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IWM Kurseong Delegation Visit in Sweden 8-15 September 2012 PowerPoint Presentation
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IWM Kurseong Delegation Visit in Sweden 8-15 September 2012

IWM Kurseong Delegation Visit in Sweden 8-15 September 2012

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IWM Kurseong Delegation Visit in Sweden 8-15 September 2012

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  1. IWM Kurseong Delegation Visit in Sweden 8-15 September 2012

  2. The Delegation arrived in Stockholm Saturday, 8 September 2012. They landed at 5 in the afternoon and was taken to the hotel Sjörfartshotellet by “Slussen” on “Södermalm” in Stockholm. They had dinner at the hotel. The following day some sightseeing in town and a trip by boat “Stockholm Under Broarna”. Lunch at Ulla Winbladh on Djurgården and lastly a visit at Wasa museum.

  3. Program Monday September 10 An intense day packed with presentations at the IVL office. Weather was great, short walk to restaurant for lunch and a little longer for the dinner.

  4. Charlotte Eriksson from Sida discussing with the Chairman to the left and ÖstenEkengren after his presentation to the right. Tord Svedberg CEO at IVL below Ambassador of India Mrs. Banashri Bose Harrison gave a very inspiring speech expressing her personal engagement in the project. More info at the embassy wepage

  5. Program Tuesday September 11 Sjöstadsverket is R&D facility is a platform for development and exchange of knowledge and technologies in water treatment and related environmental technology. It promotes cooperation among companies, experts/researchers and municipal sewage works to meet future challenges in the water and wastewater sector.

  6. The delegation was impressed by the facilities and got an informative tour. There are plans to involve Christian further on in the project. In the afternoon AndriusPlepyus from IIIEE had a workshop on training required to progress in the water management for Kurseong.

  7. Upon arriving in Skellefteå the delegation was taken to a wilderness camp to experience local food such as moose, reindeer and trout followed by the indispensible sauna and hot tub.

  8. Program Wednesday September 12 The day in Skellefteå had a good balance between informative and energetic presentations mixed with hands on related study visits and engaging discussions. Frisk walks to and from all locations offered plenty of informal and productive discussions.

  9. The water manager in Skellefteå, Ola Burström to the lef. Ismail and Sanna below and Kjell and Magnus on the right.

  10. Program Thursday September 13 The day at SIWI was truly informative and professional where Per Bertilsson welcomed us all and explained who SIWI are and Alastair Morrison introduced some of the SIWI engagements. Moa Cortobius spoke to us about the importance of involving women in the decision making process and their role as water managers. Johanna Sjödin gave practical examples from a textile project in India and lastly Maria Joacobson spoke about water integrity.

  11. Per Bertilsson on the left and Maria Jacobson on the right. Moa on the left

  12. Program Friday September 14 Back at IVL for a day inside the first rain of the week fell over Stockholm. Johan initiated thoughts towards a plan for risk management. In the afternoon great discussion in relation to awareness raising and school exchange. The farewell dinner was held at an Indian restaurant and concluded this intense week as productive and interesting. The dinner set out several short term goals for the upcoming stakeholder meeting.

  13. Martin from Donnergymnasiet, Andrius via Skype and JoakimBrodahl at Keep Sweden Tidy

  14. Saturday September 15 This day was partially aimed at reflection but mainly time on their own to see and experience Stockholm. After some hectic shopping hours in town Mattias met up and arranged the departure to the airport.