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The great teacher

The great teacher

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The great teacher

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  1. The great teacher Whosever room this is should be ashamed! Her students are sleeping and not learning. Her lessons are centered on Ms. Teacher, And the students are becoming quite distracted. Her scaffolding is nowhere in sight, Her praises are thrown out the door. Her lectures are long filled with nothing but words, And there is no modeling to help understand. Her lessons teach new material, Her tests have been left for the end. A rushed walk through mitosis and meiosis, And no practice is done to put in LTM. Whosever room this is should be ashamed! Who? Vigotsky and Piaget and Skinner Huh? You say they can all help? I know change is about to come!

  2. The great teacher Let the class be full of great learning again, Let it be the class that was once dreamed. Let only the student take the front stage, Seeking…..constructing knowledge for themselves. Let Piaget teach you about the four stages, Let the stage your student is in guide. Where abstract is not used at age nine, But left for formal operational. O, let Vigotsky be your MKO, Proper scaffolding is what you need to learn. But ZPD is also important to learn, Difference of what is learned with and without help.

  3. The great teacher Skinner helps you with rewards and praises, Changing behavior is what it's all about. Whether it's positive or negative, Reinforcement and punishment helps get it done. A sticker for doing the homework correct, Or detention for interrupting class. Allowing for students to work in groups, Makes learning about the cell easy.When doing an experiment in lab, Modeling the procedure will help the students. Observing the self-efficacy, One can help increase by encouraging. All Lessons come with formative assessments, Summative assessments for the end. Let the class be full of great learning again, Let it be the class that was once dreamed.