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OPM CFC WORKSHOP CFC 101 SESSION. AGENDA. CFC Structure CFC Regulations Annual Timeline The PCFO The LFCC CFC Trends 3 C’s of CFC Magic Words. CFC STRUCTURE. Sets Policy & Procedures. Conducts Local Campaign. Leadership of LFCC. Manages Local Campaign.

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  2. AGENDA • CFC Structure • CFC Regulations • Annual Timeline • The PCFO • The LFCC • CFC Trends • 3 C’s of CFC • Magic Words

  3. CFC STRUCTURE Sets Policy & Procedures Conducts Local Campaign Leadership of LFCC Manages Local Campaign

  4. CFC STRUCTURE CFC Staff Mark Lambert Curtis Rumbaugh Pamela Rogers Valinda Pittman Director, OPM Kay Coles James Director, CFC Operations Mara Patermaster OPM Publishes CFC Regulations Establishes Timelines Provides Direction and Guidance Develops & Publishes National / International List Establishes Rules on Local Application’s Final Appeal Audits

  5. CFC STRUCTURE LFCC Hires PCFO Approves Budget Conducts Local Agency Eligibility Provides Oversight of PCFO Approves Campaign Material Conducts Compliance Audit

  6. CFC STRUCTURE LFCC CABINET Leadership Element of LFCC Members from Federal Community (Federal Civilians, Military & Postal) Final Campaign Decisions Liaison to Federal Agency Heads

  7. CFC STRUCTURE PCFO Local Federal Agencies Local, National & International Charities Chairperson, Coordinators, Project Officers, Key Workers Loaned Executives Manages All Aspects of Campaign Develops Campaign Materials Fiscal Agent Collects – Processes – Distributes Pledges Train Loaned Executives & Campaign Personnel

  8. CFC REGULATIONS – 5 CFR 950 (November 24, 1995) “The only authorized solicitation of employees in the Federal workplace on behalf of charitable organizations” “The Director (OPM) exercises general supervision over all operations of the CFC, and takes all necessary steps to ensure the achievement of campaign objectives” 5 CFR 950.102(a) 5 CFR 950.102(c)

  9. CFC REGULATIONS – 5 CFR 950 (November 24, 1995) “A campaign may be conducted during a six week period, as determined by the LFCC, from September 1 through December 15 at every Federal agency in the campaign community…” “Current Federal civilian and active duty military employees may be solicited for contributions using payroll deduction, checks, money orders or cash” 5 CFR 950.102(a) 5 CFR 950.102(g)

  10. CFC REGULATIONS – 5 CFR 950 (November 24, 1995) OF SIGNIFICENT IMPORTANCE 950.104: LFCC Responsibilities 950.105: PCFO Responsibilities 950.108: Preventing Coercive Activity 950.204: Local List Eligibility 950.303: Local Federations Eligibility

  11. CFC REGULATIONS – 5 CFR 950 (November 24, 1995) OF SIGNIFICANT IMPORTANCE(cont) 950.304: Responsibilities of Local Federations 950.401: Campaign Materials 950.601: Release of Donor Names 950.602: Solicitation & Fund Raising 950.801: Campaign Schedule

  12. OTHER DIRECTIVES DOD DIRECTIVE 5035.1 Fund Raising Within the Department of Defense CFC MEMORANDUMS Used to promulgate administrative guidance, regulation modifications, reports, policies, procedures, timelines, events, model applications, model pledge card and National / International Lists.

  13. CAMPAIGN TIMELINE FEB-MAR PCFO Application Period APR-JAN Distribute Prior Year’s Campaign Funds APR-JUN Local Organizations Eligibility Screening MAY-JUN CPA & Compliance Audits JUL-AUG Recruit Loaned Executives & Coordinators AUG Train Loaned Executives AUG-SEP Distribute Campaign Materials SEP Train Coordinators & Key Workers SEP-DEC Campaign Period (1 Sep – 15 Dec) OCT-JAN Process Pledge Forms DEC-FEB Appreciation Event FEB-MAR Develop Distribution Plan APR-JAN Distribute CFC Funds

  14. PCFO GOAL “The primary goal of the PCFO is to conduct an effective and efficient campaign in a fair and even-handed manner aimed at collecting the greatest amount of charitable contributions possible.” 5 CFR 950.105(b)

  15. PCFO SELECTIONWho May Be The PCFO? • Non-profit Federations • Non-profit Charitable Organizations • Combination thereof • ----------------------------------------------------------- • Must apply annually (Feb-Mar)

  16. PCFO RESPONSIBILITIESManaging A Campaign • Honor employee designations. • Help to ensure no employee is coerced. • Train Loaned Executives, Coordinators & Key Workers. • Ensure no employee is questioned as to his or her designation. • Prepare campaign materials. (LFCC approval)

  17. PCFO RESPONSIBILITIESManaging A Campaign (cont) • Honor donor’s request to release / not to release name & address. • Maintain detailed schedule of expenses. • Keep and maintain financial records IAW GAAP. • Submit to LFCC an audit of collections & disbursements. (Prior to 15 June)

  18. PCFO RESPONSIBILITIESManaging A Campaign (cont) • Absorb cost of reprinting of materials caused by non-compliance with regulations. • Absorb campaign costs that exceeding 10% of approved budget. • Design & implement a CFC awards program. (Donor & Federal Agency Recognition) • Respond timely to inquiries.

  19. PCFO RESPONSIBILITIESManaging A Campaign (cont) • Notify recipient organizations of contributions. (Feb – Mar) • Disburse funds according to receipts. (Pledge $s balance to Designation $s) • Give federations & charities an opportunity to review material. • Retain campaign documentation 3 years.

  20. LFCCTASK & STRUCTURE “That group of Federal officials designated by the Director (OPM) to conduct the CFC in a particular community.” The LFCC will, whenever possible, be comprised of members of local Federal inter-agencies, such as; FEB, FEA, FBA, employee unions, local Federal officials and will include Federal agency heads and their representatives. 5 CFR 950.101 5 CFR 950.103(b)

  21. LFCC RESPONSIBILITIESConduct A Local Campaign • Maintain minutes of LFCC meetings. • Name a LFCC (Campaign) Chair. • Determine eligibility of local organizations. • Reproduce in local brochure nationally eligible organizations IAW regulations. • Ensure local pledge cards and brochures produced IAW regulations.

  22. LFCC RESPONSIBILITIESConduct A Local Campaign (cont) • Encourage local Federal agencies to appoint Loaned Executives. • Establish a network of Key Workers and volunteers for presentations. • Ensure that, to the extent possible, every federal employee is given an opportunity to participate in the CFC. (100% Contact)

  23. LFCC RESPONSIBILITIESConduct A Local Campaign (cont) • Ensure PCFO includes in training to encourage employees to designate. • Ensure contributions are distributed IAW CFC regulations. • Ensure that no employee is coerced. • Bring allegations of coercion to the attention of the Director (OPM).

  24. LFCC RESPONSIBILITIESConduct A Local Campaign (cont) • Ensure that PCFO activities are kept separate from non-CFC operations. • Monitor the work of the PCFO. • Authorize the PCFO reimbursement of only those expenses legitimate to CFC costs. • Annually solicit applications for the PCFO via Public Notice.

  25. LFCC INVOLVEMENT • Provide active leadership. • Develop campaign strategies. • Be visible within Federal community. The Two Most Important People in a Campaign Federal Agency Head Creates the TONE of the campaign Coordinator / Key Worker Creates the ENVIRONMENT of the campaign

  26. CURRENT TRENDS • Participation continues to decrease. • Average Gift continues to increase. • Leadership giving continues to increase. • Remember • Integrity & Trust is the foundation of CFC • The donor is the customer • We handle people’s money… Handle it well

  27. THE THREE C’s OF CFC • CHOICE • Select from a large number of charitable organizations. • CONVENIENCE • Donor may use Payroll Deduction. • CONFIDENCE • Every organization screened by Federal employees for: • Fiscal Soundness • Management Expertise • Program Integrity

  28. Magic Words From the Federal Agency Head… “The CFC… It’s Important” From the Loaned Executive… “Let me tell you about CFC” From the Coordinator & Key Worker… “Let me tell you about CFC” “Thank You!”

  29. We Each Make A Difference Thank You!

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