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Jasper John

Jasper John

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Jasper John

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  1. Jasper John • Encaustic and Newspaper on Canvas • 1958 - 1959 Numbers in Colors

  2. description • Numbers in Colors by Jasper Johns has a wonderful irregular pattern. • As you can see in the artwork, it’s numbers in colors. Which it is colorful numbers. • This is something you would put in a math class because of the numbers. • It has a mixture of warm and cool colors like: yellow, blue, red and orange. • The numbers have an irregular pattern, so they are scattered around, all over the place. • It looks like it has a rough texture, and he also looks like he just threw a big pile of wax on top. • There is no space on it, all the numbers take up all the space.

  3. Analysis • In Jasper Johns’ painting “Numbers in Colors” it has no focal point because everything is the same, nothing caught my eyes. • There is a balance in colors; it has about the same amount of colors for each. Also, the painting is asymmetrical. • The proportions look even because each number is a rectangle. • There is no pattern in in the numbers or colors. • My eyes move to the blue on the paper. • There is nothing that adds variety just the color and numbers.

  4. Interpretation • Jasper John uses numbers as his symbol; I honestly believe he was a fan of math • He was trying to let the viewer see them in numerical order • The artwork looks like a number chart in my kindergarten class. • It reminds me of a calendar because of the rows and columns. Also, in other classes we take we have to learn how to count.

  5. Judgment • Johns’ painting is a success because it draws your attention, and the warm and cool colors are well mixed together. • It is very unique because most artist’s would never think about doing artwork with numbers. • There needs to be no improvement because the visual appearance is amazing and the texture is • well brought to the table.