multimedia computing and communications n.
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Multimedia Computing and Communications PowerPoint Presentation
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Multimedia Computing and Communications

Multimedia Computing and Communications

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Multimedia Computing and Communications

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  1. Multimedia Computing and Communications C. Edward Chow

  2. Outline of the Talk • Syllabus • Introduction to Multimedia Computing • Introduction to Multimedia Communications • Ideas for Semester Projects chow

  3. Media • medium (METHOD)noun [C] plural media or mediumsa method or way of expressing something • new mediaplural nounproducts and services that provide information or entertainment using computers or the Internet, and not by traditional methods such as television and newspapers: .Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary chow

  4. Multimedia • adjective [before noun]using a combination of moving and still pictures, sound, music and words, especially in computers or entertainmentCambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary • “A shaky noun/adjective can be broadly defined as electronically augmented or generated object and experience that appeared to the senses.”  Steve Weinstein • “Multi- is not necessary, media already plural, a combination of more than one medium.” Mrinal Mandal • Smell, touch and other senses should be included, but they are harder to transmitted over Internet. • Disney Animal Kingdom, Bug of life theater under the life of tree with media presentation including touch and smell chow

  5. Multimedia Applications • Digital libraries • Distance Learning • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) VoiceXML • Interactive TV • Tele-medicine • Game • Sniper tracking? (Vanderbilt) • …. chow

  6. Classification of Media • Perception: five senses • Representation: such as various formatPCM/MP3/WAV; GIF/JPEG/PNG; MPEG/AVI/QuickTime • Presentation: tools/devices for I/O • Storage: CD/DVD/Hard Drive • Transmission: wireless/fiber/coaxial cable • Discrete (time independent) vs.Continuous (time dependent) chow

  7. Type of Media/Applications • Adapted from Mirinal Mandal’s “Multimedia Signals and Systems” chow

  8. DVD vs. CD Adapted from Steve Weinstein’s “Multimedia Internet” chow

  9. Display Standards chow

  10. Multimedia Workstationsat Home and Office Adapted from Mirinal Mandal’s “Multimedia Signals and Systems” chow

  11. Networked Media CenterPersonal Computer • Adapted from Steve Weinstein’s “Multimedia Internet” chow

  12. Multimedia PCNext Generation • Adapted from Steve Weinstein’s “Multimedia Internet” chow

  13. Multimedia Communications chow

  14. Multimedia Exchange P2P model Adapted from Steve Weinstein’s “Multimedia Internet” chow

  15. Milestones of Multimedia Directx 9/10 IE6 Podcasting VOIP MPEG7/21RSS IVR/VoiceXML 10GEthernetWLAN 802/11.abgnWiMan801.15 PAN DVD double layer iPODUSB Flash Drive Xbox360 02 04 06 chow

  16. Related CS and EE Fields • Computer Graphics/Virtual Reality • Human Computer Interface • Network/Protocol Design • OS/Real Time Programming/Scheduling • Object Oriented Programming • Information Storage and Retrieval • Computer Architecture/IO Systems • Signal Processing chow

  17. Semester Projects • Sniper Tracking System (wireless sensor?/WLAN with microphone/high resolution camera) • Decoding Human Body Movement Project • Secure Podcasting System • IVR over VOIP/telephone • Multimedia Conference System (Intel HMP or open source/JMF) • Interactive Networked Multimedia Game chow

  18. UCCS Multimedia Computing Resources • Multimedia Lab in El Pomar library • Both Windows and Apple PC • Scanner, Digital Tape • Adobe/Macromedia software, Apple iMove.. • DVD Writer (Sign up/reserve your disk space for overnight video rendering) • Check out digital camera/camcorder/tripod from Help Desk in El Pomar • EN233 Lab (MathLab7.1) • EN149 Lab (VPC/VMware Virtual machines) • EN143 Lab MPC/Server that requires root privilege • Bring your own headset/microphone chow

  19. EL Pomar 238 Multimedia Development Lab • 9 Multmedia PC. 3.6GHz, 1.5GB. D: Drive for temporary storage space. WinXP • HP Scanjet 4070 Photosmart scanner. • JVC SR-VS30U DV/VHS Tape Recorder/Player • Multimedia Software Packages: • Adobe: Audition 1.5, Premiere1.5, Encore CS, Illustrator CS, PhotoShop CS, InDesign CS, Designer 7.0, Encore DVD 1.5, GoLive CS, ImageReady CS, Acrobat 7.0 Professional, After Effects 6.5. • Macromedia: Dreamweaver, Flash MX 2004, Freehand MXa, Firework MX2004. • S: mapped to \\excelsior • Z: mapped to \\enterprise\users\faculty • 4 Apple Dual 2 GHz PowerPC G5 1GBDDR SDRAM MacOS • Adobe: Illustrator CS, PhotoShop CS, InDesign CS, Designer 7.0, GoLive CS, Acrobat 6.0 Professional, After Effects 6.0 • iTune(with podcast) iDVD, iMovie, iPhoto • Macromedia: Dreamweaver, Flash MX 2004, Freehand MXa, Firework MX2004. chow

  20. EN233 Lab 40 Pentium 4 PC 3.4Ghz, 1GB, sound card. • Contain MATLAB 7.0.4 version which we will use for some of our audio/video exercises. • Find in “my computer” the network drive that maps to your ufp directory under \\excelsior\Students. Normally it is mapped to z drive. Create a cs525 directory that network drive and save your work in z:\cs525. This allows you to login any computer to retrieve the files saved there. • If you can not find the ufp directory mapped as a network drive in the local machine. You can use c:\temp for your work but transfer to ufp or CS Unix machines for storage. • Create a directory with your login in c:\temp directory and • Use c:\temp\<login> it to save your work. • Note that the content in c:\temp will be clean up periodically by the system admin’s scheduled task. It may not be there next moring. • The front panel of the PC has green plug for audio playback. • The back panel of the PC has red plug for audio recording and green plug for audio playback. chow