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How to Videos

Final Projects. How to Videos.

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How to Videos

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  1. Final Projects How to Videos

  2. Objective:You are required to create a short instructional video on an automotive repair.You will work in groups of maximum 3 peopleYou can use your phones for video recording and picture taking & are to edit together the clips you create using a home or library computer.

  3. Topics:You may choose to do one of the following or choose a topic that is of more interest to you.Use a Micrometer / Vernier CaliperUse the tire machine / balancerPerform an oil changeRemove and replace a set of drum brakesJump start a car properly / safely Patch a hole in a tireAlign headlightsCheck all the fluids under the hood

  4. How to start:1. Choose a topic2. Write down questions people would ask if they were to try and do what you are going to show them (keep this list for marking)3. Familiarize yourself with the process well enough that you can make the video clear as well as entertaining4. Make a rough script for the video (keep all scripts for marking – things will change as you start recording)5. Start recording and have fun with the process6. Once you have a good amount of clips you can start putting the video together…you can always take more video or pictures later if you feel extra information is necessary to make your point clear.

  5. Other projects:You finish your instructional video early …Make sure you have all previous assignments completed.Trailer outsideRemove rear axle from SunfireStart creating a cutaway engine from V8 outsideRemove box from truck outsideGet the 6cyl going!

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