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CFC Charity Introductions PowerPoint Presentation
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CFC Charity Introductions

CFC Charity Introductions

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CFC Charity Introductions

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  1. CFC Charity Introductions 1. Name 2. Agency 3. “What’s Your Story?” 4. “Why/How are you involved with your group?”

  2. Why CFC Speakers’ Training C – Credibility F – For C - Contributors You are representing the CFC, your charity and all missions to encourage giving to causes that are personal. You can educate and correct misunderstandings about charitable giving.

  3. Federal Agency Will Host Kick Off Meeting or Event For Group Solicitation • The most efficient and effective way to ask • Puts donors at ease, no one is singled out • Easiest way to reach most people • CFC Video makes audience feel appreciated • Speakers puts a face to a need

  4. Campaign Scope • Annual fundraising drive conducted by Federal employees • Raise millions of dollars through CFC ($209 million in 2013) • Benefits thousands of non-profit Human Health and Welfare • charities • Our campaign conducted Oct 1 – Dec 12 at every Federal • agency in our region • The Combined Federal Campaign is the only authorized solicitation of employees in the Federal workplace on behalf of charitable organizations

  5. Campaign Materials • CAMPAIGN BROCHURE/DIRECTORY • A complete list of charitable federations and agencies - Local, National, International - Quick Index in front - Alphabetized Index II.PLEDGE FORMS - Designate up to 5 charities per form - Donate to as many charities as they want - Encourage PAYROLL deduction (97% give this way) - Can seal pledge form in envelope for confidential gift • ONLINE GIVING AVAILABLE/ENCOURAGED - For all Federal Employees ( - Confidential - Easy - Includes Payroll & Credit Card Giving

  6. Online Giving Options For All Federal Employees The 3 Rivers/PA West CFC is proud to offer THREE methods of making your CFC payroll deduction donation online. Making your donation online offers a variety of benefits including a charity search tool, verification of the charity codes you enter, mathematical accuracy, and increased privacy and confidentiality. ONLINE OPTIONS: Employee Express (EEX) is available to employees at SELECT federal agencies. Pledge goes directly to EEX payroll office. MyPay is available to employees at SELECT federal agencies (DFAS). Defense Finance and Accounting Services (DFAS) provides payment services to the United States Department of Defense. Pledge goes directly to MyPay payroll office. CFC Nexus is available to ALL donors in the region (no matter the payroll office) and is encouraged for agencies/donors whom do not have access to the EEX and MyPay payroll programs.

  7. NEW 2014Universal Giving is Here! Universal Giving is the ability to donate to any of the 24,000+ national, international, and local charities (not denied participation in the CFC) without regard to geographic boundaries. An example would be if you work in the State of Pennsylvania and you want to donate to a Brooklyn, New York food pantry (and they are in the CFC), with Universal Giving, this can now be achieved. Find ALL CFC charity codes at and use the “Charity Look Up” tool. You can place the charity code on your paper pledge card or donate online through MyPay, EEX or CFC Nexus. The “Universal Giving List” is a single nationwide list of ALL 24,000+ charities in the CFC and this list will only be made available to donors electronically. Please visit Please know that the print version of the CFC Charity List/Directory will continue to contain the national & international charity information provided by OPM and the 300+ local charities approved in the 3 Rivers/PA West CFC region.

  8. Most Frequently Asked Questions • IS THIS THE UNITED WAY? • NO - The CFC used to be managed by the local United Way. • Since 2006, an Independent Contractor has directed the local CFC, helping to lower CFC administrative costs and raise more funds for charities. • United Way organizations are listed in the CFC. • Contact the Local CFC Director: • Amy Ervin – • 412-330-7667

  9. Most Frequently Asked Questions • WHY DO PEOPLE GIVE THROUGH THE CFC? • They have received help from a charity supported through the CFC. • They know someone who has been helped by a charity. • They want to help others. • CFC is a convenient way to make a charitable contribution. • They feel good knowing their contribution will make a difference to a charity that has been reviewed and audited.

  10. Most Frequently Asked Questions • WHY SHOULD YOU GIVE THROUGH THE CFC? • Each agency has been screened by a committee of Federal Employees, ensuring its legitimacy. • Charities can count on donations given through the CFC. • Charities can plan their programs accordingly. • Payroll deduction is available only through CFC. • Greater impact, because it is combined with contributions from other Federal employees. • You can receive recognition from the CFC and your charities. • CFC protects the Federal Employee from year-round, • in-the-workplace solicitation by charitable agencies.

  11. Most Frequently Asked Questions • WHY ISN’T MY FAVORITE CHARITY • A MEMBER OF THE CFC? • All charities must apply to be part of the CFC either nationally or locally. • All applications are reviewed by a committee of federal employees for their compliance with the regulations. • Possible issues with Audit, Financials and 501c3 Status

  12. Most Frequently Asked Questions • WHO DETERMINES HOW MY • CONTRIBUTION WILL BE USED? • THE DONOR DOES! • By designating a gift to an agency(ies) the donor ensures only that agency will receive the money.

  13. Most Frequently Asked Questions • HOW DO I KNOW THAT MY MONEY REALLY GETS TO THE AGENCY I DESIGNATE? • All designations are honored by OPM regulation • Local CFC undergoes two separate audits • - a financial audit is conducted by an independent accounting firm • - a compliance audit is conducted by the LFCC. • Audits review designations to be sure they have been honored. • The “Release of Name” allows the donor’s name to be forwarded to the charities designated. The Charity sends an acknowledgement of the pledge.

  14. Most Frequently Asked Questions • WHAT IF I CAN’T AFFORD TO GIVE RIGHT NOW? • Pledge your gift through payroll deduction. • Payroll deduction spreads small payments throughout the year. Deductions don’t begin until January 2015. • 97% of CFC pledges are through payroll deduction. • $1.00 per pay civilian. $2.00 per pay military.

  15. Most Frequently Asked Questions • IS A CONTRIBUTION TAX DEDUCTIBLE? • Yes! • 100% of a contribution to any CFC agency is tax deductible when an individual itemizes.

  16. Most Frequently Asked Questions • WHAT IF I KNOW I WILL NOT BE IN MY JOB • FOR AN ENTIRE YEAR? • You can give through payroll deduction if you know you will be in your job for at least three months in the new year.

  17. Most Frequently Asked Questions • WHAT IF I TRANSFER TO ANOTHER AREA? • If you transfer, the payroll deduction authorization you give here will follow you.

  18. Most Frequently Asked Questions • WHY SHOULD I CONTRIBUTE WHEN • I DON’T USE THE AGENCIES? • You most likely have had contact with a CFC agency. • - Swimming lessons at the “Y”; Daycare ; Library • - Hereditary disease; Relatives in disasters (floods, fires) • Even if no direct involvement with a CFC agency, each of us benefits from living in a community that cares for those in need. • Recent events teach us that we may be just one step away from needing the help of a CFC agency.

  19. Most Frequently Asked Questions • WHAT DOES THE PERCENTAGE LISTED • WITH EACH AGENCY MEAN? • The number represents the fundraising and administrative costs of the charity. What they spend and what goes to its mission. • AFR of 15% or less is great • AFR of 25% or less is still low • Donor has option to contact charity about their AFR % • Charities have to spend money in order to pursue mission!

  20. Giving a CFC Presentation • Prepare your presentation a few days before event • Plan for speaking a maximum of 5 minutes • Give an agency overview: How your agency is a “Making It Possible.” • “I am a (recipient, volunteer, staff member) with XYZ agency. For those of your unfamiliar with XYZ we provide programs and services to help ______________. • Give a personal overview: Why you got involved with charity • “I’ve been involved with XYZ agency for X years. I became involved as a (recipient, volunteer, staff) because _______________.

  21. Giving a CFC Presentation • REGULATION/REQUIREMENT • Closing: XYZ agency is one of the many worthy CFC • supported organizations. I encourage you to find one close to • your heart and support it by giving through the CFC. • Ask your Keyworker for a CFC Directory and CFC Donor Form • to hold up • Thank the audience and the keyworker for allowing you to • share your story • End presentation

  22. Giving a CFC Presentation • DO tailor your presentation to your audience’s needs. • (Military, Civilian, USPS, Hospital Staff) • DO answer the question for donor “what’s in it for me if I donate?” • DO bring literature to leave behind (with CFC Code) • DO try to get close to your audience. Meet some of the people before & after presentation…(SMILE) • DO tell a story. This is what your audience wants to hear. • DO tell how Federal Employee donations make a difference! • DO mention understanding about federal stresses (pay freeze/no hires)

  23. Giving a CFC PresentationWhat NOT to do • DO NOT bring a personal video or power point presentation • (The CFC video tells the campaign story) • DO NOT solicit for donations directly for your agency. (If you give to our group today, you will get….) • DO NOT exceed your allotted time. • (Your portion of the program is calculated to fit into a total presentation time frame)

  24. Giving a CFC PresentationWhat NOT to do • DO NOT overload your audience with too many ideas or statistics. • Keep your presentation simple, personal and passionate • DO NOT discuss political, religious, sexual or lobbying issues • DO NOT compare your agency’s services, need or importance to • another agency (our agency is better than XYZ)

  25. CFC Speaking RequestsHow it works • Keyworkers receive list of all speakers who have been trained • Keyworkers contact charity speakers directly • Keyworkers make necessary arrangements • Speakers may NOT solicit federal agencies for speaking opportunities (Ex: Can’t call a federal agency) • Speakers can leave brochures with CFC code behind

  26. CFC Speaker Tracking • Speaker should notify CFC office of speaking engagement via e-mail: • Provide Location, Time & Date of speaking engagement • This will allow CFC to evaluate Federal Agency kick off events

  27. Security Issues • Each location has specific requirements • Arrange with Keyworker to gain entrance to base/office • Always carry ID/Driver’s License

  28. REMINDERS • Smile • Professional Attire • Have Fun and Be Friendly • Help the Federal Campaign Manager • Bring Candy, Chocolate, Give-a-ways • Put your CFC code on everything • 5 Minutes can make a difference to the potential donors • Reinforce CFC Theme: “Make It Possible"

  29. CFC CONTACT INFORMATION Amy Ervin Local CFC Director 3 Rivers/PA West CFC 412-330-7667