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Russia Comes to

Russia Comes to. New Hampshire College. New Hampshire Learns about Russia Firsthand 1982-2000.

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Russia Comes to

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  1. Russia Comes to New Hampshire College

  2. New Hampshire Learns about Russia Firsthand1982-2000 Since my family arrived in New Hampshire in the spring of 1982, and I became a faculty member of NHC, I had felt as an ambassador of Russian culture. I was invited and made about 35 speeches, presentations and lectures to different audiences in colleges, companies, communities, and religious groups.

  3. Topics • Topics were related to the USSR and depended on the audience, purpose of the meetings, and current political events. • The speeches reflected various issues of social life in the USSR; women in the USSR; business issues; war and peace issues; religion; human rights; comments on current political events, history; Marxism-Leninism; Jews in the USSR; art and censorship in the USSR; media and government control; ideology and psychology of the Soviet soldier. • Later, the audiences’ interests developed in Gorbachev, perestroika, glasnost, changes and transition to capitalist Russia.

  4. St. Anselm College, NH, 1986-1991; Bentley College, MA, 1988; Derryfield School, NH, 1988; Temple Adath Yeshurun, NH, 1982-1983; Rotary Club, NH, 1982; 1991; Salvation Army, Manchester, 1982; MTA, Manchester, NH, 1982; Congregations in Massachusetts and Rhode Island; Manchester, NH Lutheran and Methodist Congregations; Bedford Public Library, Bedford, NH; Biennial Convention of Union of American Hebrew Congregation, Springfield, MA,1983; National Honor Society, Manchester, NH; Professional Women of NH, Manchester; American Business Women Association; American Reserve Army, Manchester, NH; Guest Interpreter for the reception of Soviet Media by “Boston Globe”, Boston, MA; Guest on the United Channel 8 program “Thinking Out Loud with Arthur Star;” Interviews with the Union Leader, Concord Monitor, Citizen, Reporter (NHC),Reporter (Jewish Federation of Greater Manchester), 1982-1994; Numerous interviews on TV Channel 9 and 11 1990, 1991, 1993; Gust on a Radio Talk Show in Laconia, NH, 1991; Guest on a Radio Talk Show on Channel 4, Boston, MA, 1992. AudienceSelected Presentations

  5. Soviet/Russian Society of the Twentieth Century(HIS 315) Responding to the great interest of the students and community I developed and taught a new HIS 315 ”Soviet/Russian Society of the Twentieth Century” course, which was included into the NHC course catalogue in 1987

  6. New Hampshire College Management Program for Soviet Executives 1991-1993 There was a distinct New Hampshire business focus in the Soviet Union as it moved toward the adoption of a free market economy. In the venture to prepare for this transition, more than 200 Soviet executives attended New Hampshire College Management Program in 1991-1993. Don Cox designed and directed the program. Lyra Riabov coordinated and facilitated the program.

  7. The Program Each group consisted of 17-25 participants and stayed for four weeks. The program included classes focusing on U.S. Society, The Business Environment, Business & Labor Law and Government Regulations, Unions and Labor Relations, Managing of Human Resources, Distribution of Goods and Services, Business Strategy and Policy, U.S. Education System, Accounting, Finance Management, Taxation. The courses were taught by New Hampshire College professors. The participants spent considerable time visiting area businesses and manufacturers, as illustrative examples to support the classroom experience. The groups also enjoyed many recreational activities, sightseeing tours and weekend stays with American families.

  8. “Soviet Officials Get Taste of American Capitalism”The Union Leader, June 17, 1991. “The Soviets, all high officials in aerospace industry, have spent the past month studying the American free market system, attending lectures and viewing first-hand how the institutions of capitalism work.” Nancy Meersman, The Union Leader Staff, 1991. The Participants visit the General Electric Co. in Lynn, MA.1991

  9. New Hampshire College Welcomes Soviets to Training Program In August, 1991 as President Bush was visiting the Soviet Union strengthening diplomatic ties, nineteen Soviet business people were studying in NHC program. Don Cox, Lyra Riabov and the Soviets pose in front of the Graduate School in the North Campus, NHC, 1991

  10. Visits and Meetings The 157 th Refueling Group, New Hampshire Air National Guard, received the Soviets at the Pease Air Base in Newington, NH. Lyra and the Participants of the NHC Program are on Board of the KC-135K Air Refueling Aircraft

  11. “Soviets Enjoy Lee USA Action”Portsmouth Herald, 1991 The Soviets were special guests of the Lee USA Speedway racing event. The participants believed that the improving relations between our countries made this educational program possible. Lyra and members of the group pose with the winner of the race

  12. Recreational Activities • Skip Ashooh and his Rotary Club friends invited the Soviet businessmen to a dinner in a local restaurant in Manchester, NH. • Lyra brought the group for an evening stroll in Boston

  13. Weekends How do American families live? Person to person contacts were the best way to learn about each others cultures. Dr. Paul Schneiderman entertains his Soviet guests at his home.(top) The group is planning its next trip either to the White Mountains, or the Seacoast, or the Lake Region of New Hampshire.

  14. Memorable Meetings The Soviets met with the First Lady Barbara Bush . February, 1992. New Hampshire. The First Lady Barbara Bush, Professor Lyra Riabov and Mr. Anatoly Kazarin, the Leader of the Soviet Delegation

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