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St. Peter Worship at Key to Life PowerPoint Presentation
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St. Peter Worship at Key to Life

St. Peter Worship at Key to Life

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St. Peter Worship at Key to Life

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  1. The Lord destroys His enemies and builds a new kingdom St. Peter Worship at Key to Life Saturday, April 6th

  2. Welcome toSt. Peter! You find in our worship service the true meaning of love in Jesus. The Father showed it by sending him to die for our sins and lead us the assurance of the kingdom in heaven. May the Lord bless you as you ponder his great mercy for you in enabling you to forget your past wrongs and look ahead with joy to your eternal future.

  3. Welcome toSt. Peter! There are friendship registers at the end of each row. Please take a moment to give us your information so we have a record of your time with us today.

  4. For Our Guests • If you have questions, let us try to help. Speak with an usher, greeter, or the person next to you. • If you’d like to learn more about St. Peter and it’s ministry, please talk to a pastor or member after the service.

  5. Need to Know what’s going on? • Our church website has the info you need right at your fingertips • Check the church calendar • Sign up for seminars or evens • Get access to devotions, sermons and more!

  6. Prayer before Worship Dear Lord, as you delivered your people in the O.T. from bondage, you have delivered me from sin’s bondage. Your promises give me hope of heaven in the knowledge of your grace in the forgiveness of my sins. May I find peace in that assurance today. Amen

  7. Please be courteous and silence all pagers and cell phones. Thank you

  8. Adult Bible Class “Joining Jesus On His Mission”

  9. Boy & Girl Pioneers Sunday, April 7th 12:30 p.m.

  10. Lent 2019 Thursday, April 11th 5:00 & 7:00 p.m. Speaker: Pastor Mahnke Supper: Girl & Boy Pioneers

  11. Easter Memorial Garden Orders must be placed by April 8th Sign up sheets in the narthex, Key to Life, and the church office See the service folder for choices and prices

  12. Easter for Kids St. Peter Lutheran School Saturday, April 14th 9:00 - noon

  13. Easter Breakfast All teens are encouraged to help! Setup – Saturday, April 20th 10 am – 12 pm Serving/Cooking/Clean-up – Sunday, April 21st 7-11:30 am All youth group families asked to provide 2 fully cooked egg bakes

  14. WINGS Wednesday, April 10th 1:00 p.m. Guest Speaker: Vicar VonDeylen “Vicars in Mission” program