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  2. Yahoo Case Study 2000. 6. 27 Kim, Deoksoon Jang, Hunbum Jiang, Chun Jung, Youngjin

  3. Portal Industry Structure Analysis: five forces Potential entrants Bargaining power of suppliers Threat of new entrants Industry Competitors Rivalry among existing firms Suppliers Buyers Threat of substitute products or service Bargaining power of buyers Substitutes

  4. Barriers to entry: H • brand power: High • technology complicated and changed fast • initial financial resources: high • Supplier Power:H • unique info. content • $80 million to build brand recog. • intense rivalry for top talent labor • tech. partners & s/w tool providers • Buyer Power: H • quality of Info/ ease of Interface use/ habit and brand/recognition. • Both have veto power. • Industry Rivalry • Competition: H • Too Fast moving • Substitutes: M • Vertical Sites • New Tech.

  5. Competitors Trailing Behind With M&A Access & Content Providers American Online/Netscape Microsoft Network (MSN) @Home/Excite Portals with Traditional Media Partners Disney/Infoseek NBC/Snap Independent Portals Lycos Network Alta Vista Yahoo

  6. Huge consumer base through Services provided: • search engines • news release • e-mail boxes • actions & shopping • financial services • chat rooms • online game Huge potential gains Ads:$8~15 bil. E-Com:$52 bil. by 2002. Conclusion: -NO PORTAL NO BUSINESS -a new of business -a newway of life Portal: Provide consumers a point of entry into the World Wide Web

  7. Yahoo’s Unique Approach: triangle love Yahoo tailored the information to suit individual web users. Users are delivered to companies hoped to sell products to’em. Companies pay for referral fee or adverting fee to Yahoo! Users Companies Yahoo!

  8. Analysis of Yahoo’s Strategy EnvironmentAnalysis Consumer Analysis Yahoo’sStrategies Opportunities- Great Influence on human life- Possibility of Expansion of Internet Industry- Increased Portal Users What do Non-paying Users Want ? - Raise Brand Recognition- User Oriented Policy- Global Approach - Rapid and Accurate Search- Friendly Interface - Link each Service- Look and Feel -Various and Qualified Information. Threats- High Competitiveness- Limit of Resources- Adapt to Dynamic Change. -Adopt Only If Raises Customers Experience - Partnership - Other Service(E-mail, Chat) - Partnership

  9. Yahoo’s Performance Operating Statistics

  10. Yahoo’s Performance Portal Reach of Top 4 Consolidated Networks From Work (%of User’s Reach)

  11. Yahoo’s Performance Portal Reach of Top 4 Consolidated Networks From Home (%of User’s Reach)

  12. Yahoo’s Performance Estimated Total Minute of Use per Month per User

  13. Yahoo’s Performance Brand Name Recognition

  14. Key Success Factor, Sources of Competitive Advantage AOL/Netscape- The Advent of The WWW @Home/Excite- Broadband Tech. Lycos, Alta vista- Search Tech. CNET, ZDnet- Vertical Sites Competitive Advantage The Best Web Service - A Modern Media Company - Reach The User and Level of Trust Core Competence - Rapid change and Adjustment- Tailored Services- High Brand Recognition Competitor Resources ORG. Capabilities - High Talented People- Financial Resources- Diverse Properties - Strong Bargaining Power- High Brand Recognition - Flat Functional Structure- Effect Communication- Operational Excellence- Focused Short Term Plan- Unique Corporate Culture

  15. Types of M&A in Portal Industry 1. Content Providers & Portal: AoL-Netscape 2. Traditional Media & Portal: Disney-Infoseek, NBC-Snap 3. Internet service provider & Portal: Lycos-Hotbot, Tripod

  16. Evaluation sheet of each M&A

  17. B/C of Mergers in Portal Industry • Content Provider & Portal: AoL&Netscape

  18. B/C of Mergers in Portal Industry 2. Traditional Media & Portal: Disney-Infoseek

  19. B/C of Mergers in Portal Industry 3. Internet Service Provider&Portal: Lycos&HotBot,Tripod

  20. Evaluate of M&As in Portal Industry 1. We should wait for the result of M&A 2. Generally, 65% of M&A is failed.

  21. Position of Yahoo High In Depth Vertical Site Accessi- bility of Internet Gate Content Provider Depth of Info Yahoo Other Portal Site Traditional Media Low Swallow Simple Diversity of Info Various Low Brand Recognition High

  22. Yahoo’s Strategic Option

  23. Conclusion Suggested Option  High bargaining power to Internet related com  Partnership or alliance  Low bargaining power to Internet related com  Acquisition