system center service manager how microsoft helps our customers tackle it service management n.
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System Center Service Manager How Microsoft Helps Our Customers Tackle IT Service Management PowerPoint Presentation
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System Center Service Manager How Microsoft Helps Our Customers Tackle IT Service Management

System Center Service Manager How Microsoft Helps Our Customers Tackle IT Service Management

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System Center Service Manager How Microsoft Helps Our Customers Tackle IT Service Management

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  1. 2014 System CenterService ManagerHow Microsoft Helps Our CustomersTackle IT Service Management Jonathan Liu IT Service Management Consultant DMVMUG Reston, VA

  2. Agenda • Introduction toIT Service Management • Introduction toSystem Center Service Manager • Delivering “IT as a Service” with Service Manager • Putting It All Together:IT Service Architecture Scenario-based discussions Please feel free to speak up at any time! I love hearing your experiences and encourage participation.

  3. Session Objective And Takeaway Session Objective: • Discuss how a service-based approach to IT along with System Center 2012 technology—and specifically Service Manager—can provide more agile, cost-effective, and efficient IT Service Management that drives automation, standardization, and accelerates functions beyond the existing legacy tools Key Takeaway: • System Center Service Manager is built upon IT Service Management proven practices, and through an approach of process and technology can allow IT organizations to better manage the operational environment

  4. What is all the fuss about“IT Service Management”?

  5. Is technology the cause of downtime? Research tells us that 80% of IT failures are related to people and process issues. Only the remaining 20% can be attributed to technology failures Gartner Security Conference presentation "Operation Zero Downtime," D. Scott

  6. Gartner Group Research • More than 300 self-assessments have been completed in Gartner's ITScore for I&O. • Key Findings… The assessment results indicate that, overall, infrastructure and operations (I&O) maturity has not appreciably improved. IT I&O, as a discipline, remains relatively immature: The average maturity is 2.35 (the highest score achievable is 5.0). Of the four dimensions of I&O, process management remains substantially less mature than the other three (people, technology and business management). Source: Infrastructure & Operations Maturity: How Do You Compare? Published: 13 March 2012 ID:G00219151

  7. IT Service Management Outcomes • Implementing a shared service organization where multiple, geographically disperse operations team were centralized and over 20% of operational budget ($3-4M) was decreased over a 4 year period • Re-deployment and rationalization of 16 roles for individual site break / fix and field support staff related to Level 1 Service Desk activities representing approximately $800,000 in annual IT budget savings • Supported Release Management efforts by reducing the number of backed out releases by 35% enabling time-to-market increase of an average of 3 months per critical application • Increased First Call Closure Rates (FCCR) from 64% to 82% within the first 6 months and increased customer satisfaction ratings from 74% to 92% based on internal IT and HR surveys • Increased the rigor of Change and Release Management processes to decrease the number of Priority 1 issues by 45% over a 12 month period saving over $1,000,000 in productivity costs • Supported an overall ISO20000 initiative for an outsourcer to better position firm among competitors when bidding for government and F500 outsourcing contracts

  8. System Center Service Manager <3IT Service Management

  9. Where does it fit in the System Center stack?

  10. System Center Service Manager Service Demand Visibility Service-Based Approach Self-Service Request Automation Reporting with Excel and SharePoint CMDB Populated from AD and Tools Integrated Perspective Simple Product Configuration

  11. IT Service Management with Service Manager

  12. IT Service Management with Service Manager

  13. Service Catalog Reports Email / Mobile / Client Self Service Solutions Compliance & Risk Service Request Release Problem Incident Standard Process Automation Change Process Workflow Configuration Management Data Base Forms Workflows Configuration Items Knowledge Work Items Reporting & Data Warehouse Integration across Stack

  14. Delivering IT as a Service

  15. Reduce Costs Increase Service Levels Faster Time to Delivery Provide More Data More Transparency Compliance Achieving “IT as a Service” Objectives ITaaS Objectives MOF® Standardization Automation ITIL® Self-service Compliance COBIT® Visibility Process Design Implementation

  16. Standardization DeliveringIT as a Service Automation Self-service Compliance Visibility

  17. Business Process Standardization • Business Process defined in Templates • Business Process automated through Workflows and Activities

  18. CMDB Data Standardization • Integrated CMDB • Common Service Model • Common System Center Schema • Reconciliation of Data • Easy to Create and Maintain a Meaningful CMD • Service Catalog

  19. Service Level Agreements • Service Level Objectives (SLOs) • Supported for all work items • SLOs tied to pre-defined Queues • Supports different metrics • Calendars • Business hours, Holidays • Notifications • Views / Forms • Email notifications on warning and breach

  20. Request Offering maps User Input to Service Request Template Service Offerings is a collection of requests Service Request Templates defines business processes Service Catalog Author Request Template Author Request Offerings Author Service Offerings Processes defined here drivesautomation Service Catalog Portal home page Dynamic Request Form on the Portal Request triggers Workflows, approvals, notifications as defined by processes in templates Role-based access Integrated CMDB VMs Clouds Templates Services Fabric Users Runbooks

  21. DeliveringIT as a Service Standardization Automation Self-service Compliance Visibility

  22. Incident Management Process Record Tier 1 Resolved Yes Closure Record No Classify / Route Escalate No Yes Continue Troubleshooting ! Record Tier 2 Data Center Alerts RESOLUTION ESCALATION CLOSURE SOURCES QUEUES TRIAGE CLASSIFICATION ROUTING RECORD Specific Team

  23. Incident & Problem Management • Standard process and automation for Incident & Problem Management • Quickly restore service through routing and knowledge • Easily adapt your process and workflows


  25. Service Request Automation • Enable IT Self-Service Portal to lower support costs and increase end-user satisfaction • Provide choice and flexibility • Efficient support anytime, anywhere • Increase communication efficiency of SRs, saves time and add convenience for end-user.

  26. Scenario: Automating End-user Software Requests • Manager • End User Create Packages & Programs End User Requests Software Manager Approves Request Configure SM Portal Software Deployed Request Delivered

  27. Scenario: Automated Self-service Cloud Requests Request VM from Service Catalog Configure Request Offering Service Request Created Import Runbooks Runbook Invoked Create VM • VMM Admin • End User • SM Admin

  28. DeliveringIT as a Service Standardization Automation Self-service Compliance Visibility

  29. Self-Service Delivery Portal Reports & Dashboards E-Mail Excel

  30. DeliveringIT as a Service Standardization Automation Self-service Compliance Visibility

  31. Service Manager Enables Compliance Compliance library maps legalese to actionable IT control activities Compliance is continuously and automatically evaluated in real time

  32. Compliance Management Major scenarios Reduce operational cost by managing deviation from standardized configuration Manage regulatory compliance DCM Integration in Service Manager Regulatory compliance is focus IT GRC Process Management Pack

  33. Compliance Example: FIM 2010 & SvcMgr2012 Integrated Password Reset AD Data Sync Reset Password AD FIM Reid User Desktop Reset Perform Assisted Password Reset Log Desktop Password Reset AD Data Import Change Request Offline Reporting Austin Help Desk Call SCSM DW

  34. Change Management • Minimize risk and disruption to production • Easily adapt your processes and workflows • Connector to System Center Configuration Manager synchronizes hardware information and other relevant information to Service Manager • Change Management templates out of box. Ability to add custom templates. • Process automation via workflows

  35. DeliveringIT as a Service Standardization Automation Self-service Compliance Visibility

  36. System Center Data Warehouse Data Warehouse OLAP

  37. Reporting and Dashboards • Enable self service report & dashboard authoring with OLAP cubes • OLAP cubes powered by the System Center management pack model • Report authoring with Office integration for knowledge workers • Create and Adapt Reports to Support Continuous Improvement

  38. Manage & Analyze within the Console Data Warehouse Drives Continuous Improvement IT Analyst IT Administrator Insert / Update View Reports SvcMgr Data Warehouse ETL

  39. Putting IT All Together:IT Service Architecture

  40. DATA PRESENTATION DW Portal: Role-based Access, Self Service Service Catalog: Service and Request Offerings CMDB Models / Objects: Quota, Access, Costs, Templates, VMs, Services, Clouds, Runbooks WORKFLOW Request Processes Request Processing: Business process WF engine Business Events Subscriptions Notifications Approvals WI activities Monitor Invoke Automation Run books Orchestrator: IT process automation Connectors Integration Packs Other IT Systems OM VMM

  41. Service & Request Offerings 4 SLA Data: CMDB enables standardization and compliance Knowledge Schedule 5 Cost Business Process User Roles 3 2 Self service models and defaults (Quotas, access tiers, costs) Data and Process Templates (standardized configurations) Work Items (in-progress processes) 1 CMDB Objects VMs Clouds Templates Services Fabric Users Runbooks

  42. Service Request Service Catalog - Request Offering Workflow: Request processes drive automation 3 CMDB 4 5 Request Template SM Runbook Items Invoke SCO Runbook SCO Runbook SCO Runbook Monitor SCO Web Service 6 SM Runbooks Folder 2 SCO Connector Runbook Activity 1

  43. Self-Service Portal • Silverlight web parts hosted in SharePoint Foundation 2010 or higher • Customize out-of-box web parts using SharePoint admin tools • Extensible via SharePoint extensibility for hosting web parts Presentation: IT Service Offerings

  44. Benefits and Outcomes Turn IT into Business Enabler Reduce Costs Improve Agility Increase Productivity Manage Change