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Website of RFC: http/ PowerPoint Presentation
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Website of RFC: http/

Website of RFC: http/

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Website of RFC: http/

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  1. Website of RFC: http/ Features-Links to their YouTube channel and to their Facebook and twitter page. Shop or superstore selling players items and memorabilia. Videos of press conferences and the latest teams. Stats of players i.e. leading goal kicker and most disposals and lastly the sponsors of the club and links to their website. Links: Yes Advertisements: Yes

  2. Website of MVFC:http/ Features-Links to their Fan pages. News results about MVFC. Online store selling memorabilia and players items. The latest fixture of upcoming matches and results. The sponsors of the club and links to their homepage. Links: Yes Advertisements: Yes

  3. Website of Eurosport: http/ Features- It shows sale items of soccer gear. Link to their Facebook fan page. Links to other parts of the website i.e. balls and boots section. Pictures of all the boots that are in store. Gimmicks saying sign up and get 10% off your first order. Links: Yes Advertisements: Yes

  4. All the websites had links to their Facebook or either Twitter fan page. I think they have links to fan pages as these pages are most popular with the younger kids. • Almost all of the websites had links to other parts of the site or to other pages away from the website. • They all had advertising on the homepage. • The 2 sporting websites had links to their sponsors webpages and they also all had an online store. I think that is all the similarities I can find from these 3 webpages.