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Marketing and Advertising

"Learn how technology has changed the game of marketing and advertising. Growing your business in SMS (Short Message Service) marketing."

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Marketing and Advertising

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  1. Growing Your Business with SMS Marketing

  2. What is CallFire? CallFire is a technology company dedicated to bringing voice and text connectivity to businesses, nonprofit organizations and marketers. Motivated by innovation and improving communication methods, since 2004 they have helped over 200,000 businesses stay connected to the world around them and grow.

  3. What is SMS Marketing? SMS or Mobile Marketing is the usage of cell phone text message to promote your brand name and services. Like radio or TV advertisements, they help you connect with your market and build a relationship with clientele. Versatile, they are a hassle-free way to increase visibility while providing a useful service or incentive.

  4. Text Message Fun Facts Out of the 4 billion cell phones in use, over 3.05 billion are SMS enabled. And over 95% of all text messages are opened! Customers are also 10x’s more likely to use a mobile coupon than a paper one.

  5. How Can We Help? • With CallFire’s SMS Text Messaging Platform, we help you manage your SMS campaign and reach your customer’s instantly. Our system supports both long codes (for voice & SMS; good for linking pages) and short codes (SMS only; good for attaching multimedia). f Our software is also customizable to the size and needs of your business! Learn more in the next page…

  6. How to Start Simply upload your CRM contacts into our system and start sending and receiving texts. • We will help you organize your mobile subscribers and provide opt-in and opt-out support. • Additionally you’ll receive real time analytics on how well subscribers are responding to your messages.

  7. How Can It Be Used? CallFire’s dynamic, integrative platform even allows for interactive customer responses. Our easy to use system even allows you to set up “Do Not Text” lists and manage auto-replies.

  8. How Can It Be Used? Pt.2 Messages are customizable for everyone in your address book. You can even rent keywords to build opt-in lists. Messages can also be scheduled to be sent at times for different subscribers. That way you’ll never have to worry about catching someone at the wrong time.

  9. Affordability The best part about CallFire is that it saves you time and money. With no long term contracts or start up fees, we offer 4 flexible and affordable pricing plans. If you don’t see a plan you like, you can choose to pay as you go. All for pennies per message!

  10. mvng Try CallFire for FREE! (877) 897-FIRE Get started on your SMS Marketing Campaign today! Our team is standing by to get you started on your free trial. http://www.callfire.com

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