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Prom Venues

Prom Venues

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Prom Venues

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  1. Prom Venues Junior Class Council

  2. Galleria Marchetti

  3. Galleria MarchettiPavilion

  4. Galleria MarchettiPavilion

  5. Galleria MarchettiPavilion

  6. Galleria MarchettiPavilion

  7. The Pavilion • Majestic tented pavilion is one of the feature attractions of Galleria Marchetti • Can be transformed from an elegant reception to a fresh and cutting-edge event space • For a more open-air feel, they can remove the sides and join the tent with the Marchetti gardens to create a beautiful party

  8. Our Space – Galleria Marchetti • Five multi-functional rooms and gardens with unique décor • Intimate yet spacious indoor and outdoor event spaces • An expansive tented pavilion and surrounding gardens • Can customize surroundings to meet our specifications

  9. Unique, fresh, and steeped in history, Galleria Marchetti is the perfect setting for any corporate or social event. Whether you are taking in the beauty and elegance of the lush outdoor courtyards, relaxing in the stately tented pavilion or in the two indoor dining rooms, you will forget instantly that you are just five minutes from the hustle and bustle of downtown Chicago. With an experienced wait staff and full service kitchen at your service, the possibilities at the Galleria are limited only by your imagination.

  10. To browse photos of the Pavilion, follow the link below.

  11. Union Station

  12. Union Station

  13. About the Space Elegant • Historic • Glamorous • Experience the ultimate venue in Chicago. The magnificent Great Hall at Chicago Union Station is the ideal location for elegant special events.

  14. About the Space Elegant • Historic • Glamorous • 20,000 foot classic Beaux Arts style room, boasting18 soaring Corinthian columns, terracotta walls, a pink Tennessee marble floor and is crowned with a spectacular five-story, barrel-vaulted, atrium ceiling.

  15. Union Station To view Unions Station’s e-brochure, please following the link below:

  16. Illuminating Company

  17. Illuminating Company

  18. Illuminating Company

  19. Illuminating Company

  20. Illuminating Company

  21. Illuminating Company

  22. Illuminating Company • Housed in a two-story former power plant/warehouse that dates back to the 1900s • Located near Convention Center - McCormick Place • Renovated, modern architectural highlights blend with an urbane loft aesthetic for a sophisticated, state-of the-art feel

  23. Illuminating Company • Features include hardwood floors, elegant tile mosaic detailing and original steel beams. The ceiling height ranges from 15 to 50 feet (the main room features a 50-foot-high wall of display shelves). • Built-in marble features • Tall arched windows stand opposite a mezzanine balcony. Massive mirrors are placed against the walls.

  24. Venue Websites Advisory Teachers, If time permits, please feel free to visit each venue website to learn more information:

  25. When completing the questionnaire, please be mindful of the following: • Affordability is key • Administration will have the final say as to where we have prom. This survey is simply to inform their decision. • Tickets are not to exceed $100 • Remember that Payton is a very small school relative to other high schools and our venue should, by necessity, be less expensive. Since there are fewer students buying tickets the cost is greater per ticket.