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Among the Hidden: Vocabulary PowerPoint Presentation
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Among the Hidden: Vocabulary

Among the Hidden: Vocabulary

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Among the Hidden: Vocabulary

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  1. Among the Hidden:Vocabulary

  2. Directions: Chapters 1-3 • As we go through each slide, write down the definitions next to the words. • Either later in class or for HW, you will have to write sentences for each word. • You may not use the same sentence I used!

  3. Chapter 1, #1- Shudder Definition: To quiver in fear. Sentence: As I thought about the ghost I saw in the attic, I shuddered and felt a chill slowly move up my spine.

  4. #2- Harrumphed Definition: Laughing or smirking sarcastically Sentence: When Charles told me he was going to the prom with the most popular girl in school, I harrumphed in disbelief.

  5. #3- Umpteenth Definition: Numerous times Sentence: “For the umpteenth time, clean your room!” Screamed Mom.

  6. Chapter 2, #1- Crouch Definition: To bend down with your arms and legs close to your body Sentence: He crouched behind a bush so that the scary bear wouldn’t see him.

  7. #2- Skillet Definition: A frying pan. Sentence: I used a skillet to make an egg and mushroom omelet this morning.

  8. #3- Superstition Definition: A belief that is not rooted in fact. Sentence: One popular superstition is that you will get seven years of bad luck if you open an umbrella inside of a house.

  9. Chapter 3, #1- Skittish Definition: jittery or nervous Sentence: I get very skittish around spiders, because I am terrified of them.

  10. #2- Deserted Definition: empty or barren Sentence: I went back to school at 5:00pm to get my math book and it was completely deserted; I did not see a single person.

  11. Directions: Chapters 4-6 • As we go through each slide, write down the definitions next to the words. • Either later in class or for HW, you will have to write sentences for each word. • You may not use the same sentence I used!

  12. Chapter 4, #1- Beseechingly Definition: To ask for eagerly Sentence: “Can I please, please, please go to the school dance, Mom?” I asked beseechingly.

  13. #2- Hover Definition: To linger about; to be suspended in the air Sentence: My little brother always hovers over me when I am chatting online; he is so nosy!

  14. #3- Scurry Definition: To move about quickly Sentence: The mouse scurried from one end of the room to the other, determined to get to the cheese as quickly as possible.

  15. Chapter 6, #1- Auction Definition: A public sale where competitive bidding determines the owner Sentence: I placed the highest bid for the One Direction tickets at the auction so I won them!

  16. Chapter 6, #2- Retrieve Definition: To recover or regain Sentence: My dog, Pebbles, is great at playing “fetch”. He always retrieves the ball, no matter how far I throw it!

  17. Directions: Chapters 7-10 • As we go through each slide, write down the definitions next to the words. • Either later in class or for HW, you will have to write sentences for each word. • You may not use the same sentence I used!

  18. Chapter 7, #1- Linger Definition: To stay or remain in a place longer than expected Sentence: I thought the strange boy would finally go away, but he just kept lingering around me.

  19. #2- Fatigue Definition: Weariness Sentence: After a long day of school, soccer practice, and babysitting for my neighbor, fatigue took over and I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.

  20. Chapter 8, #1- Tentatively Definition: With caution Sentence: I tentatively opened the mysterious box, hoping that spiders wouldn’t pop out and attack me!

  21. #2- Apparatus Definition: A complex combination of machinery, tools, etc. Sentence: I don’t understand how to use this photocopying apparatus, there are too many parts and it is too confusing.

  22. #3- Blubbered Definition: To weep noisily Sentence: When my father told me I wasn’t allowed to go to the mall, I whined and blubbered for hours.

  23. Chapter 9, #1- Reluctantly Definition: To do something unwillingly Sentence: Even though I would rather play video games, I reluctantly did the dishes so that my grandma would stop yelling at me.

  24. #2- Irritable Definition: Easily annoyed Sentence: I get very irritable when people poke me to get my attention- why can’t they raise their hands?

  25. #Chapter 10, 1- Incredulous Definition: Skeptical or non-believing Sentence: The boy grew incredulous when he learned about all the unbelievable things that happen in America.

  26. #2- Guffaw Definition: To laugh loudly; a burst of loud laughter. Sentence: I couldn’t help but guffaw when my sister tripped down the stairs; what a klutz!

  27. Directions: Chapters 11-14 • As we go through each slide, write down the definitions next to the words. • Either later in class or for HW, you will have to write sentences for each word. • You may not use the same sentence I used!

  28. Chapter 11, #1- Unseasonably Definition: Untimely or inappropriately Sentence: It was unseasonably warm for October; I was sweating while walking home from school!

  29. Chapter 12, #1- Theoretically Definition: hypothetically, possibly Sentence: It is theoretically possible for someone to get straight A’s for their whole school career, but it is unlikely.

  30. Chapter 13, #1- Hibernating Definition: To withdraw or stay in seclusion Sentence: Since the bear was hibernating all winter, he hadn’t seen his other animal friends in months!

  31. Chapter 13, #2- Sanctuary Definition: A safe haven Sentence: My bedroom is my sanctuary because it is the one place where I feel safe, comfortable, and happy.

  32. Chapter 13, #3- Telepathy Definition: Communication between minds without speaking or writing Sentence: Sometimes I think my mom has the gift of telepathy because she can always read my mind!

  33. Chapter 13, #4- Reckless Definition: To be unconcerned with danger or consequences. Sentence: His reckless driving led to a speeding ticket.

  34. Chapter 14, #1- Pristine Definition: Extremely clean; uncorrupted or unpolluted Sentence: My mom handed me the broom and told me the kitchen better be pristine by the time she got back home.

  35. Chapter 14, #2- Vague Definition: Lacking in detail Sentence: My answer on the quiz was vague and lacking in detail so I lost points.

  36. Chapter 15, #1- Rally Definition: An organized protest Sentence: My sister organized a rally to protest unfair amount of homework being given.

  37. Chapter 15, #2- Taboo Definition: Something deemed inappropriate or unacceptable by society. Sentence: It is considered a huge taboo to make fun of other people’s differences.

  38. Chapter 15, #3- Prissy Definition: Very prim and proper Sentence: The prissygirl refused to play in the sandbox with the other kids because she didn’t want to get her hands dirty.

  39. Chapter 15, #4- Bribery Definition: Accepting or giving money or valuable inappropriately. Sentence: My brother offered to give me money to not tell on him to my mother, but I knew that was bribery.

  40. Chapter 16, #1- Propaganda Definition: The spreading of information or rumors. Sentence: Politicians oftenrelease negative propagandaabout the people they arerunning against.

  41. Chapter 17, #1- Nonchalantly Definition: casually or discretely Sentence: Since Steve didn’t want his mom to see the bad grade on his test, he nonchalantly slid the paper into his binder so that she wouldn’t see it.

  42. Chapter 17, #2- Flippantly Definition: disrespectfully or shallow Sentence: When Miss Rego asked Billy Bob if he studied for the quiz, he rolled her eyes and flippantly replied, “Um… No.”

  43. Chapter 18, #1- Triumphant Definition: Victorious Sentence: The triumphantcries of the World Cup winning team could be heard throughout the stadium.

  44. Chapter 18, #2- Sarcastic Definition: bitter or ironic joking Sentence: His sarcastic remarks about my flute-playing “mastery” made me feel worse about how I awful I play.

  45. Chapter 19, #1- Famine Definition: an extreme scarcity of food Sentence: Many third-world countries suffer from famine, and people are desperate to find ways to grow or buy more food.

  46. Chapter 19, #2- Annihilation Definition: complete destruction Sentence: My amazing video game skills led to the annihilation of the entire enemy army.

  47. Chapter 19, #3- Malnourished Definition: underfed; lacking in nutrition Sentence: The abandoned puppy was malnourished, so we slowly nursed and fed him back to health.

  48. Chapter 19, #4- Genocide Definition: The deliberate extermination of a group Sentence: The Holocaust is a sad example of genocide, became the Nazi army targeted certain large groups.

  49. Chapter 20, #1- Abnormal Definition: Irregular Sentence: It is abnormal for the weather to be very cold inAugust.

  50. Chapter 20, #2- Grimace Definition: A facial expression that indicates disapproval or pain Sentence: I grimaced when my dad told me I would have extra chores this week because of my bad behavior.