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  1. cc

  2. The Temple of Mack, the Harve’s Sanctuary, it is fueled by the unlimited suave of the Harve.

  3. The Harve hovers above all his hoes, HOLLA!!

  4. BAM!!!!!!! Holy Potatoes Horowitz! What was that?

  5. OY VEY This doesn’t look good I am the leader of an alien race from another galaxy! We come to take your planet Earth! Resistance is futile!!

  6. Come with me Harve Hoes! I must take you to my spaceship. You will provide the protein needed to give us power to take over the world, and your precious harve cant save you!

  7. I must get help from Jooda

  8. Jooda I need your help! An evil alien stole my honies and I don’t know what to do The wise and not so powerful Jooda feels your pain. I shall provide training for you.

  9. Thanks for the training and thanks for this official Jooda shirt. It is snazzy just like you! Well Big Guy, you passed. You are ready to getch yo hoochie mamas!

  10. I have come to stop you! There is nothing you can do to stop me for I have been trained by the mighty Jooda! Oh no not the mighty Jooda! Im so scared. Ive faced him before. Well he came up to my shin so I really didn’t face him. What did he teach you? How to use the force? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!


  12. No but he did teach me how to handle shaft like objects! Now to save the Harve Hoochie Mamas!

  13. No prob Big Guy. I hope you enjoy my ball! Thank you Jooda!!! Not only did you help me save the hoochie Mamas, but you gave me an official Jooda Disco Ball! Why is he wasting his time with girls?

  14. ? THE END