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united way campaign 101 welcome n.
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United Way Campaign 101 WELCOME PowerPoint Presentation
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United Way Campaign 101 WELCOME

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United Way Campaign 101 WELCOME
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United Way Campaign 101 WELCOME

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  1. United Way Campaign 101WELCOME

  2. Brief overview of the Brown County United Way Review the 10 steps to a successful campaign Discuss each step Identify the key role and competencies of the Employee Campaign Coordinator (ECC) Resources that are available to Employee Campaign Coordinators Objectives

  3. Making the Culture Shift

  4. What it’s All About: Community Impact! Brown County United Way Overview Mission: To bring together the strengths of our community to improve the quality of life in Brown County today and in the future.

  5. How does BCUW meet its mission to improve lives? • Driven by community volunteers from all walks of life • Studying the needs of Brown County • Working to measurably improve community conditions • All investments are about improving lives

  6. Improving Lives… TODAY - Direct service programs such as shelter, transportation, literacy, health, and youth programs improve the quality of life today. In the FUTURE - To improve the quality of life in the future, long term solutions such as 2-1-1 and the Community Partnership for Children are initiated.

  7. Emerging Needs • Real-time data collected through 2-1-1 and validated through numerous community sources • Needs studied through four volunteer groups to identify priorities • Emerging Needs Committee recommends priorities to Board of Directors • Request proposals to address priorities Over 100,000 lives improved in Brown County in 2008!

  8. Communitywide Initiatives • Community Partnership for Children: Provide all parents with the tools they need from the time their babies are born • 2-1-1: Make local resources easily accessible for everyone in the community

  9. Investment Process Overview: Programs submit: Budget Outcomes Demographics Narrative Volunteers evaluate: Impact Community Diversity Performance Fiscal responsibility Funding is based on community needs and program evaluations and outcomes are reviewed annually Recommendations reviewed by Emerging Needs Committee and again by our Board of Directors

  10. Ten Steps to a Successful Campaign

  11. Know Your United Way Involve Your CEO/Upper management Recruit and Train Your Campaign Team/Committee 4. Analyze Past Campaign Results and Areas for Potential Increases in Giving 5. Develop A Campaign Plan 6. Run a Leadership Campaign (if applicable in your organization) 7. Promote and Publicize 8. Make the Ask (campaign meetings/rallies) 9. Track and Report Results 10. Say Thank You and Plan For Next Years Campaign United Way Campaigning 101

  12. Your role as the campaign coordinator will be much easier if you know some basic information about the Brown County United Way and what they do and stand for: Attend one of the Employee Campaign Coordinator workshops Meet with United Way staff and/or your Loaned Executive prior to your campaign kicking off Review the ECC Online Toolbox on the Brown County United Way website www.browncountyunitedway.org. Visit the Brown County United Way website at www.browncountyunitedway.org 1. Know Your United Way

  13. The success of your campaign depends on the commitment and involvement of your CEO and/or Leadership team…… All good leaders, lead by example. 2. Involve Your CEO / Top Management • Have your CEO/upper management: • Accept a CEO meeting from United Way • Help determine the scope of your campaign • Endorse/support the Campaign • Appoint a senior manager (s) to participate • Establish a small budget for campaign details • Personally pledge a Leadership or Tocqueville gift level gift

  14. If applicable, ask your CEO to help recruit people from all levels of your organization and from all company sites to help manage the campaign (sample recruitment letter on the ECC Online Toolbox) Establish specific duties for each member Marketing/materials Reporting/number crunching Special Events Leadership Campaign assistance Setting up all rallies/meetings… 3. Recruit and Train Your Campaign Team

  15. Have your Campaign Team: Review the prior campaign and discuss new ideas Attend one of United Way’s ECC workshops. Visit a United Way partner agency for inspiration Assist in “Big-Picture” campaign planning Team size will depend on company size Have informal leaders from various departments Should be enthusiastic, volunteer driven and community minded 3. Energize Your Campaign Team

  16. 4.Analyze Past Campaign Results and Areas for Potential Increases in Giving • Review your campaign history • Review campaign data for trends • Establish campaign strengths and weaknesses • Increase/decrease employee count • Increase/decrease campaign dollars • Increase/decrease donor participation • Set a goal – look at where you can increase • Ex. – if you have high average gifts but low participation, look at increasing your % participation

  17. Calculation Formulas – Basic formulas that will give you a better understanding of where your campaign stands.

  18. After your goal is set, look at how you can achieve this Meet with top management to discuss how they can help to reach the goal Create a strategic plan that includes campaign goal and objectives, timeline, kick-off, theme, to-do list, team member contact list, meeting schedule, and if applicable, special events and prizes Remember – make it fun, use incentives, get others involved! 5. Develop a Campaign Plan – Involve your team!

  19. 6. Run a Leadership Campaign • If you haven’t already, ask your CEO to appoint a senior manager(s) to serve as your organization’s Leadership and Tocqueville Giving Chair(s) to coordinate the leadership and Tocqueville giving campaign • Most beneficial if they are currently giving at a Leadership / Tocqueville giving level • Run a separate Leadership and/or Tocqueville Campaign in addition to the general campaign • Focusing on Leadership & Tocqueville Giving is the number one way to increase campaign results – making a larger impact on the Community Leadership Giving is defined as contributing $1,000 - $9,999 annually to the United Way Tocqueville Giving is defined as contributing $10,000+ annually to the United Way * More information on leadership levels and giving online on the ECC Online Toolbox

  20. Education is the most important part of the campaign and is key to reaching your organization’s fundraising goal Some of the most successful campaign tools include: Email, online schedules, intranet, screen savers In-house employee publications, voice-mail announcements Testimonials – print or poster Posters, photos or video of employees at agency tours or volunteer projects Incentives Utilize ALL of the materials BCUW has to offer including your Loaned Executive, BCUW staff and agency/community speakers! 7. Promote and Publicize * More information on Marketing/Communicating your campaign on the ECC Online Toolbox

  21. 8. Make the ask • What is the number one reason people don’t give to United Way (or any charity)? • THEY WERE NEVER ASKED!!! We’re all guilty of this, do all of the work and effort and then forget to make the ask!

  22. Hold brief educational meetings for all employees (A Rally) (As little as 20 - 30 minutes) Sample Rally: Opening Remarks Explain Purpose of the meeting Discuss why you support United Way United Way Representative Speaks (BCUW Staff or LE) Show The Video Community Speaker presents Explain any incentives, deadlines… Pledge Card Review Closing Comments Collect Pledge Cards or explain who will pick up pledge cards or when deadline is Follow up in person with those who missed the meeting 8. Make the ask * More information on “How to make the Ask” on the ECC Online Toolbox

  23. Make sure your Campaign Team has had the opportunity to speak to all employees. Strive for 100% pledge cards return – NOT 100% participation but just that all cards are returned whether they gave or not Make sure cards are filled out, signed, and the total pledge is accurate Follow up with colleagues who have not returned their cards Track results consistently Publicize results via your agency newsletter, email, voice mail, intranet, memo… 9. Track and Report the Results

  24. 9. Track and Report the Results • The BCUW Campaign Envelope needs to be completed, signed, cash and checks included and picked up • Detailed instructions are on the envelope cover • For ease, there is an electronic version that will compute all of your pledges, %’s and fill out the envelope cover for you! Please visit http://www.browncountyunitedway.org, click on Campaign, and then on the ECC Online Toolbox, to download this spreadsheet • Notify CEO/Leadership of company’s campaign results • Any questions or if you need help compiling these results contact your Loaned Executive • They will even help collect and sort! They are here for you!

  25. Thank everyone who worked on the campaign! Celebrate success! Thank all employees, hold a thank you lunch or event Post thank you posters around your workplace Issue a thank you letter from the CEO. Visit our web site for sample letters and ideas for recognition Give a special gift to, or hold a special reception for, campaign volunteers and your campaign committee Provide United Way with contact and gift information for recognition purposes Inform your United Way staff of Leadership Givers and Tocqueville Society members for special recognition by United Way 10. Thanks and Plan for Next Year

  26. 10. Thanks and Plan for Next Year • Start planning early for next year’s campaign: • Critique the campaign with the CEO, Campaign Committee and the United Way staff • Identify next year’s Employee Campaign Coordinator and Leadership Giving Chair

  27. Resources Available for ECC’s: United Way Staff ECC Online Toolbox on the BCUW website – www.browncountyunitedway.org Your Loaned Executive CUFUW – Companies United For United Way Resources available:

  28. Thank You