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Dean of Graduate Studies Capitol College jg@capitol-college capitol-college

Joe Goldsmith, Ph.D. Dean of Graduate Studies Capitol College jg@capitol-college.edu www.capitol-college.edu. Chief Technology Officer Coriss.Net, Inc. joegoldsmith@coriss.net www.coriss.net. Conducting Live Classes Using CorissLine. What happens in a traditional classroom?.

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Dean of Graduate Studies Capitol College jg@capitol-college capitol-college

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  1. Joe Goldsmith, Ph.D. Dean of Graduate Studies Capitol College jg@capitol-college.edu www.capitol-college.edu Chief Technology Officer Coriss.Net, Inc. joegoldsmith@coriss.net www.coriss.net

  2. Conducting Live Classes Using CorissLine

  3. What happens in a traditional classroom?

  4. What is Pedagogy?

  5. What would happen if we did not have to convert your traditional syllabi to use in your online tool?

  6. What would happen if you did not have to convert your existing learning materials to be used in your online tool?

  7. If teachers learn to teach in a certain way and students learn to learn in a certain way, why should we ask everyone to change?

  8. Form Follows Function

  9. ISP ISP ISP ISP CorissLine Server-Side Professor/Student Client-Side Internet Enabled Class Material Browser-Based Browser Information Class Material

  10. Traditional Classroom with Computer as Teaching Tool Analysis From Community Learning To Self-Paced Learning Non-Traditional Web-Based Asynchronous Courses Traditional Classroom Technology-Enhanced Classroom Interactive Classroom Lecture and Discussion Browser-Based Web-Site Messaging and Email Classroom Workstations Modems Service Providers Web Browsers Slide projector Overhead Television/VCR Active presentation Software examples Tools

  11. Audio and chat alone does not complete a live classroom

  12. CorissLine, a Classroom Metaphor • Pedagogy independent • Learning style independent • File format independent • At-A-Glance Interface • Asynchronous, Asynchronous with Chat, and Live classes • Classroom spontaneity • Pass the Microphone • Ad-hoc breakout and class-long groups • Integrates All Forms of Content Into One Learning Environment

  13. CorissLine, a Classroom Metaphor • Classroom Management System • Total Student To Student And Professor to Student Interaction • No Difference Between Traditional And Online Instruction • Asynchronous and Live Classrooms in One Interface without changing pages • Learning and content restricted only by your imagination and preparation • Client-Server Technology

  14. Online Classroom Partioned Into Individual Meetings Send To CorissLine Current In-Class Syllabi and Materials Classroom Management/ Skills Teaching Strategies/ Skills

  15. Live ClassesTips andTechniques

  16. One criticism of live classes is that it is time zone dependent.

  17. It may not be right for every class but it sure increases teaching and learning

  18. Synchronous Modalities • Chat • Audio • Video • Chat with audio • Chat with audio and video

  19. Chat What is the difference between managing a live online session and managing a traditional class session? YOU

  20. If you think you should do all the lecture chatting then you will eventually need to see a doctor for your hands and then a another doctor for your head.

  21. Chat Anarchy • Reduce chat anarchy • Instructor owns the chat floor • Reduce dead chat air • Don’t let the chat get boring • Set the rules for discussion • Integrate other resources

  22. Async Chat • Chat Rules • Only one person chats at a time • Students chat when responding or need to ask a question • End chat with two “//” to give chat floor back • Type a few words then send chat then type a few more words…..

  23. Chat

  24. Async Chat • Chat Rules • Always start a chat with someone’s name • Use soft words and not hard words • Have frequent breaks • Emotocons are helpful • Forget spelling errors

  25. Async Chat • A Breather • Chat a question then call upon a student for a response • Call upon another student for their response • Call upon a third student and chat “Bill, what do you think about what Mary said?”

  26. Async Chat • Use Other Resources • Ask students to spawn another instance of their browser and size the two browsers to fit side by side • Use the second instance of the browser to use other web resources • Save your chat, edit it to add value and give it back to students as a record

  27. Asynch Chat

  28. Breakout Groups

  29. Live OnlineClasses WithAudio

  30. Audio What is the difference between managing a live online session and managing a traditional class session? YOU

  31. Audio Is Great! Communicate directly with students Provide same lecture as with traditional class Augment audio with chat More realistic class Provides your personality

  32. Audio Is Great! Provides topic spontaneity Can save your lecture for later on-demand streaming Keeps the class session lively Pass the microphone to students for comment

  33. Bandwidth hog Frequently cutting out Poor audio quality Only instructor can speak Use the proper codec Not set up properly Use the proper codec Not properly integrated Audio Myths

  34. Audio Issues • Delay between talking and hearing • Needs to be properly integrated into the application • Choosing the proper audio software is essential • Requires an experienced integrator

  35. Audio Issues • Not everyone has a quality Internet connection -- make sure that everyone has at least a 28.8 connection • Sometimes a student’s Internet connection drops in bandwidth during a class

  36. Essential Audio Features Play control Mute control Reestablish connection Protocol control

  37. Audio Issues • Make sure that your microphone has a mute feature • Be careful about what you are doing because students can hear

  38. Put the dog away as some students may have cats! Put the family away if you are going through the teen years

  39. Instructor Live

  40. Audio Lecture Tips • It takes about 20 seconds from the time you ask a question and receive a chat answer Audio delay time plus student thinking and typing time • Hang a picture on the wall and talk to it. • Always tell students what you are doing like pausing, etc.

  41. Audio Lecture Tips • Not all audio cards have the same quality for receiving audio, talk slowly and enunciate • At the beginning of each class ask for an audio check for loudness • Students should not chat during the lecture – Ask them to use the scan feature

  42. Audio Lecture Tips • Pass the microphone to students to speak to give yourself a break • Let students present their projects with audio to make the class more realistic. • Always call upon students to respond – good pedagogy for learning

  43. Audio and chat is not enough to conduct a realistic class.Essential Features

  44. Live Class Environmental Scan

  45. Live Class Instructor Control Panel

  46. Pass The Microphone

  47. Live Class Private Message

  48. Pass the Electronic Overhead

  49. Class Conference

  50. Yes or No Questions

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