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Coffee Beans

Coffee Beans. By: Maddie Forrest, Chelsea Wisner, Sarah Olfelt. Background. Caribou Location: Midwest Where it Started: Edina, Minnesota Minnesota Based Company & headquarters in Minneapolis Year it was Founded: December of 1992. Starbucks Location: All around the world 

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Coffee Beans

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  1. Coffee Beans By: Maddie Forrest, Chelsea Wisner, Sarah Olfelt

  2. Background Caribou • Location: Midwest • Where it Started: Edina, Minnesota • Minnesota Based Company & headquarters in Minneapolis • Year it was Founded: December of 1992 Starbucks • Location: All around the world  • 20,000 stores in 62 different countries & still growing • Where it started: Seattle Washington • Year it was Founded: 1971 • Dunkin' Donuts • Location: All around world. • 10,858 stores around the world  • Over 7,000 in the United States and over 3,000 in other countries • Where it started: Quincy, MA • Year it was Founded: 1950

  3. Main Website • Dunkin' Donuts • Layout: Appealing cover photo • Large typing, same font used throughout  • Visual Appearance: A lot of brown and pink colors throughout, keeping it on brand • Links: Social media links on bottom of page • Content: Locations, Apps, Items to buy  Caribou •Layout: Simple & Clean.  •Visual Appearance: Colors visually appealing  •Links:  Links to social media on bottom of the page Other links on top of page bringing you to other parts of website Links to other areas such as “shop, Join, Find a Store" Content: Simple Images, Graphics, Complimentary Colors Starbucks • Layout: First image on website is a graphic that tells consumer new beverages  • Visual Appearance: All the same color and great graphics of current beverages  • Links: Social Media links on bottom left of page • Content: Food, Starbucks rewards, images

  4. Facebook Caribou •Followers: over 550,000 likes •Post Engagement: thousands of views, very little shares and comments •Content being posted: Images, Videos, Graphics Starbucks: • Followers: Over 37 million followers • Post Engagement: from 8 thousand to over 100 thousand likes on posts  • Content being posted: • Dunkin' Donuts • Followers: Over 15 million • Post Engagement: On average, 500 likes and about 100 shares on posts. Not many comments and lack of communication back to customer  • Content Being Posted: Poor imagery  

  5. Twitter Caribou •Followers: 138 thousand followers •Following: over 13 thousand  •Post Engagement: up to a couple hundred favorites on tweets •Content being posted: Images, graphics, reposts  Starbucks • Followers: 108 thousand followers • Following: 5,200  • Post Engagement: Roughly 45-50 favorites and 5-10 retweets on tweets • Content being posted: Pictures and videos. Sometimes retweet celebrities that are involved in advertisements. Also some press conference reports and direct quotations. News stories  • Dunkin' Donuts • Followers: 1.18 million • Following: 57.3 thousand • Post Engagement: Average likes is 300. Average retweet is about 50  • Content being posted: Images and short videos

  6. Instagram Caribou •Followers: over 72 thousand followers •Following: over 7 thousand •864 posts  •Post Engagement: About 1,000 likes on photos and a few thousand views on videos posted. • Few comments, about 10 on average  •Content being posted: All imagery , Graphics, Videos, Products to buy, Seasonal content • How often do they post: Every 3 or 4 days. Starbucks • Followers: 15.7 million  • Following: 2,553  • Post Engagement: 200,000 to 300,000 likes on images, thousands of comments on each post • Content being posted: Videos, photo slideshows, lots of reposts, images according to seasons and holidays  • How Often do they post: Almost daily  • Dunkin' Donuts • Followers: 1.2 Million • Following: more than 6,600  • Post Engagement: 15 to 20 thousand likes, on average 200-300 comments on posts • Content being posted: Creative graphics • How Often do they post: Every other day

  7. Pinterest Caribou • Types of Boards: Lifestyle, DIY, different coffee beans, Mugs, Food • Active: Has a Pinterest account, but is not advertised on website. Not very active  Starbucks • Types of Boards: Tea Recipes, Coffee recipes, Shop, How To's, Coffee DIY,  • Active: Yes, active. About 25 different boards.  • Dunkin' Donuts • Types of Boards: Holiday, Gifting with Dunkin', Dunksgiving, Cooking with Dunkin', Creative boards and DIY  • Active: Yes active! Always posting new and fun ideas

  8. Most Effective Social Media Caribou • Most Effective social media was Facebook or Instagram Starbucks • Most effective social media was Instagram.  • Dunkin' Donuts • Most effective social medias were Facebook and Twitter 

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