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Diagnostic Tool for the Intelligent Test Framework 3.1 PowerPoint Presentation
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Diagnostic Tool for the Intelligent Test Framework 3.1

Diagnostic Tool for the Intelligent Test Framework 3.1

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Diagnostic Tool for the Intelligent Test Framework 3.1

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  1. Diagnostic Tool for the Intelligent Test Framework 3.1

  2. Agenda • Overview and deployment strategy • Features of diagnostic tool • Demonstration • Feedback

  3. Overview and deployment Strategy • Objective of Tool • Assess whether target systems (customer purchased ITF server/workstation) are properly configured prior to installation of ITF s/w. • Single troubleshooting/monitoring tools for both customer and Agilent. • Simplify collection of data for customers/field. • Deployment Strategy • Will Not be deployed together with new ITF 3.1+ installation CD in June/July 05. • Beta version downloadable from MTSS FTP site. FTP site address will be sent to participants. • Can be installed on ITF Server, ART/AQT workstations and Agilent tester. Runs only in MS Windows environment (supports windows Server 2000/2003, XP and 2000 with .Net framework) and automatically configured to the ability/function of the system application • Simple installation procedure and automatically install .Net framework when none is detected. • Limitations • No centralized data collection. Diagnostic tools need to be installed on target machine to collect information on the machine and for troubleshooting.

  4. Deployment Strategy • ITF 3.1 Diagnostic Tool can be installed on • ITF Server • Agilent Testers • AQT/ART workstations • Application is server/workstation specific. • No centralized administration at least for the release yet. Local machine configuration required • Installation script will detect server/workstation and configures automatically.

  5. Diagnostic Tool Features What are the Features of this tool?

  6. Data Collection Features • Data collection • Create and automatically generate Profile for customer and equipment. (e.g. Customer contacts, testers deployed, ITF hardware etc) • Collect appropriate and relevant data for in-depth technical analysis by call centre and R&D – bypass strict IT policy on remote access. • Provide snapshot of customer’s system quickly, including license tests, system log file, ITF/Agent log file and many more useful information to assist in troubleshooting.

  7. Troubleshooting Aids and Preventive maintenance Features • Troubleshooting Aids • Quick diagnostic capability to identify network bandwidth, disk storage Utilization, CPU/RAM resource etc • Log file analyzer to quickly pinpoint source of problem on the Tester (ITF not available yet) system • Troubleshooting wizard (will be continuously updated) to guide users on diagnosing and solving common technical problems. • System integrity checks (e.g. Network connection, ITF DB connection, Services etc) • Simple diagnostic reports. • Isolate server, client and tester problems • Preventive maintenance • Simple tools to help user perform preventive maintenance. However, this does not include file archive and backup utilities.

  8. Capacity Planning and Simple to Update Features • Capacity Planning • Provide simple tools for capacity planning (e.g disk space requirement and recommended configuration) • Monitor/track critical resources and warn users by emails, pop up messages if there is any abnormalities detected. • Performs pre-check on Server and client workstations on whether system complies with minimum system requirements • Simple to update • Simple to update with recommendations so that user can self-admin technical problems Generate simple to read HTML diagnostic report

  9. Demonstration and Hands-on session

  10. Next step and feedbacks • Deployment schedule • Downloadable from MTSS FTP website (FTP site: mtss, password: akBe2Zs2[) • When prompt to enter a Product, please enter S/N: SG44510100 if you are testing out the software on your machine. For customer system, please use customer’s S/N accordingly • Beta version now Available in June 2005 • Feedback • Requires feedback for enhancements. • Channel for feedback (Siew Kheen: