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  2. A bit about pasta • Fresh Pasta is an attractive on-trend market with strong and accelerating growth • UK penetration is low at 24%, consumption is 3rd lowest in EU: lots of growth potential! 5.7% 5.5% 6.3% YOY 92.8 Million 41.5 Million 134.3 Million SPEND £s FRESH PASTA SPEND (£s) PERFORMANCE Source: Kantar Mar 2013/ Nielsen Scantrack

  3. So who’s selling all that pasta? Source: Kantar Mar 2013/ Nielsen Scantrack • Growth driven by Waitrose & JS: Waitrose = huge over-performance vs company share - branded performance in JS & Waitrose driving above-average growth levels

  4. A bit about us • 1st shop in Gerrard St Soho in 1929 • 1st company to introduce fresh pasta to UK • 1st Gnocchi range in the UK in 1932 • 1st Organic fresh pasta range in 1967 • 1st Gluten Free fresh pasta range in 2004 • 1st Oriental Noodle manufacturer in the UK • Business still owned & run by 3rd generation of the family, Paul Ugo

  5. ManufacturingAdvantage • Factory in Hertfordshire x 4 units • Bespoke Italian machinery: traditional techniques • Food miles & reduced carbon footprint • Active CSR policy with targets to reduce CO2 food waste and energy consumption/ unit • Capability for efficient production of ALL filled and unfilled pasta types • Headroom for M&S business: capacity utilisation of 60% - previously locked into exclusive contract with Waitrose • £0.5m investment in additional ravioli capacity

  6. Consumer Understanding • UFG have undertaken an extensive consumer research & insight programme to ensure range development meets consumer needs • Consumers like to have the choice between brand and retailer brand • but no brand playing that category role yet Wow! If I knew this range was in Waitrose I’d go there especially to find it!! I don’t mind if it’s made in Italy or not….in fact it’s nice to know it’s made here and I’m supporting local business Most of the fillings you get are just paste but this lot tastes like real food I’m looking for convenience and quality…but from a brand I can trust. I’m happy to pay more for quality

  7. A bit about me • I’m Steve Walpole • Senior executive chef at BA designing all meals including Special Meals • Senior lecturer at Westminster College • Course co-ordinator and lecturer for Jamie Oliver’s ’15’ Foundation • Avid interest in health benefits of free from • Avid interest in doing things that haven’t been done before! • Passion for involving everybody in eating delicious food

  8. Chickpea ‘Gluten Free’ Fresh Pasta • 3-fold Category Opportunity • Coeliacs+ Wheat Intolerant/Allergic • Sports Market • Endurance • Strength • Health Market

  9. Dell’Ugo’s First Gluten Free fresh pasta range

  10. Chickpea Pasta – the story • Discovered by mistake! • By virtue of being an innovative and experimental company • Looking at spelt noodles and wholemeal pasta options • Came in a batch of new flours of all kinds • Proved to work brilliantly for making pasta • The rest is history • Launched under the brand ‘Naturopasta’ with some other products • Chickpea pasta proved to be the Chanel No 5 from the range

  11. Taste Sensation • Versus other gluten free products, Chickpea pasta has taste superiority • Recently reviewed by Masterchef judges Greg Wallace and John Torode who praised the product • Nutty flavour • Perceived health benefits of being chilled • Although currently only 4% of Dell Ugo sales, it comprises 20% of web enquiries

  12. The Healthy Carb Choice • Unrefined grains and pulses much healthier than refined grains • Growth in these healthy alternatives seen in many other categories e.g. breakfast cereals, bread • High levels of insoluble & soluble fibres • Helps control blood sugar • Helps in weight loss/maintenance • Helps lower blood cholesterol • Promotes bowel regularity

  13. Coeliac/Gluten intolerant Opportunity • 1 in 100 people in the UK are diagnosed as Coeliacs • 500k in the UK • An estimated 1m are undiagnosed Coeliacs • An additional 15% of the population are believed to be Gluten Intolerant (6m) • Market Opportunity for pasta is, we believe around £18m for the coeliac and gluten intolerant community • Growing at 10% per year in line with the growth of both the pasta market and the gluten-free market

  14. The Sports Opportunity • The high protein in chick peas make it perfect for strength based sports • Low GI index of chick pea makes it perfect for stamina based sports (GI index 28) • Also contains many critical micronutrients • 6.2m active sports people in UK (source Sport England Oct 2011) • Assume 30% are keen athletes / sports people • Assume current penetration and drives 30% incremental eating occasions • £3.25m RSV and £1.25m Profit opportunity from 3 SKUS

  15. Health Opportunity • Surveys vary but it is estimated that 37% of women and 18% of men are dieting most of the time (9m) • Assume current penetration and drives 20% incremental eating occasions • £3.9m RSV and £1.5m Profit opportunity from 3 SKUS

  16. Category Opportunity for retailers • Across the 3 target groups represents a category opportunity of £25.1m RSV, £9.6m incremental profit • Potential destination shop for Coeliac & Gluten intolerance • Attract new consumers into the category increasing penetration

  17. Dell’ Ugo Gluten Free Pasta activity Masterchef Endorsement (foodie credentials) • Chris Steele - magazine • Coeliac society • Free From website • Foods you can activity • Gluten free features • Gluten Free week • Gluten free blog sites • Gluten Free Hamper deals • Recipe competition Coeliac Sports Health The Perfect Sports Partner Your Tasty Healthy Carb Choice ‘Enjoy Pasta Again’ Great Gluten Free • Cain Leatham • Athlete endorsement • Sports magazines • Virgin gyms • Jessica Richardson • Health magazines • Nutritionist tie ups

  18. Wheat and Rice Penne & Tagliatelle • A like for like replacement for ‘normal’ pasta • Our target was to create a gluten free pasta that tasted like pasta (which is now our marketing tagline) • Personally driven by our MD Paul Ugo both due to his interest in being able to crack a difficult technical challenge for its own sake but also because his wife became gluten intolerant during her second pregnancy • Running a pasta company and not being able to eat pasta together was a strong motivator

  19. Features & Benefits • A long form for favourite saucy dishes • A short form perfect for kids and bakes as well as sauces • First fresh gluten free pasta in Europe • Cooks from fresh or frozen (very convenient for busy mums) in 4/5 minutes • Doesn’t fall apart • No added nasties • Very difficult to achieve, and a total secret how we did it

  20. Challenges • Distribution • Rate of Sale • Educating the mainstream about health benefits without ‘doing down’ our core product

  21. Where to next? • Filled pasta! • Experimenting with other flours (cassava, banana, coconut etc)



  24. Coeliac/Gluten Free Opportunity Calculations • 1 in 100 people in the UK are diagnosed as Coeliacs • 500k in the UK • An estimated 1m are undiagnosed Coeliacs • An additional 15% of the population are believed to be Gluten Intolerant (6m)

  25. Gluten Free PR Coverage

  26. Gluten Free Coverage Highlights – Trade and Consumer The Grocer – 01/06/2013 Circulation – 30,730 Food Business Review - “Ugo Foods unveils new gluten-free pasta products in the UK The Grocer – “ ‘We are pleased to be bringing to market a fresh gluten-free pasta that tastes just like pasta. No more falling apart, sticking together or compromise.’ Said Ugo Foods Marketing head Helena Jevons” Food Business Review 07/06/2013 Circulation – 103,000–: 01/05/013 Circulation – 100,000 The Grocer ‘Focus On: Free From’ – “The challenge remains to get the rate of sale on these products to a level where retailers enjoy sufficient return on investment to continue to list them” says Helena Jevons, head of marketing at pasta brand Dell’Ugo, which now offers fresh gluten-free pasta” Zest and Yahoo – “The winners of the FreeFrom Food Awards 2013 include…fresh chickpea pasta from Dell’Ugo.”

  27. Continued…… Wuthering Bites Blog –- 15/05/2013 Followers– 3,000+ Gluten-free Dairy Blog 19/04/2013 Circulation – 7,500 Gluten Dairy Free Blog – “And the winner of the Innovation Award went to Dell’Ugo Chickpea Fusilli. Again, I thought this was a great choice for a winner because this really does tick all the boxes. It is truly innovative (a grain free pasta), incredibly useful for intolerant/allergic people, and holds together well and tastes great.” Wuthering Bites– “Dell’Ugo’s Fresh Chickpea Fusilli, winner at this year’s FreeFrom Awards, which I’ve heard rave reviews about all over the twitterverse!” Zest – Twitter - 16/05/2013 Followers– 22,000+ Healthy Food Guide– issue: May 2013 Circulation – 208,425 Healthy Food Guide - “FreeFrom Food Awards 2013 – The Innovation Award: Dell’Ugo Chickpea Fusilli” Zest– “For #Coeliac Awareness we’re giving away a £150 hamper full of @Dell_Ugo gluten-free goodies!”

  28. Continued…… Wuthering Bites Blog - Facebook–- 15/05/2013 Followers– 500+ ImGlutenFree Baby – Facebook - 15/05/2013 Followers– 4,000+ Wuthering Bites– “Dell’Ugo’s Fresh Chickpea Fusilli, winner at this year’s FreeFrom Awards. Dell’Ugo is the UK’s largest fresh pasta brand and specialises in making filled and unfilled pasta, based on authentic Italian recipes. ImGlutenfree baby – Blogger post “This week is Coeliac Awareness Week…to celebrate we have a hamper filled with gluten-free goodies to give away…this includes Dell’Ugo’s Chickpea Fusilli, winner at this year’s FreeFrom Awards” ImGlutenfree baby – fan comments “Fantastic Fresh pasta…about time…will save time when I’m in a hurry”…….. “looks yummy would love to try” …… “Fresh pasta! I never thought I’d be able to try the stuff again!”

  29. Continued… Italia Magazine – July 2013 - 4 takes on pasta Media Title – Food Trade Review: Circulation – 4,679 Issue – June 2013 Media Title – Woman and Home – 373.000 Issue – August 2013

  30. What Consumers have to say Email:Maria.sumner@talktalk.netName:Maria SumnerTelephone:01628 671249Postcode:Sl6 7bdMessage:I bought some of your fabulous gluten free pasta at the allergy show but have been unable to find anywhere that stocks it locally to me in maidenhead. Can you please advise the closest stockists to me.Many thanks, Maria I have a wheat allergy, and I have struggled over the years to find decent gf pasta. I just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you for making such delicious fresh pasta.Do you have any plans to develop the gluten range? Particularly interested to know if you plan on making gf ravioli as they look delicious.Thanks again,Kate I was pleased to taste your amazing gluten free pasta at the Allergy Fair in London this year. Today I went to a Waitrose in Kensington and was disappointed not to find your gluten free range available despite having checked if the local Waitrose stocked your produce. I now just checked online and it seems I can order one type from Waitrose online and one type from Ocado, but not both nor am I able to find the tagliatelli ... Could you please advise me of which shops do stock your gluten free produce as well as where I may find a full range available?I look forward to hearing from you,Kind regards, Katherine Donaghy Email:susanconstant1604@gmail.comName:Sue GaleTelephone:01983 297479Postcode:PO32 6QBMessage:Himany thanks for your gluten free penne pasta.  it was a pleasure to eat.Any chance of a gluten free spaghetti in the near future.once again many many thanks Message:Please could you tell me how I can obtain your chick pea fusilli?  My local Waitrose no longer stocks it, I rang their head office only to be told that they will not be re-stocking it.  It is one of the best gluten-free products I have come across and I really would like to buy more of it. Email:dmurphy@trowers.comName:Denise MurphyTelephone:0207 423 8255Postcode:EN1 1QXMessage: Having been a coeliac for over 30 years just tried your Gluten Free Penne and just wanted you to know it is the best g/f pasta I have ever tasted. I have noticed that Waitrose has stopped selling your Chickpea fusilli. I hope Ocado will continue to stock it. What I wanted to know most of all is will you be continuing to make it? I know that you stopped making the spaghetti a long time ago which was a shame as I liked this too. As someone who has a gluten allergy we don\'t get as much choice as other people. The rice fusilli is ok but in all honesty the chickpea is superior especially when added to soups or stews because it keeps its texture much better. Plus of course it has a lovely flavour of its own where as rice pasta of all sorts tends to be a bit bland.Do you plan to sell your pasta through health food stores or to anyone else for instance another supermarket? Message:Just discovered your penne pasta at my local Waitrose, oh boy am I happy thank you so so much for making veggie gluten free pasta.  Please please can you develop some more types of gluten free and veggie pasta I it would be so great if you could.  Kind Regards  Clare