poetry topic our poems on school n.
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  1. POETRYTOPIC: OUR POEMS ON “SCHOOL” TEACHER: KrokouEleni CLASS: A gymnasiou (E2) YEAR: 2012-2013 AIM: To expose the students to poetry, stanzas, verses as well as rhyming pairs. OBJECTIVE: To teach them rhyming pairs.

  2. SCHOOL I love school Because it’s very cool Sometimes the teacher Is a very strange creature The teacher is clever By I pay no attention ever She took me to detention To learn to pay attention But in my class I can not hear Because I have a problem with my ear Konti Eleni a/gymansiou

  3. SCHOOL I try to find a way To have a good day But the homework is too much And I am bored so much My phone rings And my teacher screams When I was in the class When we were doing math Lagonika Ioanna

  4. SCHOOL Every day I go to school Even when it rains or when it’s cool Some of my friends say it’s for a fool Every day to go to school Today I read loud my comprehension And my fellow students paid no attention My grade was high said my teacher Oh! She’s a wonderful creature. A fellow student said a joke About an Indian who plays with smoke Thank god my teacher wasn’t near The bad joke she didn’t hear Antoniou Stelios

  5. SCHOOL POEM They went to school To play the fool Their teacher Who was not a strange creature Took them to detention To pay attention Markopoulou Mylena

  6. SCHOOL IS COOL School is cool School is not to fool Teachers are not bad creatures Teachers are good creatures We are never stupid We are forever clever All the students tomorrow Are going to be full of sorrow Griveas Georgos

  7. SCHOOL My teacher is cool And my school is not for a fool I have a test tomorrow For this reason I feel sorrow Last week I went to play But I forgot to pay Tomorrow I’m going to visit by train But I think it is in vain Kordits Thodoris

  8. SCHOOL The first day in school You think it is cool The teacher say attention But you want comprehension The knowledge is near But I can’t hear cause of my ear I want to go to the sea But the teacher will see me! If you go to school You think it is to fool But knowledge needs time When you work all the time Mavrokefalos Alexandros

  9. I GO TO SCHOOL I go to school And I am cool Ever I play Forever I say Together we pay My friend spoke He said a joke I have a teacher She is not a strange creature I am clever But not forever I was fast In the past VASILEIOU KOSTAS

  10. SCHOOLOn the first day at school Everything was cool School we need forever School friends are clever School has teachers Teachers are great creatures School has many days For us to learn and play PRENTZAS THANOS

  11. SCHOOL They call me a fool Because I like school My teacher is cool I don’t find her cruel I always pay attention So I’ve never got detention The lessons make me clever Remember them forever ANASTASOPOULOS KOSTANTINOS

  12. SCHOOL If I go to school I feel very cool But when I see my teacher I feel like a small creature When my teacher say attention All I want is to go to detention MICHALI MELINA

  13. SCHOOL The school is cool And not for a fool My teacher says, “Detention!” But I want comprehension The teachers aren’t nosy pokers Some are good jokers School, I’ll love you forever Because you make me clever KANELLOU EVA

  14. SCHOOL Students love school When it’s cool I hate comprehension And detention I love playing football Every day I may say Hello children Today it’s our day We can play All day STASINOPOULOS MANOS