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Warehouse Management PowerPoint Presentation
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Warehouse Management

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Warehouse Management
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Warehouse Management

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  1. Windfall TM WarehouseManagement What projects & service lines can you manage with Windfall? Hotels & HospitalsRecords Management Moving Equipment Household GoodsDisplay & Exhibits Special ProductsVault TrackingPacking MaterialLibrary ProjectsWine Storage Distribution Windfall’s main inventory screen allows the user to customize the view, look at all the detail about the inventory, view digital images of the items, and review the history of all the pieces in the warehouse. Why Windfall? Versatile LITE & Unlimited VersionsMicrosoft SQL Server DatabaseWireless (RF) Compatible Windows Mobile .NET DevicesBarcode Based ACI Staff - RFID Certified 300+ Installs Within The IndustryDigital Image CompatiblePartnerships With Top 6 Van LinesIntegrates With Most Van Line Based Driver Systems Experienced IT & Support Staff The customer configuration screen allows the user to setup a different profile for every customer. This profile is then sent to the data collection devices so the warehouse staff is prompted through the inventory. Windfall Warehouse Management System is an advanced bar code based software designed to help movers gain control of all warehouse labor & activities. With the help of mobile data collection devices, warehouse staff can track customer inventory including detailed piece description, activity & full history giving management unlimited, accurate data for billing, reporting, and operational purposes. Equipment and cartons can even be tracked to reduce shrinkage and promote accountability.

  2. Windfall TM • How Can Windfall Create Warehouse Revenue?Cash Flow • Immediate Cash Flow – Warehouse Labor & Activity • instantly assessable for invoicing. • Capture ALL warehouse labor and storage activity. • Never let revenue sources go unbilled. • Generate reports suitable for management meetings, product verification, asset management, and cost containment. • Billing Accuracy - Bar Code Tracking • Ensure greater accuracy in tracking product. • Complete “piece level tracking”. Reliable audit • trail for billing and accounting. • Consistency is insured through Data Collection • Devices – users prompted through inventorying. • Labor Savings (Up to 70% with Wireless Network) • Create a Unique Customer Data Collection Profile. Warehouse staff captures only the information needed per customer. Easy and efficient! • Promotes accountability and reduces shrinkage. • Provide a full warehouse location system for fast • retrieval of product/vaults/OS/pallets. • Bar Code Readability • Allows warehouse staff to read manufactures bar codes & serial numbers already on the product. • Cross reference asset management product by capturing existing bar code tags. • Save valuable time and insure accuracy by being able to read existing tags on product. • Digital Imaging • Eliminate the delivery of wrong product – let them see it before they receive it. • Identify difficult to describe items easily. • Save time, money and aggravation.Nationwide Inventory ManagementA network made up of Windfall installations that allows movers or van lines to offer nationwide inventory management for their customers to access through one Internet site to run reports, create work orders & view product they have stored in multiple movers warehouses.Promote your warehousing and product management services nationwide, not just locally. Work with movers in your own Van Line or from different Van Lines. You choose who you want to work with to give your customer the service they request and require. From Find Fast in Windfall, users can locate any item in the warehouse quickly by location or customer. Users can also locate empty locations for incoming shipments. For Record, Vault and Pallet Storage, users can look inside the containers or boxes at the contents. Files can be indexed for easy retrieval, furniture can be searched inside vaults and items on a pallet can be displayed. WarehouseManagement On-SiteAssetManagement CustomerInternetAccess One SolutionFully Integrated AutomatedStorageInvoicing DriverInventorySystems www.WindfallOnline.com 800-277-3814 St. Louis, MO

  3. Windfall TM Customer Internet Access Your Customer Now Can… View inventory information on-line 24/7View the most current, accurate data availableRun reports and place work orders at their convenienceView Digital Images of items in storage Works Orders are easy for the customer create on-line. By viewing, sorting and filtering their data any way they want, customers can find their goods and create a work order in a few simple steps. With the Windfall Customer Internet Access System, movers have the ability to allow customers to see inside their warehouses and view their data on-line. By logging on to a secure designated site through a User ID and Password, inventory information can be at your customers fingertips to view, sort, filter, report on and create Work or Service Orders. The Customer Internet Access System synchronizes with the Warehouse Manager so all the data is current and up-to-date. Work Orders flow directly from the Internet to the warehouse system for approval. Emails are also sent to mover personnel notifying them of a new order. By viewing the Inventory Item Details, customer know exactly what they are going to receive from the mover. No more wasted trips to the customer site because, “it’s not what I thought it was.”

  4. Windfall TM WarehouseManagement On-SiteAssetManagement CustomerInternetAccess One SolutionFully Integrated DriverInventorySystems AutomatedStorageInvoicing Reporting capabilities are the single most important element of the system. It is the most complete record of exactly what the mover has in the warehouse.Windfall's Internet Report Generator allows your customer to create and edit reports. A mover can take great pride in providing comprehensive data in a format that is customer friendly. Reports can be ordered or filtered by any data field that was collected on the scanner. They can also be formatted for downloading to Microsoft Excel. Customers can filter up to three different times to find exactly what they are looking for. Then all the data that meets the filtered criteria is displayed on an easy to read grid. "By using Windfall on the 100th Anniversary tour, we were able to effectively track and manage all the items with ease for both the domestic and international destinations. The Customer Internet System provided very quick and valuable assistance for information requested by the various customs agencies involved in the global tour.“Allen Clem, Director of Global Logistics Planning/Engineering at Harley Davidson Manage your customers’ web access easily. No need to call ACI for setting up! Windfall’s web manager allows you to manage all your customers’ information including ids and passwords by simply pointing and clicking for easy maintenance. Don’t have a web site or a customer web portal? No problem, ACI can customize the Home Page with your logo, information and links. www.WindfallOnline.com 800-277-3814 St. Louis, MO

  5. Windfall TM AutomatedStorage Invoicing “Simplify” Windfall can simplify and automate your monthly billings with accuracy and accountability. Each customer (commercial and household) has a separate Billing Profile in the system. Within the profile you can set all the parameters needed for billing the customer including: Invoice Frequency, Discount, One Time Charges, Handling and Valuation, etc. The Windfall Storage Invoicing System allows users to bill for all their storage quickly and easily. The system interfaces with the warehouse system so invoices can be generated for all storage by a number of different billing methods. The system will even manage all your storage conversion datesfor you. The system allows you to bill Household Goods and Commercial Services up to 30 different ways. It also links to your accounting package to update the General Ledger. Because each customer is different, the system has numerous ways to bill for Activity, By The Piece or By Location. Each category can be defined to fit your needs and most importantly, your customer.

  6. Windfall TM WarehouseManagement On-SiteAssetManagement CustomerInternetAccess One SolutionFully Integrated DriverInventorySystems AutomatedStorageInvoicing ACI knows that integration with your Accounting System is very important. To insure data flow, a built in field mapping tool allowing all GL Numbers & Formats to be set-up. This allows data to flow through to your accounting system easily. Windfall can process all your Handling and Valuation charges on Household Goods shipments. Recurring and One-Time Charges are also handled with ease. Invoices all Service Lines: Hotels & HospitalsRecords Management Household GoodsDisplay & Exhibits Special ProductsLibrary ProjectsWine Storage Distribution Commercial After the customer profile with billing set-up and rates are put into the system, customized invoices can be printed with your logo and information. Windfall allows data to flow directly into your accounting system for tracking purposes. www.WindfallOnline.com 800-277-3814 St. Louis, MO

  7. Windfall TM WarehousingNetwork What is it? Simply put – A network made up of Windfall Users that utilize each others warehousing and bar-coding capabilities to manage customer product on a Nationwide basis. The booking agent still maintains complete control of all warehousing activity, while the customer has easy access to their data from One Internet Site to view product, create work orders and run reports on product stored in Multiple Cities and States. Helps increase sales and storage revenue! Promote your warehousing and product management services nationwide, not just locally. Work with movers in your own Van Line or from different Van Lines. You choose who you want to work with to give your customer the service they request and require. • Movers / Van Lines will be able to offer multi-site warehousing for regional and national customers • A single password protected web site per customer, no matter how many Movers are storing the customer’s goods. • Booking Mover receives email notification when customers submit Work Orders to other Movers. • Work Order Authorization can be set by the customer, so a Manager has to authorize any Work Order created. • National Customer Standards can by created so that all Movers capture customer information exactly the same way. • Customers can download inventory reports to electronic files such as Excel or ACSII. • Customers can see when the product is on hold or reserved by another employee. • All descriptive inventory information is available to the customer including digital images of their product. • Customer logo appears on web site along with Mover / Van Line Logo for custom appearance.

  8. Windfall TM Wireless Warehousing Windfall RF allows you to run the system over a wireless network in your warehouse. Please check out some screens at: www.Windfallonline.com/Device • Increase Productivity 70% – 80% over Batch Process • Eliminates 95% of all transaction problems. • Never dock the device to transfer data again. • Validate Work Orders on the fly. • The new color touch screen Pocket PC device is easier to use. • Communicate with your warehouse staff using Instant Messenger (IM – Microsoft Instant Messenger) to your warehouse staff. • All data scanned or entered hits the database in “real-time.” • Send new or existing customers to the device immediately without downloading. • Access the actual Windfall PC Application on the device if needed to change the configuration, articles, prompts, etc… • Run your van lines Driver Inventory solution on the same device. (Allied, Atlas, Mayflower, North American, United, Global) • Works with Windfall LITE and Unlimited Durable DevicesDesigned from the ground up for use in harsh environments, the 700 device can withstand multiple 5-ft. (1.5 m) drops to concrete and is sealed against rain and dust. The ergonomic case design is sculpted and balanced, maximizing user comfort during long-term use. Radio and scanner options are integrated, not add-ons, which means they are tested to the same ruggedness standards, and don’t compromise the environmental or functional characteristics of the unit. This is NOT a retail device.