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Def Jam

Def Jam. Rihanna. Ne-Yo. The-Dream. Kanye West. Rick Ross. The Wanted. N-Dubz. BIGGEST ARTISTS. Illegal Downloading.

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Def Jam

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  1. Def Jam

  2. Rihanna Ne-Yo The-Dream Kanye West Rick Ross The Wanted N-Dubz BIGGEST ARTISTS

  3. Illegal Downloading • The week of May 18th 2010 was the lowest week for album sales. The issue is not necessarily that urban music, particularly hip-hop, is becoming less popular. In fact, on the contrary it only takes one look at the percentage of entries from the urban genres in charts like Billboard and the UK Top 40 to see that they are actually becoming increasingly popular in the mainstream. The problem, in reality, is probably that they are actually too popular. Largely due to the increased demand for urban music, the rise of both legal and illegal downloading is continuing at an astounding pace. These affect the amount of CDs that are actually sold. The best example actually comes from the Jamaican scene, where arguably the most popular deejay Vybz Kartel infamously sold just 8 copies of his album Pon di Gaza during its first week. 

  4. Def Jam under Universal Music Group • In 1998, PolyGram was purchased by Seagrams and merged into its Universal Music Group. Following Universal Music Group's takeover of PolyGram, it purchased the remaining interest of Def Jam Recordings from Russell Simmons for a reported $100 million. Universal merged Def Jam with Island Records to form The Island Def Jam Music Group. In spite of the formation of IDJMG, Def Jam and Island continue to operate as separate imprints underneath the bigger umbrella. • Universal Music Group (UMG) is the largest group of record labels in the recording industry. It is the largest of the "big four" record companies by its commanding market share and its multitude of global operations. Universal Music Group is a wholly owned subsidiary of international French media conglomerate Vivendi. • A conglomerate is a combination of two or more corporations engaged in entirely different businesses together into one corporate structure, usually involving a parent company and several (or many) subsidiaries. Often, a conglomerate is a multi-industry company. Conglomerates are often large and multinational.

  5. The Island Def Jam Music Group is a record label group formed in 1999 when Universal Music Group merged two of its daughter companies, Island Records and Def Jam Recordings, to create a label group.

  6. Mercury Records is a record label operating as a standalone company in the UK and as part of the The Island Def Jam Music Group in the US, and are both subsidiaries of Universal Music Group. There is also a Mercury Records in Australia, which is a local artist and repertoire division of Universal Music Australia. In the United States, Universal Music Group Nashville administers the Mercury Records Nashville label.

  7. Roc-A-Fella Records is a record label founded by Shawn "Jay-Z" Carter, Damon "Dame" Dash, and Kareem "Biggs" Burke. The label's title refers to American oil magnate and businessman John D. Rockefeller. Today it operates as a subsidiary of Universal Music Group, and is distributed by The Island Def Jam Music Group.

  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sU6cSVF6kKwhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sk3LZxYjaTw&feature=relatedhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sU6cSVF6kKwhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sk3LZxYjaTw&feature=related

  9. Proliferation • the growth or production of cells by multiplication of parts. • a rapid and often excessive spread or increase • Synergy • combined action or functioning; synergism. • Vertical integration • the integration within one company of individual businesses working separately in related phases of the production and sale of a product.

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