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Dental lab tech! DENTAL LAB TECH! PowerPoint Presentation
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Dental lab tech! DENTAL LAB TECH!

Dental lab tech! DENTAL LAB TECH!

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Dental lab tech! DENTAL LAB TECH!

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  2. what type of college or post-secondary education does it require? • You have to be a high school graduate and either have an associate degree or technical training to be a dental lab tech. Professional certification is recommended but not required.

  3. Work place! • As a dental lab tech I Usually work 7 to 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. I get off almost every weekend! Most dental lab technicians work at their own workbenches in bright well lit dental labs.

  4. Earnings! • Being a dental lab tech I can earn any where from $20,000 to $65,000 a year. But the average earnings per year is about $35,000 a year. Techs in large labs with more specialized duties tend to earn less. They can also work full or part time.

  5. What high school classes do I need to take? • High school courses in computers, art, metalworking, woodworking, drafting, and the sciences are good preparation for a career in dental lab technology.

  6. WHAT DOES THIS INVOLVE? • Handcraft dental appliances with Bunsen burners, grinding and polishing equipment, and other instruments. Some labs are highly computerized, with machines that produce molds and models using custom dental software.

  7. degrees • On-the-job training or an associate degree is what you need to be a dental lab tech. Professional certification is recommended but not required.

  8. Would you enjoy this job? • A person that would enjoy this kind of job would have to be a person that can handle blood and salvia. Plus you are working in people’s mouths so you may have some fun experiences. So if you cant handle that you might not want to be a dental lab technician.

  9. Where would I go to school at? • You could have training at the work place and you could go to school here in kentucky?

  10. Where are some possible workplaces? • There are lots of places to work if your a dental lab tech. For instance you could work at any dentist or orthodontist if you even wanted you could be a specialist (but I think that would require more school).

  11. The college classes! • Check with your advisor to make sure that your course selections satisfy your graduation requirements. Courses available may vary from school to school. But you will probability have to take a few advanced math and science classes.

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