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Warehouse Management PowerPoint Presentation
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Warehouse Management

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Warehouse Management
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Warehouse Management

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  1. Warehouse Management Andrey Druzhinin Solution Architect

  2. Agenda • Business Challenges • Oracle’s Leadership Position • Solution Overview

  3. Business Pressures • Just-in-Time Delivery • How can I improve the speed of warehouse operations? • How do I integrate operations to reduce order processing time? • Guaranteed Availability • How can I improve order promise accuracy? • How do I create a global view of inventory? InternalProcessing Inbound Outbound • One Size Fits One • How can I manageSKU proliferation? • How do I ensure labeling compliance? • Lowest Total Cost • Where can I reduce inventory while maintaining high fill rates? • How do I improve labor efficiency?

  4. Operational Challenges Procurement Manufacturing Order Management Warehouse System N Warehouse System 1 Warehouse System 2 RF Middleware RF Middleware RF Middleware Integration and Operation Complexity, Localized Solutions

  5. Agenda • Business Challenges • Oracle’s Leadership Position • Solution Overview

  6. Value Chain Transformation BENEFITS Optimize and Streamline fulfillment operations Synchronize processes across functional silos Monitor supply chain performance to Goals Collaborate with trading partners for Accuratesupply chain Data Globalization & Standardizationof processes Drive customer compliance Support expansion into new markets and higher business volumes Greater Agility to respond to Change ROI Best in Class Examples • 30% increase in operator productivity • 100% inventory accuracy • 30% decrease in handling cost / unit • 95% reduction in overtime used • 30% reduction in scrap • 50% increase in on time shipments

  7. Agenda • Business Challenges • Oracle’s Leadership Position • Solution Overview

  8. Support for the Integrated EnterpriseBuilt-In, Not Bolt-On Functionality • Eliminate Integration • Reduce Costand Complexity • Reduce Risk andUpgrade Issues • Eliminate Problems with Reconciliation • Simplify Support Procurement Manufacturing Fulfillment WarehouseManagement Service Finance Planning Unified Information, Integrated Processes

  9. Oracle Mobile Supply Chain Apps (MSCA)Support Basic Warehousing Needs… Built-in Mobile User Interface Mobile Quality Mobile Manufacturing Quality Collections, Specifications, … Moves, Issues, Returns, Scrap, Completions, … Mobile Shipping Mobile Receiving Mobile Inventory Direct, Std, Inspect, Cross-Dock, Print, … Misc. Transactions, Transfers, Counts, … Pick, Confirm, Ship, Confirm, Print, … Built-in RF Middleware Mobile Transaction Server RF Base Station Apps / Database LAN or WAN RF Device Telnet Over TCP/ IP SQL Net

  10. Oracle Warehouse Management SolutionA Complete Warehouse Execution System RF Support Label Assemble Receive Inspect RMAsPurchasesTransfers Replen-ish Cross DockPutaway TailorableRules &Workflow Process Cost Move Global Visibility WIPIssues Ship Pack Directed Pick Count RTVs OrdersTransfers Transfer SeamlessIntegration Transportation Purchasing Manufacturing Fulfilment

  11. Comprehensive Wave PlanningAdvanced Tools to Manage Work on the Floor Wave Rules Analytics Pick Ship Pack • Create Wave • Plan & Analyze Wave • Release Wave • Task Planning • Monitor Wave Execution

  12. Dispatch Tasks To RF Devices Support Multiple Picking Methodologies Match Skills and Equipment to Tasks Perform Task Sequencing and Interleaving Automated Task ManagementCreate, Organize, Dispatch Tasks to Optimal Resource Task Queue Pick Wave Split Merge Sort Create & Allocate Task • Create Paperless, Streamlined Processes • Align Pick Plan with Business Mix • Reduce Safety Issues and Training Costs • Significantly Reduce Travel Time

  13. Cross-Dock and Direct ShipSelectively Accelerate Warehouse Material Flow Peg demand to inbound receipts based on flexible optimization criteria Cross-Dock Receive Inspect Deliver Put-Away PickRelease Pick Drop Ship Inventory Receive Fulfill • Configurable Flows • Robust Consolidation Methods • Planned & Opportunistic Cross-Docking • Rules Based Supply – Demand Matching • Adjust To Storage Policy Changes • Accelerate Receiving & Fulfillment Processes • Reduce Handling And Inventory • Increase Operator Efficiency

  14. RFID-Initiated Shipping and ReceivingProcess Transactions with No Manual Intervention (3) Interface to readers, clean and filter data, then pass IDs to application RFID Middleware (2) Drive load through RFID Reader in Receiving Dock (1) Load of pallets and / or cartons with RFID tags on each (4) Access objects associated with the ID's (e.g. LPN's on ASN) then raise correctBusiness Event RFID Event Processor • Share RFID information with your supply chain partners using inbound and outbound ASN • Out of the box DoD compliance including generation of DoD-64 & DoD-96 (5) Access associated source docs(e.g. the PO’s ASN) (6) Process the Business Event, (e.g. Receipt of pallet or carton) Application APIs Response& Exception Handling (7) Confirm success or failure (e.g. trigger green light or sound buzzer) (8) Putaway,rescan ordivert material

  15. Carriers /3PLs GlobalCustomers CarrierAnalysis On-Time Performance Customer Satisfaction Comprehensive Logistics SolutionIntegrated Logistics Adapts to Changes Collaboration &Event Management Pack -Ship Book /Tender ManageWrhs Pick &Label Plan Rate Track Settle InboundSupplySource OutboundDemandDestination Integrated Planning & Execution Continuous Improvement

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  17. Oracle Warehouse Management Responsive Fulfillment Optimized Decisions Aligned Processes