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The Game

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The Game

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  1. The Game A game design presentation by:Daniel Jaramillo

  2. The Game • What is a Game? • Types of Games • Video Games • Genres • Simple Games • Creating a Game • Idea • Rules • How do you win, if you actually do win? • Controls • How many can play? • What do you want to do with your game? • What does it look like/sound like? • The Plan • Style • Gameplay • Control • User Interface • Polish

  3. Time to play a game... • Here are the rules:: • 1. You are playing The Game right now. • 2. When ever you think about The Game, you lose. • 3. Loss must be announced.(Don't do this)‏ The point:: There are rules, goals, and players.

  4. What is a game? • According to the definition for a game is::1. an amusement(Have Fun) or pastime: children's games. • 2. the material or equipment used in playing certain games: a store selling toys and games. • 3. a competitive activity involving skill, chance, or endurance on the part of two or more persons who play according to a set of rules, usually for their own amusement or for that of spectators. • 4. a single occasion of such an activity, or a definite portion of one: the final game of the season; a rubber of three games at bridge. • 5. the number of points required to win a game. • 6. the score at a particular stage in a game: With five minutes to play, the game was 7 to 0. • 7. a particular manner or style of playing a game: Her game of chess is improving. • 8. anything resembling a game, as in requiring skill, endurance, or adherence to rules: the game of diplomacy. • 9. a trick or strategy: to see through someone's game. • 10. fun; sport of any kind; joke: That's about enough of your games. • 11. wild animals(Not for our purposes), including birds and fishes, such as are hunted for food or taken for sport or profit. • 12. the flesh of such wild animals or other game, used as food: a dish of game. • 13. any object of pursuit, attack, abuse, etc.: The new boy at school seemed to be fair game for practical jokers. • 14. Informal. a business or profession: He's in the real-estate game. • 15. Archaic. fighting spirit; pluck. • –adjective • 16. pertaining to or composed of animals hunted or taken as game or to their flesh. • 17. having a fighting spirit; plucky. • 18. Informal. having the required spirit or will (often fol. by for or an infinitive): Who's game for a hike through the woods? • –verb (used without object)‏ • 19. to play games of chance for stakes; gamble. • –verb (used with object)‏ • 20. to squander in gaming (usually fol. by away).

  5. Types of Games <<Video Games Rock Paper Scissors?? Card Games Board Games Mind Games>>

  6. Video Games n. Any of various games played using a microcomputer with a keyboard and often joysticks to manipulate changes or respond to the action or questions on the screen.

  7. Genres of Video Games • There are many, many different types of video games, here are a few:: • Arcade • Pong, Breakout, Space Invaders, Pac-Man • Puzzle • Tetris, Columns, Panel-de-pon, Puyo Pop • FPS(First Person Shooter)‏ • Halo, Doom, Half-Life • Music • Dance Dance Revolution, Guitar Hero, Rock Band • Adventure • Tomb Raider, Legend of Zelda, Super Mario • RPG(Role Playing Game)‏ • Final Fantasy, World of Warcraft • Fighting Game • Street Fighter, Tekken, Dead or Alive • Strategy • Starcraft, SimCity, Civilization

  8. Simple Games • Simple Rules • Very few, but clear enough to make the game playable. • Simple Goals • Clear ways to “win” or play the game. • Simple Controls • Very little needed to manipulate the game. • Examples of Simple Games • Tetris • Pong • Pac-Man • Asteroids

  9. Creating a Game • “Roma die uno non aedificata est” • Rome wasn't built in a day • Idea(s)‏ • Rules • Control(How is it played?)‏ • Style(Look, Sound)‏ • Players(1? 2? 1,000,000?)‏ • Goals Start planning early and a lot of headache can be avoided! Don't just jump straight to code.

  10. Ideas, Ideas, Ideas • KISS • Keep it simple stupid. • Rules of simplicity mentioned earlier • What do you really want to make? • Write it down. • See Pg 15 Exercise one for a more concise breakdown. • Plan for your audience! • Who are you making the game for? • Yourself, Friends, Mass Market, Hardcore Gamers

  11. Rules • Rules range from:: • Get the ball into the net for a point. • The ball must be hit with a bat. • The bat is controlled by the player. • TO:: • The ball will be blue. • The ball with fly with real physics. • The ball cannot leave the “game space.” Rules control your game, define how it's played, and set challenges and goals. Some rules can be broken, others will break your game.

  12. How is it played?CONTROL • What is/are the player(s) going to manipulate? • Objects, menus, camera • Remember to keep it simple, as complex controls calls more complex code.

  13. What do you want to do with your game?The Game Engine • Your game can do what ever you want it to do. • This is the core of your game. • This is where most of your coding time will be spent. • Getting the core(or game engine) running means you will have something to build off of. • Graphics, sounds, and fancy interfaces come after. • Your only limit is your imagination. </cheezy>

  14. The Plan::Summary • Get your idea, write it down. • Pick your style of game, or make up your own. • Make your rules. • Design your controls. • Play your game through every part of development! • Complete your game engine then add a user interface, menus, and fancy polish. • If you were paying attention to this presentation, you should of lost The Game 27 times.(The amount of times the word “game” appeared after the rules of The Game were shown) Now 29 times. :)‏

  15. Some of my favorite games... • ANY QUESTIONS?