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More leads, More enquiries, More sales PowerPoint Presentation
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More leads, More enquiries, More sales

More leads, More enquiries, More sales

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More leads, More enquiries, More sales

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  1. More leads, More enquiries, More sales

  2. Today is a reflection on 10 years of me working with businesses to create leads, enquiries and sales online Thanks for giving up an hour of your time today. I really hope you can walk away with at least 1 positive action that is going to impact on the way you do business

  3. Get the slides later today Http://

  4. David Taylor

  5. Please interrupt with questions

  6. Let's start with a couple of observations about how people buy stuff People hate to be sold... but people love to buy Your task is to convince them it was their idea to buy from you

  7. If you want to generate more leads and sales... You have to understand the needs of the people you are trying to sell to

  8. How people buy.. garden maintenance They identify a need They seek out a solution They identify a preferred supplier They validate pre purchase They commit to purchase They consume the purchase They assess satisfaction They become a return customer or complain

  9. All of you in the room have a business that fulfills a need or needs If you want to sell more, your first challenge is to really define the 'needs' you fulfil So many websites say 'We can do this, we can do that' but fail to reflect their customer's needs What buyers say about pitches 'They spent the first 15 minutes telling us how good they were' Example: Web site design... what's the need? Holiday cottage.. what's the need?

  10. Look at how you communicate about your business to your audience Are you reflecting their needs?

  11. Get Noticed! Your second challenge is to 'get noticed' by people with those defined needs Businesses spend a lot of time and money getting noticed

  12. Getting noticed Search engine optimisation Choose one target keyword phrase Home page title, meta keyword, meta description Main heading on home page 3 places on home page Other pages support the main keyword Google My Business Publish blog posts YouTube

  13. Getting noticed Social media Don't try and sell Offer solutions to problems Offer content your audience values Build relationships and community

  14. Get noticed Paid display Reviews Content marketing Forums Email marketing YouTube Blog posts Let's go back to the holiday cottage

  15. So you got them to your website, now what? Now it's time to engage with your prospect and develop a relationship They need to know you, like you, trust you

  16. Ultimately your website only has one objective To connect you and your prospect so that you have an opportunity to close the deal

  17. Get engagement on your website Provide solutions to audience needs Authority Relevance Trust Value Track record Competence Provide an obvious 'what next' How? Text/image Live chat Video

  18. Where many websites go wrong The critical point of sale Poor quality design Trying to convey too much Conveying what you can do rather than what customer wants Not recognising people are time poor Failure to break down barriers to contact

  19. The vet survey How visual perception affect people's judgement

  20. Sales funnels Free value give away for email address

  21. How many of you read, interpret and act on Google Analytics data regularly? Time on site Average pages viewed Most popular pages Source of traffic Bounce rate New vs return Behaviour flow

  22. So where are we? You got noticed You got people to your website You created an engagement They are ready to commit to an enquiry

  23. Validation pre purchase The critical point of sale At this point there often has to be a human intervention by you Listen don't talk – the client often knows what they want by this point The customer by now is 90% decided on using you so don't blow it

  24. When a customer commits to purchase that's when the hard work really starts. Oh you thought the hard work was gaining the sale? Sorry This is where you have to deliver on everything you promised up to this point.

  25. Post sale Get feedback to improve Keep nurturing the relationship with email marketing or personal contact Consider asking for a referral Sometimes ask for a review

  26. Let's talk about people you already have a connection with Email marketing (who consistently opens and acts on your mails) Selling more to former clients (individual contacts alerting them to opps/fears) GNPR Your social channel contacts (linkedin network, twitter followers)

  27. Summary Getting more leads, enquiries and sales online depends on Getting noticed by the right people Providing value, based on knowing your customer needs Engaging and removing the barriers to buying Growing and nurturing the relationship long term

  28. If you need further support Audit Report Recommendations Implementation Leave your business card on your chair and we will contact you

  29. Questions, comments, observations?

  30. More leads, more enquiries, more sales