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How does MyKindaCrowd work? PowerPoint Presentation
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How does MyKindaCrowd work?

How does MyKindaCrowd work?

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How does MyKindaCrowd work?

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  1. How does MyKindaCrowd work? 2of 11

  2. THE CHALLENGE • Work Individually • What law would you change OR create to make the world a better place? • What issues are you passionate about? Who would this law affect? How would it make the world a better place? • Tell us in 200 words… “The law is order, and good law is good order” Aristotle 3of 11

  3. THE PRIZE Winning doesn’t just carry pride... • A place at an Allen &Overyskills and assessment day • A City & Guilds qualification • One week work experience on the award winning Smart Start Work Experience programme this summer, plus one years e-mentoring! (If successful at the skills & assessment day) 4 of 11

  4. TASK 1 (10mins) The law effects EVERYONE, EVERYDAY. From your school curriculum, when you can go on holiday, the age you can vote, what you can buy to immigration, housing and taxes, the law is everywhere. In a civilised society it is vital for the maintenance of order and justice. Without law there would be chaos. Laws are made and changed by politicians in the Houses of Parliament. It takes a long time for a new law to be passed, there is much discussion, voting and lobbying but to make the country fairer and better all laws start with an idea......... 5of 11

  5. TASK 1 (10mins) What issues and problems in UK society are you passionate about? Mind map your own personal concerns and then pick your top three which you will focus on. Eg: Pollution Speeding Domestic Violence Poverty Passions/Concerns High salaries Obesity Social Immobility Street Crime Substance Abuse 6of 11

  6. TASK 2 (20mins) Take each of your top 3 concerns and mind map solutions to these problems. What law could be introduced to reduce the problem or eradicate it completely? Pick your favourite idea 7of 11

  7. TASK 3 (45mins) • Now you have your idea it is time to articulate it in just 200 words. That’s not a lot so use this rough structure to help you stay within the word limit: • What issue/concern are you focusing on and why is it important to you? (50 words) • What is your new law or change to an existing law? (100 words) • Who will the law impact? (25 words) • Why will it make the country/world a better place? (25 words) 8of 11

  8. TASK 4 (10mins) • Thanks for your time and hard work! Its submission time! • Fill in a submission form with your details • Place it on top of your 200 word document • You can enter as many times as you like on: • • Find out more about the work of Allen &Overy and opportunities they offer at: • 9of 11