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Students residing and working in Estonia

Students residing and working in Estonia. Kai Heinlaid 29.08.2014. Right to stay for study purposes. Right to work for students. Staying in Estonia with a C or D type visa or visafree. Have a right to study in Estonia Do not have a right to work in Estonia

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Students residing and working in Estonia

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  1. Students residing and working in Estonia Kai Heinlaid 29.08.2014

  2. Right to stay for study purposes

  3. Right to work for students

  4. Staying in Estonia with a C or D type visa or visafree • Have a righttostudy in Estonia • Do not have a right to work in Estonia • In certain circumstances, it is possible to work for short term. For further information please go to: http://politsei.ee/en/teenused/working-in-estonia/registering-of-temporary-working/

  5. How to apply for a residence permit? • If you are staying in Estonia with a visa free status or you have a visa and you study in Master’s or Doctor’s level then you can apply for a residence permit in PBGB service office: • In Tallinn P.Pinna 4 (in Lasnamäe), Sõle street 61a (in Mustamäe) or Vilmsi 59 (in downtown) • Reception hours: Mon-Fri 9.00-18.00, closed last Friday of every month. • Application needs to be presented personally • Hand in the application immediately, do not wait until the end of your right to stay because then you will be obliged to leave the country. • Processing time up to 2 months

  6. Documents to apply for a residence permit to study • Application form + annexes (available here: http://politsei.ee/en/teenused/residence-permit/tahtajaline-elamisluba/oppimiseks/ ) • Invitation/consent from school • a language skills certificate issued by the school • Written explanation why he/she wishes to settle to study in Estonia • a document which certifies the legal income of the applicant or his/her parent, spouce, or any other person who ensures your financial support • Needs to show the amount, source, regularity of the income! • an identity document of the applicant • photo • State fee 63,91  € • Insurance contract- (Some examples: If, Inges, ERGO, ISL Plan General, Cristal Studies, Swisscare etc)

  7. Residence permit to study • Residence permit to study is issued for 1 year at a time and can be extended. • For last year of studies, residence permit can be issued for longer than 1 year – for up to 6 months after the end of studies • 6 extra months meant for job seeking! • Residence permit is issued to study full time!

  8. Right to work for students with residence permit • Students have the right to work during studies – no need for separate work permit! • However, students need to continue studying full time! • Primary purpose for residence is to study! • Residence permit can be revoked if student fells behind in studies!

  9. IMPORTANT NOTES TO REMEMBER • If you have questions about your right to stay and/or work, please contact PBGB information number or send an email. • Register your place of residence in the population registry within 1 month after receiving temporary residence permit! • at Pärnu road 9, bring passport and tenancy agreement

  10. IMPORTANT NOTES TO REMEMBER • Submit application to extend temporary residence permit at least 2 months before the end of current residence permit! • Do not leave the country for summer break before you have received your new residence permit card!

  11. Staying in Estonia after studies • Before the end of your residence permit, you have the right to apply for a new residence permit in Estonia (need to do it 2 months before the end) • Other grounds for temporary residence permit: • For employment • For business Moreinformationfrom: http://www.politsei.ee/en/teenused/residence-permit/tahtajaline-elamisluba/

  12. Information: Phone 612 3000 Email ppa@politsei.ee Thankyou!

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