the winter cold. Also, polar can stay in the dark snow for 5 months with out food while hibernating ! Another example ,is a polar bear will not be a big harm to us if we are not a big harm to them. Polar bears roll in the snow after swimming!!

  4. Interesting Facts • We can find polar bears in Canada and many more! In the Spring baby polar bears weigh up to 25 pounds all ready. Polar bears now depend on us because they are getting killed fast. You can help . That was some interesting facts!

  5. Food • There is a lot of amazing things about polar bears. For example , polar bears hunt for seals! Polar bears also eat snow geese and walruses .

  6. Food • Another example, is beluga, an animal that kind of looks like a whale! Polar bears mainly eat seals and fish. The last thing is they eat ice to have a drink! That is what is so amazing about a polar bear’s food!

  7. Habitat • A polar bear’s habitat is also very amazing, They live in the Northern coasts of Europe, Asia , or the “Artic” as people call it! When the summer in the Artic changes to winter , polar bears have to hibernated. Also, a polar bear is king of the North!

  8. Habitat • The Artic, where a polar bears lives , is at the top of the world! Another fact is that polar bears live here it is always cold! Brrrrrr! Polar bears live along the shores and in dens by the cold ocean land. They really like the cold ! That is why they live in the North ! That was some cool polar bear’s habitat!

  9. Special Features • Polar bears have some really cool features. Polar bears are great swimmers and swim like a dog! Also, polar bears have paws made to be able to side on ice! Another reason is that polar bears have strong jaws to take a seal right out of the water! Though polar bears are big. They have small ears!

  10. Special Features • They don’t really need big ears because they use their nose to hunt for seals. Polar bears are excellent hunters because they are very powerful with their whole body jaws and paws. Another reason, is polar bears are very powerful but also gentle to their cubs to keep them safe, Polar bears look like they have white fur but, their skin is black because the sun-light bounces of the polar bears’ fur looks white! That was some cool special features about polar bears

  11. This book was made by Elizabeth Munderloh who is a big fan of kittens! Bye!

  12. POLAR BEARS!!!