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Life to Eagle A step-by-step guide for Scouts, Parents and Scouters

Life to Eagle A step-by-step guide for Scouts, Parents and Scouters. Don Victory, Advancement Chair, North Star District Drawing on Materials From: David Nalley , Advancement Chair, Thunderwolf District Dan Harvey, Advancement Chair (retired), North Star District

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Life to Eagle A step-by-step guide for Scouts, Parents and Scouters

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  1. Life to EagleA step-by-step guide forScouts, Parents and Scouters Don Victory, Advancement Chair, North Star District Drawing on Materials From: David Nalley, Advancement Chair, Thunderwolf District Dan Harvey, Advancement Chair (retired), North Star District Jerry Fochtman & Deb Grun, Sam Houston Area Council

  2. How many Cub and Boy Scouts have the potential to earn the rank of Eagle Scout? I have yet to meet one who could not.

  3. Eagle Rank Requirements • Be active six months after achieving Life. • Demonstrate you live Scout Oath and Law in daily life. • Earn 21 merit badges (12 specific ones required). • While Life, serve 6 months in position(s) of responsibility. • While Life, plan, develop, and give leadership to others in a service project. • Take part in a unit leader conference. • Successfully complete an Eagle Scout board of review. (Only this requirement may be met after age 18.) http://www.scouting.org/scoutsource/BoyScouts/AdvancementandAwards/eagle.aspx

  4. Key Documents • Eagle Scout Leadership Service Project Workbook • 2012 Printing (2013 printing soon?) http://www.scouting.org/filestore/pdf/512-927_fillable.pdf • Eagle Scout Rank Application • 2012 Printing (2013 printing soon?) http://www.scouting.org/filestore/pdf/512-728_web.pdf • Read them. Follow Them.

  5. All Forms also on SHAC web site

  6. Leadership Service Projects • “5. While a Life Scout, plan, develop, and give leadership to others … • … in a service project helpful to any religious institution, any school, or your community. • (The project must benefit an organization other than Boy Scouting.) • A project proposal must be approved by the organization benefiting from the effort, your unit leader and unit committee, and the council or district before you start. • You must use the Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook, BSA publication No. 512-927, in meeting this requirement.

  7. Leadership Service Projects • Get workbook from web site only • Hand-me-downs can get out of date. • Must start with most recent versions. • Can finish with version with which you started.

  8. How to get started on Project: • Download Workbook: • www.scouting.org • www.nesa.org • http://www.samhoustonbsa.org/forms.php • Fillable/Savable PDF • Read "Message to Scouts and Parents or Guardians“, page 4-4. • Sign and Date “Candidate's Promise”, page 2-4. • Pick Project • Hint: You can get three steps done before picking project!

  9. Leadership Service Project • Purpose of the Project • Helpful to the community • Demonstrate leadership • Learn project planning and management • Develop confidence to make good things happen

  10. Suggested Project Steps • Candidate signs pledge in workbook. • Select project. • Discuss with Eagle Coach and or Troop Advancement Chair. • Discuss with benefitting organization. • Project proposal approved by: 1) Unit Leader, 2) Unit Committee, 3) Benefactor, and 4) District/Council Advancement Committee. • If fundraising or receiving donations, complete / submit fundraising application if required. • Complete planning for project. • Complete project. • Obtain Signatures: Unit Leader & Benefactor.

  11. Your Project Idea 1. Someone else did it a while back 2. An adult in the troop suggested it 3. Suggested by the benefiting organization 4. Agreed to by the Scout and the benefiting organization 5. Scout’s idea

  12. Limitations for Projects • Routine labor (a job or service normally rendered) should not be considered. • Projects involving council property or other BSA activities are not acceptable. • Projects may not be performed for businesses or an individual. • Projects may not be of a commercial nature.

  13. Limitations for Projects • No minimum number of hours is required • The project is an individual matter; therefore, two Eagle Scout candidates may not receive credit for working on the same project • Projects may not be a fund-raiser. Fund-raising is permitted only for securing materials needed to carry out the project. • Talking about raising funds . . .

  14. Fund Raising Approval • Necessary except when all contributions are from the candidate, his parents or relatives, his unit or chartering organization, parents or other members of his unit, or the beneficiary of the service project. • Email to SHAC online fillable PDF version of Fund Raising Approval form in Eagle Workbook. Response in 2 business days or less. • Attach approval e-mail from SHAC as a part of the project plan documentation.

  15. Leadership Service Projects • Project Types • Construction • Repair • Landscape or Planting • Collection or Drives • Other

  16. Project Types • Collection / Drives • Should be an “Active” collection method rather than a “Passive” method • There must be a clearly defined goal and it must be significant • Must be well thought out - planned

  17. Service Project Proposal To be approved, it must show: • Opportunity to meet Eagle Scout service project requirement. • Planning, development, and leadership will take place • How the three factors will benefit a religious institution, a school, or your community. • It appears to be feasible. • Safety issues will be addressed. • Action steps for further detailed planning are included. • You are on the right track with a reasonable chance for a positive experience.

  18. Service Project Proposal • Contact Information • Project Description and Benefit • Giving Leadership • Materials • Supplies • Tools • Permits & Permissions • Preliminary Cost Estimate • Project Phases • Logistics • Safety Issues • Further Planning • Candidate’s Pledge • Approval Signatures (4)

  19. Project Approval Signatures • After you have the first three signatures – Unit Approval is last – THEN contact … • District for Project Review and Approval northstar.advance@gmail.com • I check this email every weekend. • Project proposal reviews: Monday’s only, 7 or 8 PM, typically at my house. Must arrive with parent or guardian. • Please bring entire workbook, not just the proposal pages. Before photos are suggested (not required)

  20. Eagle Proposal Process • Email northstar.advance@gmail.com with: • Scout name • Troop / Unit number • Your text / mobile number • Name of parent or guardian who will accompany you (YPT) • Desired Monday & time slot, 7 or 8 PM. • If after a week . . . email again & text 281-384-2636. Please no text for routine matters. • Proposal reviews typically at my house. • The address will be provided by return email. • If you arrive without parent or guardian the meeting will not take place.

  21. Eagle Proposal Process • Wear Class A uniform • A Scout is Courteous. Please be on time else – if not operating a motor vehicle! - text or call. • Mr. Victory may be held up at work, will text or call if he must cancel. • Be prepared! Bring all pages of work book. Additional planning okay to bring (e.g., design drawings, photos), helps show feasibility, though not required. • Bring tools to take notes! Eagle Workbook Page 3-2 with, “Comments From Your Proposal Review.” • Parent / guardian should not volunteer comments

  22. Service Project Final Plan • Comments on your Project Proposal • Project Description and Benefit Changes • Present Condition or Situation • Project Phases • Work Processes • Permits and Permissions • Materials • Supplies • Tools • Expenses / Revenue • Giving Leadership • Logistics • Safety • Contingency Plans

  23. Planning Considerations • Benefiting Organization Approval • Design • Sourcing Tools • Skill Level • Source of Help • Work Hour Estimate • Length of Work Day • Location of the Project • Project Cost • Source of Funds • Media Coverage

  24. Working the Project • Keep track of all those who worked on the project • Scouts, Adults, Non-Scouts, Non-Scouters • Take lots of pictures! • Keep your workers happy • Food, water, breaks • And Safe! • Personal protection gear (e.g., safety glasses, sun screen, etc.)

  25. Service Project Report • Summary • Changes • Leadership • Materials, Supplies, Tools • Entering the Service Project Data • Funding • Photos / Other Documentation

  26. Scoutmaster Conference • Final opportunity to impart knowledge • Ask for a commitment from the Scout for continued involvement • Ask for suggestions on how to improve the program • Try to put the Scout at ease concerning the Board of Review

  27. Eagle Rank Application • Make sure all dates are accurate • Identify individuals to write letters of recommendation • Write a “Statement of Life Purpose” • Requirement 6. • Get all unit leader signatures Full Legal Name!

  28. Eagle Rank Application • Unit Committee (not Scout!) obtains five Letters of Recommendation • Parent/Guardian • Religious - Parent may provide • Educational • Employer (if any) • Other Reference(s) • Must be Received in a Timely Manner or Unit Must Follow-Up. • If still not provided, proceed with application.

  29. Obtaining Council Approval • Unit Submits The Eagle Scout Application Packet to Council Eagle Scout Processor. • Eagle Application • Eagle Service Project Workbook • Eagle Candidates Statement for Req. 6 • Letters of Reference • Certificate from Recording Project in Journey To Excellence Service Hours (Will Not Prevent Council Approval) • Once Certified by Council, Eagle Board of Review Can Be Held.

  30. Eagle Scout Board of Review • Held Within 90 Days of 18th Birthday (unless authorized). • Unit Organizes the Board, contacts the District Advancement Chairman to schedule • Composed of at least 3, but no more than 6 members: • At least 1 District/Council Representative. • All Members at least 21 years of age. • Members not Required to be Registered in Scouting but Must have Understanding of the Importance and Purpose of the Eagle Board of Review. • No Family Members Can Serve. • Unit Leaders from Youth’s Unit Can Not Serve. • Youth/Family Have No Input to Selection of Board Members.

  31. Final Paperwork • Take the following to the Scout Service Center • Application • Eagle Project Workbook • Advancement Report • Letters of recommendation • Statement of Life Purpose

  32. Court of Honor • Allow six weeks from the time the paperwork is submitted • Typically parents’responsibility to plan • Send Pictures/News article to the local newspapers

  33. Questions / Discussion

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