my favourite britain s got talent finalists 2014 happy now n.
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My favourite Britain’s Got Talent finalists 2014 (HAPPY NOW  PowerPoint Presentation
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My favourite Britain’s Got Talent finalists 2014 (HAPPY NOW 

My favourite Britain’s Got Talent finalists 2014 (HAPPY NOW 

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My favourite Britain’s Got Talent finalists 2014 (HAPPY NOW 

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  1. My favourite Britain’s Got Talent finalists 2014 (HAPPY NOW  Created by Kieran Diver

  2. Bailey McConnell This young man not only sings and strums the guitar, he also writes the songs that he performs. So therefore I reckon he could go far in the programme this year. I am routing for him because he is different and he is a likeable young man who has a great personality. I can see him selling a lot of records and getting a big fan database full of girlies his age. He is amazing and has something 100% special. He has the WOW FACTOR!!!!! (As Louis Walsh would say)

  3. James Smith James has the likeability factor alike to Bailey McConnell. He has such a diverse vocal range and can perform amazing high falcettosand low notes. His “Feeling Good” was a very strong choice of song. It showed off his true artistry. I reckon that he could split the public vote with Bailey McConnell because they are both likeable but only one contestant out of the whole series can win the prize money. James is worth it like all my other favourites but I’d like to see him write an original track for the live final. I can see that everybody wants this bad but my boys (Bailey, James, The Prawn, Jenson and Ed) are incredible.

  4. The Prawn This due is a real showman. His prawn song is such a cool song and I’d personally go and buy it out of the CD store or online. If The Prawn works hard with his performance I think he could be as big as PSY. He must have a lot more in the bag for the live shows but I do think he’s worth a chance and it’s a matter of the public vote now. What a showman! Wow. He has the full entertainment package like Robbie Williams.

  5. Jenson Zhu This dude had the funniest audition ever on Britain’s Got Talent. I loved his Bee Gees impression it sounded nothing like him but that’s what is so quality about this act. He is funny and I reckon he is a good future in comedy worldwide. I hope he makes the grade because he is such a genius with his humour. I loved his cheap wigs and cheap outfits. That’s what made it so funny. He has talent.

  6. Paddy and Nico Paddy has proper strength for a lady in her day and age. I was so shocked when her and Nico proper got into it. I think that an act like this deserves another chance to shine after being rejected years in the making. Paddy and Nico are world class and they are the greatest ‘dance couple’ act we’ve had on Britain’s Got Talent. If only, they could keep on shocking and surprising each time. They could potentially have a big career.

  7. Mini Moves Mini Moves have such technique and stamina in their performance. The fact that they can do flips and go upside down is absolutely stunning. I like their hair and that’s what makes them a unique dance troupe. I also like the fact that they are still determined to make it big time. They were on Got To Dance in 2013 and my god, they should’ve won. They are incredible and could be one of the best dance troupes we’ve had on BGT this year.

  8. Kings And Queens These guys are “the cream” of “the crop”. They are fresh and classy in their dance styles. They have undeniable talent and that’s what the show needs. This show needs something that’s different and not the usual street dance. These guys will make it to the final, I reckon.

  9. Ed Drewett This man has written songs for artists such as The Wanted, One Direction, etc. Usually, when a songwriter tries to sing their songs, they usually sound rather pitchy and not great. This Ed Drewett, is incredible and has absolute potential. I thought that he wasn’t terrible. He had a unique, raspy tone to his vocals and I loved his original track. He definitely is a real artiste.

  10. Bars and Melody The singer-songwriters this year are amazing and these kids are ones to join the ‘amazing’, ‘original’ list. Leondre is so adorable and has great tempo and rhythm in his rapping and Charlie, has real star quality in his voice and great hair. I reckon these two will be in the final and could outshine the others. Currently these are the ones to watch next to Bailey McConnell and The Prawn. Good luck for them.