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  1. HALF-TIME August 2012 May 2013 2 Terms Completed, 2 More to Go!!

  2. Objectives A:A2 Acquire Skills for Improving Learning A:A2.1 Apply time-management and task-management skills A:A2.2 Demonstrate how effort and persistence positively affect learning A:A2.3 Use communications skills to know when and how to ask for help when needed A:A2.4 Apply knowledge and learning styles to positively influence school performance A:A3 Achieve School Success A:A3.1 Take responsibility for their actions A:A3.2 Demonstrate the ability to work independently, as well as the ability to work cooperatively with other students A:A3.3 Develop a broad range of interests and abilities A:A3.4 Demonstrate dependability, productivity and initiative A:A3.5 Share knowledge

  3. May 2013 Promoted to Next Grade May 2013 Retained in Current Grade August 2012 You Were Here Ask yourself these two questions: “Where Am I Now?” “Where will I be in May 2013?”

  4. For Those Students which have worked hard in TERM 1 and TERM 2 and achieved grades no lower than a “B” in all subjects Congratulations and Keep up the Good Work!!!

  5. Students Making “C’s • Turn in all of your assignments • Ask questions if you don’t understand • Stop settling for doing “just enough” to get by • Take advantage of tutoring before or after school • Adjust your priorities (Academics first) • PARTICIPATE IN REMEDIATION!!!

  6. RTI (Response to Intervention) Overview Response to Intervention (RTI) is at the core of school improvement-- to make sure all students are reached, especially those whose Academic skills or Behaviors are not up to Expectations.

  7. RTI PYRAMID 4 Tier Model Beginning from the Bottom moving toward the Top The more Assistance needed for the student, the more they move up the pyramid

  8. TIER 1: This is where all students begin, normal everyday class

  9. TIER 2: Interventions such as pull-out small groups, Math Connections, Tutoring, Remediation, etc.

  10. TIER 3:SST (Student Support Team) – Teachers implement interventions during classes with goals of improvement. Monthly meeting held (parents and teachers in attendance) to discuss overall progress and recommendations for moving forward.

  11. The goal of the RTI pyramid is to implement the interventions, see improvement, and move the student back down the pyramid toward TIER 1 However, some students may need additional assistance with their academics or behavior after TIER 3; therefore, testing will be completed to see if the student needs to be escalated to TIER 4

  12. TIER 4: Students who failed to show any improvement in their academic studies or behavior during TIER 3 will be tested for additional assistance, and possibly placed in the Special Education Program

  13. D’s and F’s If D’s and F’s have been common on your report card, here are some suggestions: • Take responsibility for your own destiny • Improve your Attendance (Tardies included) – • you cannot afford to miss any instructional time • Take advantage of ALL tutoring opportunities • (Before or After School) • Ask Questions if you do not understand • Complete all assignments • Adjust your priorities (Academics first) • Attend REMEDIATION!!!

  14. Time Management Suggestions for All Students (Revisited)

  15. Time Management Suggestions for All Students (Revisited) continued

  16. What is Remediation? Remediation is a program designed by LMS Administration and the teacher staff in an effort to assist those students who are not meeting expectations in their academic studies Please speak with your teachers for more information regarding dates and times.

  17. The second half is underway…. Term 2 report cards go home this week Remember “Your Destiny is controlled only by you” “Work Hard, Finish Strong!!

  18. Distribute “Improve Your Study Habits” Questionnaire