ancient river civilizations n.
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Ancient River Civilizations PowerPoint Presentation
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Ancient River Civilizations

Ancient River Civilizations

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Ancient River Civilizations

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  1. Ancient River Civilizations WHI SOL Part II

  2. Name the Civilizations ? ? ? ?

  3. Huang He

  4. What is the time period in which these early river valleys existed?

  5. 3500-1500 BCE

  6. Since these river valley civilizations are the birthplaces of civilizations, what is their nickname?

  7. The Cradles of Civilizations

  8. What did these river valleys have to offer for farmers

  9. Rich Fertile soil

  10. To help bring water to their crops farmers used this method

  11. Irrigation

  12. Between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers was a fertile plain known as

  13. Mesopotamia

  14. Mesopotamia had advanced cities. Each of these cities were independent with their own leaders. What do we call these type of cities?

  15. City-states

  16. These city states had a centralized government. At first they were run by people who had religious authority. Who were these people?

  17. Priests

  18. Religion was a major part of life in all early civilizations. Each of the civilizations believed in many gods. What is a term for this?

  19. polytheism

  20. Military leaders would soon take over the city states. They would come to be known as

  21. Monarchs or Kings

  22. Hereditary lines of kings would be known as

  23. Dynasties

  24. Around 3000 B.C. the scribes in Mesopotamia invented a system of writing to record their business transactions. They wrote on moist clay tablets with a stylus made out from a sharpened reed. What do we call this writing?

  25. Cuneiform

  26. The people in Mesopotamia began using this metal rather than copper and stone to make tools and weapons?

  27. Bronze

  28. By bringing together the peoples and nations of northern and southern Mesopotamia, Sargon of Akkad created the world’s first-

  29. Empire

  30. What is an empire?

  31. Several people from different lands, nations, or previously independent states under the control of one ruler.

  32. The Babylonian Empire would emerge in Mesopotamia. The first king of the Babylonian empire inscribed laws on 8 foot tall stone tablets and placed them throughout his empire. Who was he?

  33. Hammurabi

  34. What were his laws known as?

  35. Hammurabi’s Code

  36. An important idea of law from Hammurabi's Code was

  37. Eye for an Eye, Tooth for a Tooth

  38. This river flowed through the Egyptian civilization

  39. The Nile

  40. The area of the Nile River that emptied into the Mediterranean Sea was rich in soil deposits. What was this land known as?

  41. Nile Delta

  42. The writing of the ancient Egyptians is

  43. Hieroglyphics

  44. Egyptians dominated these people to the south for 1000 years (2000 to 1000 BCE)

  45. Nubia

  46. As Egypt fell into decline around 1000 B.C., this Nubian kingdom began emerging as a regional power?

  47. The kingdom of Kush

  48. After the Kushites lost Egypt to the Assyrians they retreated from Egypt and prospered for several centuries in this city?

  49. Meroë

  50. Meroë would become a major center for the manufacture of weapons and tools made from this metal