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  1. Welcome

  2. 2013 New Hire Orientation Human Resources Guidewire Confidential and Proprietary Information Do Not Distribute

  3. Welcome to Guidewire! The goal of this meeting is to make your new-hire experienceas smooth as possible and provide you with necessary tools and resources

  4. Agenda • Introductions • Your New Hire Packet • “Who We Are” Presentation • The Wiki • Support Teams & Programs • US Benefits

  5. Tell Us About You • Your Name • Position • Location

  6. Your New Hire Packet • US Specific • Benefits and 401k Information • Employee Handbook on ESS • Payroll Information • State specific documents • New Hire Guide • Prior 401k & HSA Contribution • For Everyone • Books from Marcus • Values and Practices presentation • Overview of Property & Casualty Insurance

  7. The “Who We Are” Presentation • Learn about our history, business and Guidewire values • Hosted once a month by one of the co-founders or a member of the mteam • A meeting invitation will follow


  9. Our Functional Organization

  10. Company Values • Tell the truth to customers and employees • Make decisions based on facts and logic • Work as a community of equal professionals Integrity Rationality Collegiality

  11. Company Goals FY 2013 • Maximize license revenue growth in FY13 • Win market leadership in key segments • Improve margins and profitability Talk to your manager about how to align these priorities with your job responsibilities

  12. We Are Growing Reached 1000 employees in March 2013! As of 07/31/2013 – Total HC ~ 1149 POLAND(12) UK(78) GERMANY(13) CANADA(78) BEIJING (4) ITALY(5) IRELAND (112) FRANCE(14) UNITED STATES (780) JAPAN(23) HONG KONG (1) AUSTRALIA(25)

  13. Global Headcount by Function As of 07/31/2013 G&A 5% Sales 11% Professional Services 43% Product Development 32%

  14. Foster City Office • Dress Code • Work Hours • Guidewire Floors: East Tower – 7th, 8th West Tower – 5th, 8th • Kitchen Snacks and Drinks • Summer Company Picnic • Thirsty Thursday • Boomerang Express Dry Cleaning • Peninsula Jewish Community Center PJCC

  15. Bay Area Best Place to Work • Received award 4 years in a row • Employee voted

  16. The Wiki • Company Intranet: http://wiki/index.php/Main_page • People Page: Employee Photo Directory • Portal: Blogs, articles, company information from PS • WebEx: Online Collaboration, IM, or phone conferencing

  17. Meet the Support Teams Corporate Services Payroll Accounts Payable Facilities Information Technology Legal Human Resources

  18. Corporate Services Administrative Company-wide events / Meetings External-facing Meetings Culture & Communications • Roundtable Lunches • Wiki People Page • Employee surveys • Calendar and planning • Catering orders • Content/Agenda planning • Day of event support • Open door policy to mteam • Manage executive calendars • Executive travel • Executive errands • Executive event support • Internal event support • Employee surveys • Event Planning • Budgeting • On-site or off-site venues • Collaboration with IT • Day of event support • All Hands Company meeting (4x a year) • Annual Company Picnic • Holiday Events • Analyst Day • Connections Executive Briefings and Roadmaps Meetings • HQ Visits Contact:

  19. Payroll Contact US & Canada Payroll at: • Pay Date/Payroll Schedule • First Paycheck • Direct Deposit • Tax Forms • ADP IPAY Payroll by country: UK - / France – Germany – / Italy – Ireland – / Poland – Austria – / Netherlands – APAC –

  20. Accounts Payable: Travel and Expense • Expense Reports • Empire (PS employees) • Concur (non-PS employees) • The Travel and Entertainment (T&E) policy • Direct Deposit for expense reimbursement US & Canada AP: EMEA AP: Australia & New Zealand: China: Japan:

  21. Concur Travel & Expense • Demos of Peak/Concur system is available on the Wiki • Note: New Hire access to Concur Travel (to book travel) will not be available until 24 hours after you are in our HR System • Contact Travel at:

  22. Health Coverage and Resources When Traveling • ACE Business Travel Accident Insurance and Assistance Program is applicable to all employees for business and personal trip • US & Canadian Employees out of area health coverage available on the Wiki: http://wiki/index.php/Worldwide_Coverage_Plans_and_Information • Workers Compensation Insurance – Get the help you need and notify should you have an on-the-job injury/illness.

  23. Key Areas of Support Provided by Facilities Health and Safety HQ Facility, Security & Services North American Travel Program • Emergency Action Plan (EAP) • Floor Warden Training (Please Contact if you are interested in volunteering) • Ergonomic Training, equipment and Evaluations • PJCC Fitness Center • Snacks, Kitchens and Office Supplies • Access badges for Foster City employees • Visitor’s ID for all employees • Parking, Fitness Center, Security and Janitorial Services • Lease management, Space Planning, Reconfigurations and Vendor Tracking • Business Card Ordering • Conference Rooms & Floor maps • Travel Agency Management • Concur Travel Online Booking Tool • Negotiated Travel Contracts: Air, Hotel and Rental Car. • Where to book travel – • Questions: Contact:

  24. Facilities • Procurement is managed by the Facilities Department • Policy and procedure can be found on Wiki under Finance • Purchase Order required for any goods and/or services over $1,000 USD • Contact purchasing in the appropriate region: • • •

  25. Emergency Action Plan EmergencyAction Plan • This plan is in place to ensure employee safety around emergencies during regular hours and after hours. The EAP is a written document detailing and organizing the actions and procedures to be followed by employees in case of a workplace emergency. Where to Find the Documents • http://wiki/index.php/Emergency_Action_Plan. It is the responsibility of all employees to review this information regularly. Communication • The Campus system uses Alarm and Strobe lights.Pull stations are located all floors, including near exiting stairwells. The location can also be foundon the Evac Plans posted on each floor. • Emergency Reporting, 911—SM Fire Dept 650.522.7170

  26. Employee Action Plan —Assembly Area Key Points for all personnel to follow during evacuation • DO stop all work. • DO exit through nearest door, and go directly to Assembly Area. • DO NOT stop at your desk or work station for personal belongings. • DO NOT go to the restroom. • DO NOT return to the building until advised to do so. • DO NOT attempt to move vehicle(s) unless instructed to do so. • DO NOT block emergency vehicle thoroughfares.

  27. Information Technology Team • Where and how can I get IT assistance? • Helpdesk Hours (PST) • 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. (Foster City, US) • 1 a.m. to 8 a.m. (Dublin, Ireland) • If you need IT assistance please email • • Call extension 6800 or dial direct 650-357-6800 • After hours critical IT emergency: call 800-507-2816

  28. What Software Do We Use?

  29. Legal - Key Areas of Support WINSTON KING Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary Foster City, CA Provided by the Legal Department Contacts: General legal matters: Contract signature requests: NDA signature requests: • Corporate Governance • Policies and Guidelines • Securities Regulations • Patents • Trademarks • Contracts • Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) Confidential Whistleblower: Website: Email address: Phone number: 1-866-375-8595

  30. HR Team HELEN REID Vice President, Human Resources & Administration • Recruiting • HR Business Partners • Compensation & Benefits • Training & Development • Global Mobility / Immigration Support • Contact: HR Programs Performance Review The formal annual Performance Review happens once a year in fall Merit increase is incorporated with the review schedule Bonus Program Employees who are on a target bonus plan and started prior to May 1st are eligible for current fiscal year payout. Our fiscal year is from August 1st to July 31st. Employees on a variable compensation plan are not eligible.

  31. Recruiting TRACI MCCULLEYGlobal Recruiting Director • Recruiting Business Partners assigned by Region / Function • Manages Employment Branding / Talent Acquisition / Interview Process / Schedule Coordination / Offer Process • Manages Employee Access to Jobvite, where you can share our positions with your social networks or submit referrals • Manages Employee Referral Program • Regular full-time employees are able to participate • The cash award is payable after the referred candidate has completed 3 months of active employment • Technical (PD & PS), Sales, & Marketing roles the payout is $4,000 • G&A / Administration roles the payout is $2,000 • Hard to Fill Roles (announced by Recruiting) payout is $6,000 • Recommendation / Lead Bonus payout is $500 if you have a contact but want to have recruiting team recruit and get resume

  32. Mandatory Harassment Prevention Training for People Managers • AB1825 California’s Sexual Harassment Training Law • Adopted as company-wide policy • 2-hour “Supervisor Anti-Harassment” training hosted through • Must be completed within 90 days of hire or promotion

  33. New Hire Restricted Stock Units

  34. When will I receive my RSU Grant? • Upon Board Approval, New Hire RSU grants are approved once per quarter: - Approvals occur in March, June, September, and December - Grant submission for approval is dependent on your hire date • E*Trade email notifications for account activation and grant acceptance will be sent within 1 month from grant date. • Every employee is automatically set up with an E*Trade Employee Stock Plans Account. • Contact:

  35. What is a Restricted Stock Unit (RSU)? • Right to receive shares of Guidewire common stock • No cost to acquire the shares – price is $0 • Shares issued upon vesting • Continuous employment by Guidewire from grant to vest dates is required • RSU shares are considered taxable income Vesting Schedule • New Hire RSU awards vest over 4 years • 25% vests after 1 year of service and quarterly thereafter for the remaining 3 years

  36. U.S. Benefits

  37. The U.S. Benefits Package • Income Protection • Life, AD&D, • Short-Term Disability • Long-Term Disability WelfarePlans Other Benefits Vacation and Sick Pay Holiday Pay Commuter Check Employee AssistanceProgram Health & Related Medical (HMO, PPO, HSA) Dental Vision FSA—Health Care FSA—Health Care Limited FSA—Dependent Care Retirement 401(k) Savings Plan Company Match

  38. Eligibility and Effective Dates Eligibility Effective Dates Employees • Regular work 30+ hrs/week Domestic Partners (Med, Den & Vision) • Living together as if married • Affidavit Dependents • Medical • Until age 26 Upon Hire • FSA - 1st of mo following hire • All other plans—hire date Qualifying Events • 1st of month following date of qualifying event Must enroll within 30 days of event

  39. Employee Contributions • Guidewire Employer Contributions except Anthem Blue Cross H.S.A. compatible plan. Guidewire will cover 100% of the employee and any dependents enrolled in the Anthem Blue Cross H.S.A. • 90% for employees • 70% for any dependents • Pre-tax deductions taken semi-monthly via payroll http://files/network/TeamInfo/wikiinfo2008/HR/2012_Employee_Contributions.pdf

  40. Our Medical Plans • Designated Primary Care Physician (PCP) • Referral required to see a Specialist • No deductible • $15 co-pay for office visits Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) (Calif only) • Freedom to choose providers • $20 co-pay for in-network office visits • Co-insurance -after deductible Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) (National) Health Savings Plan (HSA PPO) (National) • High deductible PPO • Save pre-tax to HSA account to pay expenses

  41. HSA Concept: Two Parts The HSA Eligible Medical Plan is required to open up an HSA HSA Eligible Medical Plan + Health Savings Account HDHP High Deductible Plan Checking/Savings Account Pays for Healthcare Expenses

  42. Doctor Visit Process—PPO vs. HSA PPO

  43. Is HSA Right for You? Pros Cons Guidewire pays 100% of premiums High deductible cash flow concerns Savings and earnings tax-free (Brokerage Link) No HSA tax deductionsin most states HSA accounts are portable Self-administrationand record keeping Pay for medical, dental, and vision expenses; long-term care premiums; COBRA, etc. Learning how HSAs work

  44. Metlife Dental

  45. VSP Vision

  46. Medical and Dental/Vision Opt-out Credit Waiver medical and dental/vision— GW pays your $200/mo. Sign WaiverAgreement Taxable Income

  47. Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA)

  48. Commuter Checks – Flex-Plan Services • Buy transit passes—pre-tax through payroll • Passes can be purchased in any denominations • Checks mailed to your home address General Information • $125 for transit/vanpool • $240 for parking Maximum Monthly Limit Enrollment Information • Register online • New election and changes made by the 10thof the month will take affect following month Election Deadline

  49. Life Insurance

  50. Disability Benefits