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  1. GENERAL ASM ATFM Surveillance Data Processing ATS COM HF radio equipment Ground and mobile AM Stations (117.975 – 137 Mhz) UHF for use by Civil ATC NDB Ground equipment VOR, D-VOR ground equipment VHF Marker Beacon Ground equipment NAV Ground-based secondary radar equipment SURV AIS (1) Bob (5 min) MET CLASS IV Candidate CSs

  2. Reference CONOPS (2020) ATFM-CDM GENERAL ASM ATFM Advanced Data Exchange Formats Interfaces CWP / Data Processing Interfaces with Flight Data Operator Positions Interfaces with Local centre Sub-systems Flight Plan Information Subscriber Systems ATS Middleware (inter & intra ACC) ATS COM Directory services In Support of AMHS Voice over IP (including air/ground) NAV DME ground equipment ILS ground equipment MLS GBAS CAT II/III SURV AIS Aeronautical Information Exchange (AIXM) (2) Bob (10 min) CLASS III Candidate CSs (started by 2008 or later) MET

  3. GENERAL ASM ATFM (2) Frederic (10 min) DL Services over ATN in Continental Airspace DL Services over FANS1/A in Continental Airspace DL Services over ACARS in Continental Airspace ATS A-SMGCS (Level 3 & higher) Arrival Management Departure Management Surveillance Performance European AMHS Profile Telephone for ATC purposes Voice over IP (ground only) COM SBAS Galileo, GNSS NAV Ground-based primary radar equipment Multilateration Equipment Surveillances Services using ADS-B SURV (3) Franck (10 min) Generic Data Process & Principles Integrity - Data Origination Integrity - Data Publication AIS Systems & Procedures For the use of MET info MET CLASS II Candidate CSs (started in 2007)

  4. Reference CONOPS (2011) Software Assurance Level Cross Domain Information Sharing A-CDM UAV Systems Operation GENERAL Flexible Use Of Airspace Airspace Design ASM (4) Philippe (10 min) IFPS User Manual Data Exchange Format E-ATFM (CFMU/IFPS) ATFM Interoperability Of Flight Data Processing A-SMGSC (Level 1 & 2) OLDI Open ATC Architecture Model ATS Middleware (ACC-ACC only) ATS (5) Franck (10 min) COM Procedures on Use of GPS GBAS CAT I NAV (5) Bob (5 min) Surveillance Data Exchange SURV AIS MET CLASS I Candidate CSs (started by 2006)

  5. SYSTEM CS on … CS on … CS on … • XXX • XXX • YYYY

  6. Class ICandidate CSs (to be developed from March 2006 onwards)

  7. Class IICandidate CSs (to be developed from 2007 onwards)

  8. Class IIICandidate CSs (to be developed from 2008 onwards)

  9. AIR TRAFFIC SERVICES CS on DL Services over ATN in Continental airspace CS on DL Services over FANS in Continental airspace CS on DL Services over ACARS in Continental airspace • Support on-going deployment of data link in Europe • IR on data link will define • Set of DL services, communication infrastructure(s), high-level interoperability & certification requirements • CSs selected as Means of Compliance of the IR on data link • Ensure operational and technical interoperability • Contain functional, technical, performance, safety low-level requirements • Based on EUROCAE documents (ED120, ED110, ED100)

  10. AIR TRAFFIC SERVICES CS on Arrival Management CS on Departure Management CS on A-SMGSC (Level 3 & higher) • CSs supporting Essential Requirements • Seamless operation,support of new concept, safety and environmental constraints • Prepare future implementation • AMAN/DMAN (2005-2007), A-SMGCS L3 & L4 (2006-2009) • CSs • Definition of common terminology, functions and rules of use • Based on EUROCONTROL documents (OCD, ORD) and EUROCAE documents (MOPS) • Possible merge with A-CDM CS

  11. AIR TRAFFIC SERVICES CS on Surveillance Data Processing • Means of Compliance of the IR on Surveillance Performance and Interoperability Requirements • High level interoperability rules and common performance of data surveillance • Community Specification : • Generic purpose • Functions, interface and performance low-level requirements

  12. COM CS on Use of Telephone CS on ATM Voice Communications over IP (ground) CS on ATS Message Handling System (AMHS) Profile • CS on AMHS • Define the functional AMHS profile in force in Europe : list of functions/options + TCP/IP internetworking • Use SPACE project deliverables • CS on Telephone • Recognize analogue ATS R2 and digital ATS QSIG standards under the European Regulation • Support R2 to QSIG transition • CS on ATM Voice Communication Over IP • Prepare deployment (2010) • Use EUROCAE-67 specifications (2006/2007): ops/tech specifications, transition, qualification tests