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Dry skin care PowerPoint Presentation
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Dry skin care

Dry skin care

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Dry skin care

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  1. Aesthetic-dermatology HOMEABOUTAESTHETIC DERMATOLOGYDERMATOLOGYLASER APPLICATIONSPRESSContact Us Dry skin care In contrast, despite all moisturizing products used, together with the tension on the skin surface, care should be applied to dry skin moisture-featured enough to be flaking. The purpose of this maintenance is not only to increase skin moisture capacity, but also to increase the holding capacity of skin moisture. For this purpose, sometimes to maintenance, as light fillers containing hyaluronic acid, mesotherapy applications may be also combined. After maintenance, the correct placing products to be used, it may be possible to extend activities.

  2. Aesthetic-dermatology HOMEABOUTAESTHETIC DERMATOLOGYDERMATOLOGYLASER APPLICATIONSPRESSContact Us Botox Treatment for Wrinkles Botulinum Toxin is a kind of protein which does a receptor blockage to neurumuscular junction and induces a temporary loss of function in muscles.Botulinum toxin is produced in laboratary environment and used in the treatments of some diseases in different concentrations.First utilizations of it are in diplopia,some neurological diseases and pain treatments. Botulinum toxin (Botox, Dysport) effectiveness in implementation takes 4-8 months. Efficacyon repeated administration period is extended.Muscles as in the old boilers will not be repeated before the implemantation functions.

  3. Aesthetic-dermatology HOMEABOUTAESTHETIC DERMATOLOGYDERMATOLOGYLASER APPLICATIONSPRESSContact Us Laser Stain Treatment After the summer, sunspots are quite a common problem. After intense sun exposure or tanning skin produces more melanin pigment to protect itself. Women are more common. Generally settled on face where more sun exposed as above the lip, forehead and cheeks. In freckles, especially during sunny periods brown stains are got remarkable which in the cheeks, over the nose, on the forehead and chin. Losing the effect of the sun begins to decline. Sometimes oral medications, cosmetics applied on skin, perfumes or herbal contacts with sun exposure can cause to reaction and color darkening of the skin.

  4. Dermatology HOMEABOUTAESTHETIC DERMATOLOGYDERMATOLOGYLASER APPLICATIONSPRESSContact Us SeborrheicDermatit Capillary Treatment Dandruff on the scalp, crusting in heaps formed by the merger of dandruff, sometimes redness and itching may prove to be as result of seborrheic dermatitis. This type of eczema can be treated with some drugs. Choosing the right shampoo used in scalp skin is important in order to excessive drying and cleaning the fat to leave. To resolve the irritation and dandruff using effective product for some time support the treatment. However, seborrheic dermatitis can repeat the time period declined completely. On surface of the skin in superficial veins extensions or blood veins flocculation can be seen. It can be found all over the body, especially the legs. Pathological vein formation should be determined by the physician performing additional tests and sometimes appropriate treatment approaches should be identified to the situation.