apec e commerce business alliance forum n.
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APEC e-Commerce Business Alliance Forum PowerPoint Presentation
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APEC e-Commerce Business Alliance Forum

APEC e-Commerce Business Alliance Forum

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APEC e-Commerce Business Alliance Forum

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  1. APEC e-Commerce Business Alliance Forum The e-Commerce Journey to Paperless Trade Arthur VonchekChief Executive Officer Yantai, China 16th June 2004

  2. The Vision • Bolero was created as a neutral, trusted third party to develop a comprehensive set of standards that would remove the barriers to global, cross-enterprise business. • Bolero implements and enforces these standards in an open e-Commerce platform to enable paperless trading between buyers, sellers, logistics, banks, agencies and customs anywhere in the world. • Bolero provides e-Commerce applications that allow companies to fundamentally re-engineer the way that business is done and take advantage of electronic trading.

  3. Carrier Exporter FreightForwarder VAN Internet EDI FAX Importer Agencies Courier Proprietary Mail Customs Bank Insurer

  4. B/Ls;Manifests B/Ls;ShippingAdvice Quotes;ShippingInstructions PODeclaration CO’s;Licenses CustomsDeclaration InsuranceDocuments LCDocuments Carrier FreightForwarder Exporter Bolero Importer Agencies Customs Bank Insurer

  5. Barriers to e-Commerce adoption for Trade • Level of Community Adoption • Conflicting Standards between participants • Appetite or ability to introduce business process change

  6. Maturity Matrix

  7. Value RoadMap • Acceleration and Automation value available across the Supply Chain • Optimisation value comes with some level of re-engineering of the Process and replacement of current Trade Finance tools • Transformation value associated with broad expansion, counter-party participation and process re-engineering Acceleration Automation Optimisation Expansion Transformation

  8. Bolero e-Commerce Solutions • Accelerate and Automate existing Business and Document processes, and … • Optimize and Build on new Automated business processes with existing and/or new documents, data elements • Bolero e-Trade Platform • Secure Messaging • Title Registry • Trusted Third Party • Rule Book • Bolero Applications: • Bolero Open Account Suite • Bolero Credit Suite

  9. Industry Infrastructures/Platforms • Bolero is an Open Platform which is positioned to inter-operate with evolving Industry Infrastructures and Platforms: • e-Customs Platforms • Shipper/Carrier e-Commerce Platforms • Trade Community Platforms (particularly PAA) • Evolving Bank Trade Infrastructure • Bolero provides: • Inter-connectivity and standardisation of trade document messaging between (and optionally within) hubs • Value added services

  10. Bolero Market Strategy Trade Service Utility Buyer Trade Service Provider Seller

  11. Order Reconciliation Documentary Credit Collaboration Documentary Credit Advising Order Collaboration Order Collaboration Document Management Document Management Compliance Checking Payment Management Payment Management Credit Management Finance Management Bolero’s Value Added Solutions Bolero Open Account Suite Bolero Credit Suite

  12. Improve Purchase Order to Inventory to Cash Supply Chain Security Reduction in Supply Chain Costs and Working Capital Finance Supply Chain at Lower Cost Benefits

  13. Summary • E-Commerce solutions for International Trade • Dematerialise trade documents through a step-by-step approach • Industry supported e-Commerce platform • Merge the Physical and Financial Supply Chains • Foundation for the entire Journey • Blend of Evolutionary and Revolutionary e-Commerce application to Trade • Provide Incremental and overall Value • E-Commerce journey to Paperless Trade

  14. Thank You Arthur VonchekChief Executive Officer