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Magic Carpet

Magic Carpet. Pan Shushu Zhuguang Primary School. weather report. Let’s travel on a magic carpet. jungle. A. freezing. C. foggy. D. windy. E. F. thunder , lightning. B. desert. Ali has found a magic carpet. Where will he go?. Magic Carpet. Try to raise questions.

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Magic Carpet

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  1. Magic Carpet Pan Shushu Zhuguang Primary School

  2. weather report

  3. Let’s travel on a magic carpet

  4. jungle A freezing C foggy D windy E F thunder,lightning B desert

  5. Ali has found a magic carpet. Where will he go?

  6. Magic Carpet

  7. Try to raise questions Examples: Questions for picture 4.

  8. Try to raise questions Now you can raise some questions with your partners.

  9. One very hot day Ali finds a carpet in his uncle’s shop. “What's this?”

  10. Suddenly the carpet jumps! It moves and flies off into the air. “Hey!” “What's happening?”

  11. A loud booming voice comes from the carpet. “Welcome, O master. I am a magic carpet.”

  12. First they fly high up into the sky and then they land in a jungle. It is hot and wet and it’s raining.

  13. Then they fly to the desert. It is very, very hot and dry.

  14. After that they fly to the South Pole. There is lots of ice and snow. It's freezing.

  15. “Where are we now? I can't see!” “In the mountains, can you see me?” “It's very foggy.”

  16. Then they fly to a forest. It's very windy there.

  17. Then they fly to an island in the sea. There is thunder and lightning. “Aaagh!” “Let's go home!”

  18. Finally they fly back home. The carpet lands in the shop and Ali gets off. “Wow! What an adventure!”

  19. jungle the South Pole hot, dry wet,rainy freezing mountain forest island foggy windy thunder,lightning desert

  20. Homework Write a story about your adventure on a magic carpet.

  21. Thank you

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