how to use beacons or geofencing to attract n.
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How to use Beacons or Geofencing to Attract and Retain Customers PowerPoint Presentation
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How to use Beacons or Geofencing to Attract and Retain Customers

How to use Beacons or Geofencing to Attract and Retain Customers

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How to use Beacons or Geofencing to Attract and Retain Customers

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  1. How to use Beacons or Geofencing to Attract and RetainCustomers Technology is evolving at a faster rate than expected. Earlier, what used to be a tough task is now made simply uncomplicated with the help of state of the art technology. In today’s article, we will talk about two location-specific technologies; which are doing the rounds in the technology domain. We will talk about geo fencing vs. Beacon, and we will pinpoint each of their benefits with special reference to their uses. Read on, and should you have any query; please contribute your ideas with specialized comments! First, let us understand what is geo fencing If geo targeting allows marketers to become more granular and add or delete specific users in the area, geo fencing on the other hand is a bit more pinpointed and captures almost all of users who move into a certain area. The actual purpose of developing geo fencing is to target communications in a given zone, in a more precise

  2. and empowered manner. For example – retail operators who want to attract the specialized attention of shoppers as they pass by their stores, can use geo fencing How geo fencing works? It mostly uses GPS technology to cordon off a specialized area into a practically defined virtual fence. When a device it can detect moves in or out of that fence; triggers are sent and users get notifications. Geo fencing at work with example If you have attended an art concert from a brand, and while attending the event; if you received any notifications from them asking you to shop from their stores, it is perhaps because they have used geo fencing. what is beacon A beacon, when it comes to the context of the location based technology, refers to a small hardware device which enables data transmission to mobile devices with a specific range of the device. For most of such applications, the recipients must have their Bluetooth device turned on, should have installed any other specifics and they should allow receiving transmissions.

  3. How beacons work Bluetooth technology is cheaper than GPS, and beacons work with the help of the technology. However; the downside of the technology is that many people do not actually keep their device turned on while moving around. Beacons at work To start getting to understand beacons, you might need to install apps, accept the request for receiving location specific andLocation Based Services, and turn on the Bluetooth on your device Beacons can pinpoint better accuracy about the exact location, geo fencing can be more easy to incorporate and integrate, beacons heavily rely on Bluetooth technology, while geo fencing work with GPS. In simple words, which technology is better for your business actually depend on a number of factors. Which technology do you need specifically depend on the nature of service that you want to promote. Should you want to learn more about technologies to communicate and collaborate better with your targeted audience; please click thewebsitenow!

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