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  1. Providing Software Modernization Services TECH MAGIST

  2. AGENDA • Tech Magist – Introduction • Software Modernization Services • IT Service Delivery Proposition • Our Expertise • Clients

  3. Combines deep technical and strategic business expertise to deliver solutions • Over 10 Years of experience in delivering technology services • Microsoft Certified Technical Resources • Flexible team structure for rapid delivery models at lower cost • Seasoned Senior Executive Team • Strong presence in Denmark & Pakistan • Domain Knowledge developed in-house by providing technology services to a wide range of industries across the globe • Long list of satisfied clients • Believes in delivering the software quality based on the standards set by industry Tech Magist – Introduction

  4. SoftwareModernization Services 4 1 3 2 Project Outsourcing Own Development Team Mobile Apps Development Help Desk Services We have features for every step of the way

  5. Own Development Team The Tech Magist Own software development Team Model is ideal for any company wanting to expand on their existing software development needs, but are unable to do so due to cost, lack of qualified local expertise or a variety of other reasons. This model allows companies to hire their own software development staff and manage them directly.

  6. Own Development Team • Highly Qualified Software Development Specialists: You gain access to top developers for.NET, Java, Web, Mobile, Cloud Computing and more state of the art technologies. • Unrivaled Quality and Agile Software Development Practices: We help you find and retain the best specialists in your industry, then keep them at the forefront of best practices and development techniques. • Significant Cost Advantages: Although cost is not the only consideration for most of our clients, our clients typically save over 60% on their software development costs. • Fast Recruitment: We are a one of leading employers in Denmark, UAE and Pakistan. This enables a quick team building process in just a few weeks. • Efficient Collaboration: You receive your own permanently employed offshore employees, who work for you directly and under your management. We offer guidance and support in order to make sure this is the most effective software development team you will ever manage. • All-inclusive Service: Recruitment, HR-Service, Start-up support and consulting with best practices for setting up client own development team.

  7. Project Outsourcing Tech Magist’s track record of successful projects, technical expertise and understanding of latest development in digital media will help bring success to your business. Our Project Office has successfully completed more than 50 Custom & CMS solutions in the past few years. Tech Magist will analyze requirements and come up with a technical plan bestsuited for the business requirement of your solution.

  8. Project Outsourcing Tech Magist's developers are specialized in creating web/desktop solutions for enterprise and industry verticals. Experienced in developing complex systems, small-scale Java servers, secured Oracle and MS SQL databases allows Tech Magist teams to create complex systems with requirements of high scalability and performance for domains where maximum reliability is needed.

  9. Mobile Apps Development The amount of mobile devices in the world will soon exceed the population of Earth itself. Touch-smartphones and tablets are the latest stage of mobility development in the popular use. People check their phones around 150 times a day and engage in gaming, news-reading, applications browsing for around 2 hours a day on average. Tech Magist has a lot of experience in the past and right now delivering high-quality stable applications to their clients.

  10. Mobile Apps Development Mobile Apps Developers in Tech Magist not only deliver successful products using the modern and glossy interface, improved multi-tasking system and better security, but also have collaboration system in place to support each other and share experience. As the cost of development is interesting and time to deliver for mobile projects is much lower, mobile development is attractive for developers, and the number and experience of mobile apps developers at Tech Magist continuously grows. • More than 4 years of experience in delivering mobile apps • 10+ professionals ready to engage • Speed time-to-market through code sharing and re-use • More than 30 successfully delivered mobile projects • Hybrid apps development using HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript by utilizing frameworks

  11. Helpdesk Services Tech Magist’s technical helpdesk solution forms to be one natural extension of the overall technical service offerings. It brings about customized solutions to diverse client base depending on the services put on offer. Clients can leverage good assistance from our infrastructure and technical know-how. Tech Magist’s technical helpdesk solutions aim to bring you customized 24/7 support, selected hourssupport and after hours support as well.

  12. Helpdesk Services

  13. IT Service DeliveryProposition Typical Partner Tech Magist Tech Magistis One Stop Shop having Full Product Life Cycle Capabilities

  14. OurExpertise

  15. Clients

  16. Properly implemented solution can help to boost organizational effectiveness. Increase organizational effectiveness! Questions… Click here & write to us… Thank You. ?