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The Scarlet Letter Chapters 5-8 PowerPoint Presentation
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The Scarlet Letter Chapters 5-8

The Scarlet Letter Chapters 5-8

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The Scarlet Letter Chapters 5-8

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  1. The Scarlet Letter Chapters 5-8

  2. Chapter 5 Plot Summary Focus: setting transitions • Hester released from prison, moves to edge of town. • Becomes a seamstress, lives in modesty. • Reflects on personal sin, and on hidden sin of others. Character Analysis Hester: • Lives life soullessly: attains nothing excessive, except for Pearl. • Isolates herself from society and therefore lives “neutrally”. • Morally reflective on how her sin compares with others. Pearl: • Begins developing her own unique characteristics • Begins to shape her “nature” Key Motifs: • Pearl: narrator begins to describe whether Pearls nature leans towards good because of her innocence or evil due to being the child born from the scarlet letter • Sphere: Hester and Pearl are isolated from the rest of Puritan society because of the scarlet letter. However, the are also isolated from the forest and types of witchcraft of as well. They live far from the town but not far from the forest. • Public Vs. Private: In public, Hester becomes an outcast and a sinner, while in private she becomes a normal person, who has sinned along with everyone else.

  3. Chapter 6 Summary: Plot Focus: Character Development • Hester’s description of Pearl • Pearl’s enemies • Pearl’s worldly knowledge Character Analysis : Pearl • Pearls’ Conflicting Nature • Pearls’ Innocence and sin • Pearl’s Religious Rebellion Key Motifs and images: • Pearl and Plants: Personifies weeds and flowers as her “enemies”, whom she attacks. • Pearl’s Nature : Constantly referred as a child of the devil and the incarnation of the Scarlet Letter.

  4. Chapter 7 Summary • Hester visits Governor Bellingham’s house • Hester calls pearl the Scarlet letter . “..endowed with life (84).” • Puritan children tease Hester, but Pearl scares them away. • Description of Governor's mansion. • Pearl notices Bellingham’s suits of armor and roses from rose bush in the garden. Character Analysis Hester • Protective and concerned for her daughter Pearl • Continues with erratic behavior towards others • She is not a normal child of the time Governor Bellingham • Statesman, ruler and soldier • Characterized by fancy estate yet strict Puritan life. Key Motifs and Images • -Pearl’s nature: Described as incarnation of Scarlet letter and therefore as a wicked imp • -Light Vs. Dark (pg 84,85,88) • -Crimson color scheme pg. 84 • “Scarlet fever (85).”

  5. Chapter 8 Plot Summary: • Governor Bellingham and Co. meet Pearl. • Wilson questions Pearl’s religious knowledge • Bellingham force Hester to give up Pearl. She and Dimmesdale refuses. • Hibbins invites Hester for Witchcraft. She refuses Character Analysis: Hester: • Develops maternal nature of Hester . • Pearl becomes a positive responsibility and a constant reminder of sin. Pearl: • Erupting instances of tenderness and goodness • Rebelliousness characterized by impish like qualities Dimmesdale: • Similarly with young characters, becomes more supportive of Hester. • Grows increasingly frail and ill, possibly symbolizing something….? Bellingham: • Lifestyle supports hypocrisy to strict faith. Key Motifs: • Pearl and Scarlet: various references to Pearl as the embodiment of her mother’s sin. • Old vs. Young (Good Vs. Evil) : Those young in age support of Hester or defend her actions. Older characters, disapprove of her actions.

  6. Overview Plot • Low plot Impact • High Characterization and Motif Description Major Character Analysis • Hester: Development as a mother, responsible parent and denounced sinner in society • Pearl : Development into a conflicted girl with path she must choose (good/evil) Key Motifs • Hester-Pearl-Scarlet Letter: symbiotic relationship where action affecting one may affect other : composes the shield which isolates them from both good( the Puritan colony) and evil (the forest and witchcraft) • Pearl, Plants and Scarlet : group of motifs which develop Pearl: Pearl’s association with plants: Pearl’s attainment of Hester’s passion sunshine and sin: Pearl’s reincarnation as Hester’s sin. • Sunshine: a fulfillment or sign of passion, life and vigor that is noted as sunshine shines on them, or lack of which when it doesn’t. • Innocence: refreshment of idea of rose bush= innocence and the question of Pearl’s innocence Narrator Tone • Biased supportive of those who defy the Puritan religion. • Biased opposition to those who defend the Puritan religion. • Uneven description of Pearl for sake of readers and path to choose. • General characters not focused on much.