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  1. Did you know…? Career FACT SHEET Consider a Change Look for other informative fact sheets on topics affecting you career decisions: Unhappy in your current career field? You may consider retraining into something more appealing. “But I’m in a critical career field, they’ll never let me retrain.” Never say never (at least not in this case). True, retraining for personnel in critical career fields can be difficult, but not completely out of the question. The Air Force is a big place, with a wide range of career opportunities. Take some time and explore what’s available and see how you may be able to take advantage of the opportunities out there. ~ Reenlistments ~ ~ Commissioning ~ ~ Assignments ~ ~ Retirements ~ Retraining 3C? 4P? 1A? 2E? 1N? Career Assistance Advisor: MSgt Shelli Fisher Bldg 916 Rm 5, 434-7004 CAA Website: https://columbusweb/orgs/Career%20Assistance%20Advisor/index.html MSgt Shelli Fisher Career Assistance Advisor Guidance: AFI 36-2626

  2. Timing 1st Termers • First term airmen apply under the • Quality Retraining Program • No matter what your AFSC and manning • are, you can still apply to retrain. • This program focuses on a quality basis, • not on a “first come, first serve” basis. • Retraining selection is a competitive • process. Your retraining package is • prioritized according to the following: • Most recent EPR • Current grade/projected grade • Next two EPRs • Date of rank/TAFMSD • AQE scores (can be retaken) Flexibility Availability Know when to apply! (First Termers Only) CONUS * 4-year Enlistee - 1st day of 35th month through last day of 43rd month * 6-year Enlistee - 1st day of 59th month through last day of 67th month OVERSEAS * 9th through 15th month prior to DEROS * Enter retraining window on/before DEROS Suitability Career Airmen Second term and career airmen can apply under the NCO Retraining Program (NCORP) at any time. The purpose of the NCORP is to balance the enlisted force through selective retraining of SSgts-MSgts from overage AFSCs to AFSCs experiencing shortages. This can result in involuntary retraining of second term and career airmen. Retraining Keys The Process How Does It Work? I think I’d like to retrain! * Do your homework. * Research what’s available. * Are you in your eligibility window? * How competitive are your records right now (rank, EPRs, etc.) MPF Stop by your MPF * Verify eligibility. * Fill out the paper work. * Submit application. MAJCOM Application goes to MAJCOM for a quality check of the package and then forwards to AFPC. AFPC Be flexible with job choices. Consider other job opportunities. The more choices you provide the better the chances of getting something you want. AFPC Retraining Board Determines Selection * Board convenes 3rd week each month. * Reviews all submissions. * Makes selection based on records, suitability, etc. * Non-selectees are resubmitted next two boards. Know what jobs are available during your retraining window. If your dream job isn’t available at that time, either wait to see if it becomes available later or consider another job. If you’re selected, you’re on your way to a new Air Force Career. Make sure you are suitable for the position. Do you meet the criteria for the job you are applying for? If not, look for alternatives. POC: Personnel Employments x7038