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How LED Downlights Can Improve Your Space Ambience? PowerPoint Presentation
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How LED Downlights Can Improve Your Space Ambience?

How LED Downlights Can Improve Your Space Ambience?

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How LED Downlights Can Improve Your Space Ambience?

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  1. LED Downlights

  2. Smart LED Downlights for Indoor Space Interior LED lighting solutions provide great lighting efficiency and energy savings. LEDMyplace offers an energy star certified product “LED Downlights” which has been manufactured to illuminate indoor spaces like residential areas, workplaces, conference rooms, hallways and many more. These downlights operate on low energy consumption and reduce the lighting bills up to 75%. What Makes LED Downlights Smarter? There are some specific features which make downlights a smart choice. High CRI: This fixture has 90+ CRI (Color Rendering Index) which shows the true color of an object. These lights are specially mounted on the ceiling of showrooms and malls. Dimmable: The dimmable feature allows you to set the lumen output according to your requirement. You can set the output from 10V - 0V. Three CCT: With the downlights, you will get the options of correlated color temperature CCT 3000K (Warm White Light), 4000K (Natural White Light), and 5000K (Day White Light). Fixture Construction: The housing of this fixture has been made of die-cast aluminum to keep the downlight cool and make more durable. Lighting Output: The lumen output of the fixture is up to 1000 lumens and doesn’t contain any hazardous element.

  3. LED Cob Chips: The led cob chips are from Epistar which specifies that the output of lighting will be high quality and clear. Applications • Home • Offices • Conference Rooms • Hallways • Hospitals • Schools • Kitchens • Residential Spaces • Industrial Areas • Commercial Areas These LED Downlights has been the best interior ceiling lights for indoor space. If you want to know more about the product, just visit to our official site LEDMyplace or contact to LED experts directly from the website through live chat.

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