ufo led high bay warehouse lighting solution n.
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UFO LED High Bay! The Perfect Warehouse Lighting Solution PowerPoint Presentation
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UFO LED High Bay! The Perfect Warehouse Lighting Solution

UFO LED High Bay! The Perfect Warehouse Lighting Solution

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UFO LED High Bay! The Perfect Warehouse Lighting Solution

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  1. UFO LED High Bay Warehouse Lighting Solution

  2. About the Product UFO LED High Bay Lights are designed for the indoor ceiling of commercial units with the 15ft ceiling or above. By installing this UFO high bay light you will save up to 75% money on lighting bills. This product has long operation lifespan with low maintenance cost. Product Feature LED Cob Chip This product has premium LED Cob Chip from Epistar which rends the maximum operational efficiency. Motion Sensor It is an accessory which is used to detect an intruder or turns “on” the light when someone is in the motion sensor range. Aluminium Heat Dissipation With the aluminum heat sink dissipation, this product remains cool and increases the operational life of the fixture. Beam Angle 110° wide beam angle used to illuminate the vast area with high lumen lighting output. Housing The products housing has been finished by fings made of aluminum protect the fixture from heat-up. It increases the durability of the lighting fixture.

  3. Lumens Output High lumen output tends to spread more lighting solution to the surface from 15ft high ceiling or more. Operation Life With the 50,000 hours lifespan, this fixture requires low maintenance cost. If you use UFO LED High Bay Light 12 hours/day, you can easily use this light for more than 5 years. Approvals This product has been through many tests to provides its best working performance. UFO high bay light is Energy Star certified, UL, and DLC listed with IP65 rated to protect the fixture against dust and water.

  4. Benefits ◆ Saves energy and reduce lighting cost by 75%. ◆ Illuminate high lumen output from the high ceiling warehouses. ◆ Aluminum housing keeps the fixture cool. ◆ Dimmable feature leads to reduce energy consumption you can dim the light 10V - 0V. ◆ Easy hook mounting. ◆ IP65 rated product to protect the fixture against water and dust particles. ◆ Light output doesn’t contain any harmful rays like mercury, UV, and IR. Conclusion UFO LED High Bay Light is the perfect lighting solution for the warehouse. It emits bright light to the surface and saves money on energy bills. To pre-order, the fixture visits our site LEDMyplace and get 5 years warranty.

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