benefits of adding a fence to your pool n.
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Benefits of Adding a Fence to Your Pool PowerPoint Presentation
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Benefits of Adding a Fence to Your Pool

Benefits of Adding a Fence to Your Pool

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Benefits of Adding a Fence to Your Pool

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  1. Benefits of Adding a Fence to Your Pool

  2. A backyard pool on any home improves its value and aesthetics significantly.

  3. It protects you from the scorching heat of the summer and keeps you cool.

  4. Also it helps to provide you to spend some quality time with your friends and families.

  5. But, if you've a pool without a suitable fence around it, it may lead to safety hazards.

  6. Especially, if you've children and pet in your home, you should consider it seriously.

  7. Because, drownings are a leading cause of injury death for young children ages 1 to 14, and three children die every day due to drowning as per CDC ( Centers for Disease Control and prevention).

  8. And many of these mishaps occur in a residential pool.

  9. Benefits of adding fence

  10. Installing a fence around your pool will help to eliminate almost all these safety hazards.

  11. This is perhaps one of the most important types of fencing.

  12. It can be life preserving for children or animals when the pool is left unattended.

  13. Pool fencing is designed to allow for an entrance/exit portion of fencing.

  14. However, it offers a strong enclosure that cannot be accessed by smaller children, and may require a key, if desired.

  15. When you host a party for your guests near to the pool, the fences can serve as a first line of defense if something goes wrong.

  16. It protects from unwanted entry to the pool If your pool is not worthy to use for some reasons such as if it's broken chemical imbalance in water dirty water empty pool Under maintenance

  17. If someone unaware about these situations goes into the pool, then he/she may face injury or get affected with diseases.

  18. The fences also keep the intruders away from your pool.

  19. This will restrict the intruders from doing any damage to the pool and also hurting themselves.

  20. Types of pool fence

  21. Pool fences can be made of # wood # wrought iron # chain-link # or vinyl wrought iron wood chain-link vinyl

  22. However, the sturdiest option is the best option when it comes to the safety of your children.

  23. California Fencerecommends wrought-iron fencing to provide the highest level of safety.

  24. Wrought-iron fencing is an excellent option for this type of enclosure.

  25. Because not only is it highly secured and durable.

  26. But it also adds a decorative factor to a pool area that can make a simple outdoor space look enhanced.

  27. Fencing rules

  28. It is crucial for safety and liability purposes that pool fences meet code requirements that best ensure the security around the perimeter of a pool area.

  29. In California, specific enclosure requirements include a height of at least 5 feet.

  30. Any opening or hole cannot exceed 4-inches in diameter.

  31. With no more than 2 inches separating the fence from the ground.

  32. There are even more specific requirements that California enforces for pool enclosures and gates leading into pool areas.

  33. That's why it is most important that the job is left to professionals who are familiar with such laws and regulations.

  34. California Fence takes the risks involved in the installation process very seriously.

  35. Our community members are most important to us, and therefore so is our involvement in their safety.

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