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Unit 6

Unit 6. North, South, East, West. Sound Spelling Review. oa_. _ow. oo. _ew. _ue. u. u_e. oo. oa_. _ue. _ow. u. Sight Word Review. are. good. much. their. so. away. saw. now. who. blue. one. even. new. first. very. no. Day 1.

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Unit 6

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  1. Unit 6 North, South, East, West

  2. Sound Spelling Review oa_ _ow oo _ew _ue u u_e oo oa_ _ue _ow u

  3. Sight Word Review are good much their so away saw now who blue one even new first very no

  4. Day 1 Good morning! Today we will read a selection about someone who uses a map to find her way. What would you do if you were on a trip and you were lost?

  5. Daily Language Review Two puppy were sleeping on the mat. Plural Nouns Day 1

  6. Find the Word night meet stay smile sigh music hay happy type pole cargo plain Day 1

  7. goat soak coat coal snow blow flow grow soap toad coast road follow elbow shadow window Day 1

  8. Joan and mom placed their yellow coats in the boat. • There is no snow on the trees. Day 1

  9. Sight Words no their Day 1

  10. Day 2 Good morning! Today we will read a selection about maps. You may have used a map at a zoo or park. Why do we use maps?

  11. Daily Language Review i am going to visit my sister kim on monday, june 9 2010. Capitalization, Commas Day 2

  12. blown croak globe go tow soap snow crow bowling rowing throwing mowing rainbow oatmeal sailboat snowflake Day 2

  13. Was there snow on the roads? • Joan ate oatmeal and toast for brunch. Day 2

  14. Vocabulary map – one type of drawing with symbols and pictures that shows what a place looks like state – one of many smaller areas of land that make up a country Day 2

  15. Grammar Tampa Florida West Valley City Utah Ames Iowa Salt Lake City Utah Paris France Kingston Jamaica T62 – Cities, States, Countries Day 2

  16. Grammar my mother was born in provo utah my dad was born in madrid spain T62 – Cities, States, Countries Day 2

  17. Day 3 Good morning! We are reading a story about maps. Maps show special places. What is one special place a map can show?

  18. Daily Language Review Tess moved to portland maine. Capitalization, Commas Day 3

  19. Which Does Not Belong? but bun tub Day 3

  20. few cue hue value argue rescue mew fewer continue cube pupil menu Day 3

  21. The ladies argued over the hue of green paint. • The barbecue smelled yummy! Day 3

  22. Sight Words who so Day 3

  23. Grammar The visitor is mr. nelson. He is from eugene oregon. new york city new york trenton new jersey topeka kansas helena montana lima peru T88 – Cities, States, Countries Day 3

  24. Day 4 Good morning! Today we are going to read a poem about a globe. What does a globe look like?

  25. Daily Language Review Casey is from columbus ohio. Capitalization, Commas Day 4

  26. hue mew value few fewer fewest argued continued rescued bugle porcupine unit Day 4

  27. The baby porcupine is cute but not cuddly! • Ron used markers in different hues. Day 4

  28. Vocabulary whirl – a very fast spin globe – a type of map shaped like a ball Day 4

  29. Day 5 Good morning! Today we will learn more about maps. What kinds of maps have you seen so far? What did the maps show?

  30. Daily Language Review My family lives in springfield illinois. Capitalization, Commas Day 5

  31. What I Saw Game On my journey, I saw a __________. It begins with _____. Day 5

  32. toaster approach mower bowler coach glow groan grown hue value few mew towboat meatloaf snowboard slowpoke Day 5

  33. Jo and Kate gave a few puppies away. • Bill’s boat is floating to the coast. Day 5

  34. Sight Words away Day 5

  35. Grammar I went to toronto canada to see a hockey game. We visited the beach in miami florida. Day 5 T115 – Cities, States, Countries

  36. Day 6 Good morning! Today we will read a selection about maps and globes. What does a globe show? How is a globe different from a map?

  37. Daily Language Review The map shows the city of salt lake city utah. Capitalization, Commas Day 6

  38. Find the Word play greet stain puppy right pile home cube zebra why light rescue Day 6

  39. food moo spoon noon room troop hoop too soon moon noodles rooster cartoon balloon shampoo cocoon Day 6

  40. Sam and Mark saw the droopy mouse drooling. • We met in the room at noon to eat food. Day 6

  41. Sight Words saw much Day 6

  42. Vocabulary symbol – a mark that stands for something else equator– an imaginary line around the middle of the Earth Day 6

  43. Day 7 Good morning! Today we will continue to read a selection about maps and globes. What is one new thing you have learned about maps or globes?

  44. Daily Language Review The biggest city I have ever been to is new york new york. Capitalization, Commas Day 7

  45. Find the Word bridge wiggle gem camel nickel bank squid rocket king wink pencil candle badge cents magic river Day 7

  46. snoop loop droop scoop stool tool boom broom bamboo goofy troop baboon moonlight bedroom teaspoon afternoon Day 7

  47. When we feel hot, we play in the cool pool. • Dad placed the tool on the stool. Day 7

  48. Grammar Mr. Morgan travels. He travels by car. He travels by train. Maps show places. They show lakes. They show parks. T177 Day 7

  49. Day 8 Good morning! Maps show us where places are. Maps also help us get from one place to another. How can maps help us when we take a trip in a car?

  50. Daily Language Review We rode the bus. The ride was long. The ride was bumpy. Sentence Combining Day 8

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